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Is Miracle Breakthrough Labs a scam or natural supplements provided by this Miami based company are the best in the world?

Balancing the ever-increasing life, family and work demands have made it quite impossible to maintain good health through regular exercise, balanced diets and sufficient rest. Coupled with the increasing risk of developing one health condition or the other, natural supplements have become the best alternative to good health in recent times.

A good number of companies have been able to successfully harness the healing power of the numerous herbs nature has provided for our wellbeing, and of these companies in America, Miracle Breakthrough Labs stands out among others for the various potent health supplements they make available to the public. With thousands of testimonies from users, their supplements are known to be very effective in maintaining general body wellbeing and curing a good number of ailments and diseases.


Product Name: Miracle Breakthrough Labs

Official Website:

Owner: Andrew Shaw Garcia

Type: Health & Wellness

Cost to Join: Free to join but you need to buy product to promote them

Recommended? Only if you like MLM business

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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what is miracle breakthrough labs

What Is Miracle Breakthrough Labs All About?

Known as America’s number one source for all-natural supplements that have been scientifically proven to support the health of users, Miracle Breakthrough Labs is a health supplement producing company presided by Andrew Shaw Garcia and has its main office in Miami as well as various other outlets in Florida and different parts of America.

As stated on their website, their mission is to uncover the most effective supplements that would help their clients maintain their health, remain 100% healthy and improve the quality of their lives far beyond their expectations.

According to the information made available on their website, they carry out continuous lines of analysis, studies and comprehensive researches to improve the quality and efficacies of their products on a daily basis.

Their lines of products include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced EDTA Mega
  • Mega Chang
  • Advanced Mega Memory Plus
  • Neurolatore Power Formula

All You Need to Know About Miracle Breakthrough Labs

According to what Andrew Shaw Garcia (founder of MBL) says, Miracle Breakthrough Labs is rated as the best source for providing natural supplement and there is an 85% satisfaction rate and products of MBL could exceed expectations of customers very well.

The slogan of MBL is “Improving life’s quality of people by discovering and producing 100% nature supplements related to health and wellness” and what I’ll cover in the next sections will show you if they could make this mission or not.

One of the good things about this company is that there is not an age limit for their customers and people from 16 to 85 years old have used and got benefits from products of MBL. According to the official report released by the company, they’ve +300,000 customer all around the world who have used products of Miracle Breakthrough Labs during the last years.

Success is not a coincidence and what we have seen in MBL is the result of years of hard work and patient which turned them to a modern producer in the health and wellness market.

When I review a company I always check if they have a registered physical address. This plays an important role and gives more credibility to the company. Luckily MBL has a registered address at: 7242, Sw 42nd Terrace 4, Miami, FL 33155 and you can also find the contact phone number of the company in their official website here:

MBL is an old company which started working in 2005 and it’s in the business for +15 years. When a company can stay for such that long time in a competitive market like health, it shows that they know what they’re doing.

If you are interested to know more about this company, see the background of this lab and get familiar with how they have worked during all these years, feel free to visit their website and see how their health products have changed health life of many people all around the world.

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how miracle breakthrough labs works exactly

How Does Miracle Breakthrough Labs Work?

Depending on the ailment and their respective symptoms, Miracle Breakthrough Labs’ supplements have been known to cure different diseases and maintain good health conditions by increasing blood flow in the body, regulating blood pressure, increasing strength and stamina, aiding fat burning process, improving the state of the immune system, boosting sex drive and libido, building strong bones, improving digestion and bowel movements, improving mood, wellbeing and energy levels, eliminating cold feet and hands, decreasing fatigue and enhancing antioxidant functions among others.

Their supplements are also known to instil anti-aging properties on their users by keeping the lining of body cells young and elastic and also fighting off free radicals in the body.

Their cancer-fighting supplements have been revealed by research to slow blood clotting and interfere with the growth of tumors.

Their Advanced Mega Plus supplement have been testified by users to prevent stroke and heart attacks. Users have also testified of relief from Alzheimer’s symptoms and a significant boost in their concentration levels and memory functions.

Can You Make Money With Miracle Breakthrough Labs?

Luckily MBL is not a rewarding company like Microsoft Rewards and they really offer you a real way of making money. There’s only one way to make money from Miracle Breakthrough Labs – becoming their agent.

But before you can do this effectively, you need to try their products and confirm how potent they are in carrying out the exact functions claimed by the company before you can successfully market them. Else, you’d end up fumbling in your marketing strategies and have no actual evidence of their potency to show your prospective customers.

You will also need to get permission from Miracle Breakthrough Labs so that you can purchase their supplements in bulk at wholesale prices and make a reasonable profit when you sell at retail prices. There are other benefits such as returns and money backs you stand to enjoy when you’re a certified Miracle Breakthrough Lab distribution agent.

However, just like every other drug and health supplement in the market, you can choose to sell without contacting their headquarters. In this case, you might not make as much as you would when you distribute directly under them and in the event of expiration or impotency of the supplements, you may end up bearing the losses alone since other wholesalers may not be too open to money back guarantees.

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Pros and Cons of Miracle Breakthrough Labs 


  • Having helped over 300,000 people of all races between ages 18 and 99 improve the conditions of their health, one benefit of Miracle Breakthrough Labs is that your health gets to benefit largely from their various health supplements.
  • Their supplements are made from natural sources that include herbs with great disease-curing potentials. You will be therefore exempted from the various side effects common with conventional drugs.
  • You are guaranteed a 100% refund within 60 days of purchase of any of their natural health supplements.


  • Just like every other natural supplement, there are bound to be herb-drug interactions when any of their supplements are taken with prescription drugs as the natural herbs undoubtedly contain chemicals and substances that interact with those in drugs.
  • Body systems and functions vary from person to person. Therefore while their supplements may work for some people, it may not work for others. That is why a doctor’s prescription is usually required before administering any supplement.

is miracle breakthrough labs scam

Final Word – Is Miracle Breakthrough Labs a Scam? 

While the company claims to provide a full refund on the failure of their supplements to accomplish listed function, there have been complaints from supplement users on reputable websites on their inability to reach the company’s return department for the so-promised 60-day unconditional refund policy.

One customer also complained that contrary to the function of Miracle Breakthrough Labs’ Heart & Circulation Maximum Power Formula, his blood pressure kept rising and all his attempt to reach the department in charge of refund proved futile.

Nonetheless, the credibility of any establishment cannot and should not be hinged solely on the report of a few people. The customers who complained may have had one or two medical conditions or drug interactions that interfered with the actions of Miracle Breakthrough Lab supplements in their systems – and they’d probably not think of it.

Apart from a few complaints and difficulties in getting refunds – which most certainly would have been sorted out, it’s been from one dumbfounding testimony to the other on how the different supplements sold by Miracle Breakthrough Labs have helped improve the health conditions of people from different parts of the world.

Also, as no establishment nor product ever exists without one or two complaints from the public, Miracle Breakthrough labs is indeed a legit health supplement producer focused on improving the health condition of people around the world using all-natural supplements.


There’s only one way to truly establish if the various health supplements produced and distributed by Miracle Breakthrough Labs are ideal for you – try them! Only that you need to get your doctor’s permission – as with any other supplement – before you take them especially if you’ve been placed under any other medication.

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  1. Hi Ali,
    After reading your article I have to say that you gave here pretty deep inside review of MLB . As already Prisca mentioned in her comment, I think that health is definitely not something we should mess around with, I have to agree. And even more in this “specific” era, where you can not trust if the drinking water is really drinking water.

    Thankfully I am not having any health issues myself, but if I would have, I would definitely use the natural product rather than chemistry. So happy you gave me one more option.

    There is an as well positive thing, you mentioned the earning option So people interested in health products and earning possibilities can find their inspiration too.
    I had an experience with MLM, and together with my present experiences, I have to agree that WA is the best platform.

    Thank you again!!

    And best luck with your further help.


  2. Hi Ali,
    It is a good article you have here; at first you had me feeling like its a scam and when you went into further detail I realised you were leaning onto the “legit” side. Quite the cliffhanger. The honest truth is that I have a hard time figuring out what is and what isn’t esp on the internet; I am weary at taking such a huge leap and trusting they (MBL Supplements) could work. I believe health is one department I don’t like messing with.

    Drawing from personal experience, I had my mother taking the “best supplements” on the market to stay on top of her health only to lose her to something so sneaky the supplements did not do anything for her. While I understand she wasn’t taking these particular ones – it’s best to acknowledge the double edged sword they bare esp with their acclaimed 85% positive review.

    Nonetheless it is a great article you have here; and you brought to light a few things I didn’t even know about. So I guess I have a few things to learn about.

    All the BEST Ali!

  3. Hello Ali!! Thanks for writing a well informed article about MBL. This was a good review about the company and its products. I also happened to look besides this post and found that you have written reviews for lots of other companies also. I didn’t even hear name of many companies you reviewed! Can you please guide me how to be resourceful to be able to write such good reviews. I would highly appreciate any effort from your side.
    Thank you

  4. Thanks for writing such a thorough review on Miracle Breakthrough Labs! It’s tricky sometimes to sort out the credibility of companies by yourself, and your website is very helpful in this regard. This is great information! I would say that this company would be good to get into as a side hustle, especially if you are taking the products yourself, but , as you suggest, you would really need to try the products yourself first in order to endorse them authentically and effectively. The products themselves I would be interested in, as I need something to boost my nutrition. I do appreciate how in depth your report is,Ali! It answers many questions and raises all the important issues to consider when looking into working for these kind of companies.
    Thank you!
    Best wishes
    Lyndal Jane

  5. Hi, this is a very detailed review of an MLM company. I have been exposed to many MLM companies in the past and it’s always only about the positive things about them, but having read through your review, I find your words are honest and balanced on both sides of pros and cons, so the reader can decide themselves what to believe.
    On the other hand, there are many information out there calling this company a scam or bad-mouthing it very conveniently especially with the ease of putting on information on social media and websites, but it’s important to weigh both the pros and cons, and understand the hidden meaning behind these articles why they are calling it scam in the first place. I feel your review looks at it from a practical point-of-view and provides a convincing insight into this company.
    By the way also thanks to you for introducing the products I shall spend more time researching this company and consider using its products to make money.

  6. First of all, I would like to appreciate the design of your website.You are really a pro in web arrangements and whatever you mentioned up there is all makes good sense,
    Especially your bullet points ad the pros and cons and the conclusion explains everything in a way that no one can raise any questions because it is explained clearly.
    Best wishes to keep going and continue the good work.
    Thank you Ali.

  7. This is something I’m interested in doing more research to uncover. I’m an avid follower of the health & fitness field, so it’s always nice to come across something that may benefit my audience, especially something natural like these herbal supplements.

    Based on your article, I’d say the company isn’t a scam, but they do need to work on their return policy. If you’re an establishment that’s going to say you honor an unconditional return policy, then you need to honor that unconditional return policy, no questions asked. Hence the “unconditional.” I’m interested to learn about their competitors as well so I could market the best product.

  8. Well conceived article, but your excellent points are often diminished by awkward sentence structure.
    “Is Miracle Breakthrough Labs a scam or natural supplements provided by this Miami based company are the best in the world?” “are” should be before “natural “
    “Balancing the ever-increasing life, family and work demands have made it quite ” should be “has” not “have” should agree with balancing, not demands.
    “maintaining general body wellbeing” the use of body here is strained and maybe even superfluous. “General physical well-being “ perhaps or just “general well-being”
    “company presided by Andrew” should be “presided over by” . Or pick a stronger word.
    “Presided by” is a bit passive for the head of a company.
    “How does MBL work” the heading is misleading. The section does not describe how the company works, but how their products work. In fact, this disconnect continues throughout the post. Rather than talk about how well the company works, you talk about how well the products work.
    “The only way to know is to try them”. This implies a significant upfront cost. Is that the case?
    Become an agent, purchase in bulk. This starting to sound like a multi-level,marketing scheme similar to Amway.
    The ad for AW needs to be offset somehow. Right now it looks like a continuation of the article. Suddenly you are recommending something else.

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