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Is Mingle Cash Scam? – Making +$10k or Nothing?!

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Is Mingle Cash a scam? Excited to see how much money you could earn or is Mingle Cash a scam that’s going to waste your time?

It awfully sounds nice to earn on auto-pilot but is it really all automatic? Could you really make $28K a day with this platform or is Mingle Cash out to get you somehow and will take you for your time? Frankly, I think sites like Mingle Cash are a total waste of time because you will unlikely earn what they say you will earn.

In my review of Mingle Cash below, you will find out why and show you that this site is not really to be trusted.


Product Name: Mingle Cash

Official Website:

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is mingle cash

What Is Mingle Cash?

Mingle Cash claims to be an incredible place where you can earn money online from simply playing games and referring people.

They claim that a 17 year old kid is making $57 a day using their program, and you can be in his position too. I’ve reviewed hundreds of similar programs promising to make you thousands of dollars online, and most of them turn out to be fake.

Is Mingle Cash any where near as good as they claim, or are they simply making it sound better than it is.

Let’s dive in and find out!

how mingle cash works

Ways To Make Money

They make it seem like you and make tons of money surfing the web and referring other people to join, but the reality is that you more than likely will not make much. I’m not saying it is impossible. It is possible… Just very unlikely.

They have software that you have to download and install to your computer, which will then allow you to surf the web and make money. How will you make money surfing the web like this? Well the software will display advertisements and what you will have to do to actually make the money is click on the ads. So you don’t actually get paid for surfing itself, but rather for clicking ads that appear as you are surfing the Internet

And I will get into the referral program, where you can refer people into make money doing so, shortly. First I want to go over some of the other ways to earn which include three different sections, Play & Earn, Watch & Earn, and Offer Wall…

  • Play & Earn

Inside the dashboard you will see a section where you can “play & earn”. This section includes games that you can play and earn money. The reason they pay you to play these games is because there are advertisements that you will see and of course companies are paying them to show these ads.

  • Watch & Earn

It is the same type of deal when it comes to the videos. You will be able to watch videos and earn money because there also be advertisements displayed that you will see.

  • Offer Wall

The Offer Wall includes a lot of different things. You can earn by downloading apps, subscribing to free trials, taking surveys, and other things. Overall you will not make much money at all with any of these GPT tasks, especially playing games and watching videos.

The Pros & Cons

Let’s go over some of the good and bad things that I could come up with about Mingle Cash.


  • It’s Possible To Make Money
  • Multiple Ways To Earn
  • Free To Join


  • Ton Of Hype
  • Fake Success Stories
  • Fake Testimonials

Mingle Cash scam


Mingle Cash may well be a legit site for making a few pennies, but it’s by far the worst ‘GPT’ opportunity I’ve come across due to the garbage spewed out on the main membership page. In my opinion, making $57 per day as a “novice” is overambitious with ‘MC’ because folks who join these types of sites are lucky to make $50+ per month doing tasks. Even the more experienced members will make a few hundred bucks each month (NOT per day).

Yes, you can build a 10-level deep downline with ‘MC’ but you also have to bear in mind that not everyone will be an “active” member. So it will take many months to build an army of referrals big enough for a full-time income.

The Bottom Line: While the opportunity is genuine, it also has characteristics of a scam, so tread with caution.

my recommendation

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