Is Monat Global a Scam

Is Monat Global a Scam? – What You Did Not Know

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Is Monat Global a Scam?

If this question (Is Monat Global a Scam?) came to your mind, it’s probably because you have landed into their website and checked some of their high priced hair care products and you want to know if it worth your money or not to buy something or become their marketing partner to make some extra cash.

I’ve reviewed Monat Global to answer your question so in the next couple of paragraphs, you’ll find what is it exactly, how it works, is it worth to give its products a try, what are the pros & cons and my conclusion at the end. So let’s start!

what is monat global


Company Name: Monat Global

Official Website:

Owner: Luis Urdaneta

Price to Join: $99

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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Monat Global Review

If you are familiar with MLM business model, you can guess that Monat Global works based on a MLM model. It means, unlike many other big companies, you cannot find their products in retail stores; they work only with marketing partners who get paid to promote their products everywhere (all around the web). It’s an opportunity for everyone to join their partnership program and since it’s free, many are willing to give it a try.

Yes I know that the first thing comes to your mind at the moment is that it looks like a pyramid scheme when people trying to invite others to join the program and it repeats like a cycle for new members. But the fact is that it’s not a pyramid scheme and I’ll explain why some later.

What They Are Selling?

In short, they sell products related to haircare such as conditioners, shampoos, split end repair treatment, Rejuveniqe (this is one of the most popular product in oil treatment field they are selling).

The first thing gets your attention when you enter to the website is their high price. Of course this is not new thing if you’re familiar with MLM companies. For example the Rejuveniqe that I’ve mentioned above as one of their best product is selling for $99 and that’s not because it’s their best product.

If you explore the site for a while, you’ll find out that other products are almost in the same range price or more and the only reason for their high priced products is that they are using MLM business model.

Imagine you’re working with them as a marketing partner; what happens if there are many high priced products for you to promote? Yes, you will earn MORE commission for each product that you’re selling and it’s exactly what they know very well and are using this model to attract new PARTNERS not customers. Now you know that the quality is not what raised the price of the products.

How You Can Make Money in Monat Global

Without doubt, you should have some interest about MLM business to join Monat Global. After joining program, there are two main options to make profit:

  1. Direct Selling: You should sell products of Monat Global directly to people who are interested in haircare products to receive commissions.
  2. Recruiting Commission: By inviting friends, family and others to join partnership program of Monat Global and make money from their activities. (When they make sales or invite new members, you receive commission).

The commission starts at 30% but it can be increased up to 40% if you can sell more. Also there is another 15% commission for every single VIP customers that referred to Monat Global by you. The commission for recruiting (second option) starts at 7% at the level 1 and those are people who decided to join partnership program by your referral link.

In addition there are available bonus (from $100 to $220) you can receive which means, if someone purchases a product, those bonus will be credited to your account according to product package they purchased.

Do not forget that you have a rank which starts at 100 at the beginning and if you can increase it by selling more items, your commission will be increased automatically. There are different compensation plans which will be unlocked only if your increases to a specific number.

Is It a Pyramid Scheme?

Although it looks very similar to a pyramid scheme business but the fact is that MLM business model like what Monat Global does is 100% legit.

The same as anything else, many big and well-known companies work in this business model under the law and there is not anything wrong about it. The only thing that let us know which company is legit and which one is not, is the amount of product sales that they make to the general public.

When you see a huge number products of a company is selling to the independent business owners, there is high chances that it’s a pyramid scheme and according to what Monat Global is doing, I cannot call it a pyramid scheme business.

Negative Side of MLM Business

One of the biggest negative point of MLM business is that everybody only tries to attract others to join the program (because of the profit that they can make) and they do not care about what they are promoting and this is what I really do not like about MLM business.

Well, to be honest, there are many people who make a lot of money as a marketing partner and Monat Global partnership members are not exception. They have many opportunities to level up but there are negative point too.

The negative point is that money moves from bottom to the top in MLM business which means, they take money from people who recently join the program and split it to the members who are in the top so only members who work there for a long time and could get many referrals are able to make serious money and others (let’s say the rest of majority) make a little or no money.

is Monat Global Scam

Conclusion – Do I Recommend Monat Global?

All in all, it’s not a scam in my eyes. Of course it has negative points (the same as all other companies that work based on MLM business) and the price for their haircare products is pretty high but all these things does not let me to call it a scam. And I know there are many people who do not like to work such these companies but these companies are always up there and the fact is that they work legally.

But this is not something that I can recommend for everyone. You know, you need to have some things specific in your character to be able to work in MLM business and make it profitable for yourself that’s why I say that it’s not suitable for everyone, especially those who recently started to make money online.

You need to be really good at recruiting in new distributors to increase your ranks; this is something that not everybody can do. For example, I never recommend a product that I have not tested personally before and recommending something that you really do not know many thing about or you do not believe on it yourself is what you should do well in MLM business to get success. Maybe that’s why I never tried to work in MLM business because I think it’s not fair invite people to join something that you do not believe in 100%.

In total, if recruiting people here and there is something that you are happy with and the haircare products is something that you’re interested in, feel free to give Monat Global a try but if you have even a little doubt, I highly recommend you to stay away from not only Monat Global but other MLM opportunities and do not waste your money and valuable time on it.

Finally, I do not think, you need to join MLM business when there are much better ways to make money online. Take a look at my final word to find out how I went from zero to $5000 monthly income without MLM business and with doing something that I really love.

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Final Word

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