is MindValley a scam

Is MindValley a Scam or a Money Explosion?!

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I guess you are here because finding the truth about MindValley is important to you and that’s exactly why I’m here too. My Mindvalley review helps you understand why all online academies are not suitable for all kind of students. I also explain why critical thinking should be a must-do task while you want to join an online academy. Is MindValley a scam? You’ll shortly find the answer!

Let me make something clear here. MindValley is not an online course for people in a specific age range and it opens for all people from a 15 years old boy to a 65 years old woman. The biggest difference between MindValley and other similar educational platforms is that it gives you an endless adventure by transforming institutionalized curricula and this is not what we normally see in a training program, especially about the new type of training platforms called MOOC (massive online open courses).

This simple unique feature of MindValley made me curious about this company and writing a MindValley review article is the result of this curiosity. I thought that if what this educational platform claims would be possible then providing this kind of education can work as a revolution for educational purposes of people.

Another positive point of MindValley is its affiliate program which gives you a making money opportunity by transforming education so there’s really a high chance for making a good profit for partners who participated in their affiliate program and have passioned about it.

And this opportunity to have a side-income let us think about MindValley not only as an educational program but also as a platform which opens the doors for making some extra money in the online world.

Well I didn’t pass a whole course in MindValley but I’ve done a quick search on course providers over there and found out that some well-known Internet entrepreneurs and experts like Vishen Lackiani, Jeffrey Allen or Marisa Peer have already organized some courses in MindValley and this shows that the quality of courses is higher than standard.

But don’t rush into making a decision about MindVelley only based on the attractive things I’ve told you above. I know you’re wondering to know about the key benefits of this training platform and “Is MindValley a scam?” is probably the most important question you have in the mind.

Don’t worry; you’re in the right place at the right time and in the next paragraphs of my MindValley review, I’m going to uncover all untold facts about this educational company and explain all the process of joining MindValley as well as the main pros and cons of this platform.

So let’s start and see what MindValley is going to give us!


Product Name: MindValley

Official Website:

Founder: Vishen Lakhiani

Type: Education Company that provides making money opportunity

Cost to Join: From $36 to $149 depends on the chosen course

Recommended? Yes but only for educational purposes

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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what is MindValley

What Is MindValley All About?

I think listing the main features of MindValley is the best description for this company. First of all, let’s see what makes MindValley different from similar education companies. The fact is that when people start talking about a program or company, they’ve probably seen something valuable or attractive inside it.

Some key points about MindValley are included but not limited to:

  • Lots of Students

Well when I use the “a lot” word I mean more than millions and about the MindValley, it’s around 2,500,000 students! To keep this huge amount of students happy, MindValley started to work with some most well-known universities in the U.S. to help people increase their personal development.

  • Wide Range of Courses in Different Categories  

It’s true that “many” people are looking for money-making courses on the Internet but this does not apply to ALL people. Learning graphic design, creating a film, make a better relationship in personal life or how to lead ourselves to a healthy lifestyle are just a few of other reasons why people land in MindValley.

For example, personally, I wanted to know how I can fit my body and this course of Ben Greenfield (A Roadmap to A Fitter) was very interesting to me. So don’t think that only moneymaker or people who are a fan of this field are students of MindValley.

  • Too Young or Too Old? No Matter What Age!

One of the first goals of Vishen Lakhiani was creating an education hub which people of all ages are welcomed to join and it seems that he could reach this goal very well. MindValley is absolutely an online community for people from different parts of the world in all ages. From a 16 years old girl to a 75 years old man.

  • Lots of Quality Courses Created By Professionals

It’s good to see that MindValley didn’t set any limitation in providing quality content. I mean, you can be sure that what you find in the MindValley is not available for Free in other online sources and this means, they care about the students.

Although you may find similar content in some PDF e-books or YouTube channels but the big part of provided courses are completely unique and it’s only available for paid students of the program.

All I’ve told you above are the main benefits of MindValley but to be honest, that’s not enough for making a decision. In addition to good things, you also should know that what students don’t like in MindValley.

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how MindValley works

How MindValley Works Exactly?

The team that Vishen Lakhiani gathered are passioned and have extensive experience in what they teach and maybe that’s the main reason for the high rate of completion students get in the program. Provided training materials in both multimedia format and pdf guides as well we using well-developed software to organize and manage the classes and courses gave more credit to this education company and regardless of the taken course (from weight loss to personal development), you can be sure that there’s something worth learning is waiting for you in the course.

The categories they’ve focused on include:

  • Healthiness & Fitness
  • Love & Relationships
  • Career & Influence
  • Lifestyle
  • etc.

To attract new students, they’ve started to provide courses in top trend topics like 3D printing, team building and engineering and science. Also the course creators have deep knowledge about what they are teaching and this alone is enough to guarantee your success in the business.

How Much Does MindValley Cost You?

At the summary section above, I’ve mentioned that there is not a fixed price for all courses and it depends on the course and person who provided the course. For example, you may pay up to $795 for a course called “The 3 Key to Transformating Learning” created by well-known Internet entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani or Donna Edne offers her Energy Medicine course for $399.

Or you can get full access to the digital course of Jeffrey Allen which is called Duality for $299.

Of course, what I’ve mentioned above is high priced courses and there are coaches that offer their course for as low as $50 so it totally ups to you which field and course you prefer to go for.

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MindValley pros and cons

MindValley – Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Unique Transformation Platform

If you want to transform your lives and get better from it as much as possible and release your inner power then what Vishen Lakhiani is created is definitely helpful.

MindValley simply helps you in this path and to be honest, it’s the first online education company that has the mission to help you balance between your professional and personal life and let you perform much better in the life.

  • Quality Free Courses

When I was surfing MindValley website, I’ve found out that there is a list of free courses offered by this online school. I have a feeling of low-quality when I see “Free” word for something on the Internet but after checking free courses of this platform, I’ve found that without paying a dime, there are many useful courses you can enroll in MindValley.

Of course, you should not expect to receive courses as quality as paid-courses and this is not recommended if you want to take it seriously but when it’s compared to similar free courses around, it’s worth.


  • Do You Get Refund Really?

This is the issue you should know about every time you see a refund option available in a program. Let me tell you about a complaint a customer recently made about their refund policy.

One of the students mentioned that she was not able to get a refund because of some difficulties. It seems that her refund request has been rejected because the financial team of MindValley could not find any transaction on her payment history so instead of getting a full refund, she received some other courses as alternatives which were in the same price as refund’s price.

So this definitely does not mean a full refund.

  • You May Still Pay The Membership Fee Even After Leaving The Platform!

This is the second common complaint among customers. There are two groups of people who are unhappy with what happened to them about this issue. The first group is non-members who tried the trial period of MindValley which is free and for many reasons, they didn’t like to stay in the platform but the platform charged their credit/debit card after trial period because they could not find a straightforward path for canceling their membership!

Also, some other members complain about the payment system of MindValley which charges after they left the platform.

  • You’ll Be Unhappy With The Customer Support

This is the problem I’ve seen in other reviewed MMO programs like Cash Formula, Amissio Formula or EdX. When it comes to online business, get the satisfaction of your customers is a key and one of the ways to improve this satisfaction is providing great customer support and this is what you don’t have in MindValley.

Terrible customer support is the best term I can use to describe customer support of MindValley and that’s interesting that this customer support problem is what you probably have to face with and in many other online companies and services.

There are several complaints about the customer support of MindValley which members didn’t get any reply from MindValley’s support when they needed urgent help. And because of that, some members could not stop their membership when they wanted to do.

is MindValley scam

Final Word – Is MindValley a Scam?

It’s as clean as a whistle that MindValley is not a scam. The mission of Lakhiani (founder of MindValley) is creating a place for people who want to improve their life’s quality and make it better for everyone and it seems that he has done 80% of this mission.

The experts and highly experienced coaches who involved in the program are an affirmation to the legitimacy of MindValley.

Everyone wants something specific from his/her life but improving it with things like Face your fears, Admit your mistakes, Believe in yourself, Ask for wisdom, Conserve your time, etc. is something everybody is looking for and this is what MindValley can give you in its varied program.

Of course the same as any other online education company, MindValley is not 100% perfect but with high-quality text and multimedia courses, it tries to make a positive change in your life and you won’t be disappointed if you’re serious about changing your life.

That’s it! This was my full review of MindValley and I’m glad to see that you decided to read it till end. I hope it gave you all you wanted to know about MindValley and let you make a logical decision about joining it.

Thank you very much for reading MindValley review and feel free to ask your questions or share your thoughts in the comments below.

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