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Is Monat Global Scam? – See Why I Never Join Them!

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Thank you for spending time to read my in-deep review of Monat Global. I always become happy to see that a person decides to do research before using a program or service and it’s nice to see that you’re one of those persons who don’t accept on all claims easily.

Minimum benefit of doing a research before purchasing a product is not getting scammed by scammers which is always good.

To be honest, I’ve seen many people who talk about Monat Global these days and if their network marketing model is trustworthy or not. If “Is Monat Global a scam or legit?” is your question as well, spend some time and read my review in details which answers all your questions.

Before starting, I just want you know that I’m not cooperating with this company anyway and what I’ve written about it here is all my own opinion and it’s what I’m believe in so you can be sure that it’s a honest review and since it’s completely different with what you’ve seen or heard about Monat Global before, it may totally change your opinion about it.

Let’s start to see all truth about Monat Global.


Product Name: Monat Global

Official Website:

Owner: Luis Urdaneta

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company in Hair Care Industry

Cost to Join: $19.95 for yearly membership (There are also $99 plus cost of products)


Monat Global was a well-known MLM company which provided making money opportunity for people who could promote products related to hair care. Yes, I used “past time” for my verb because it’s not as good as what it’s been some years ago.

If you search the web, you will see many complaints from people who were not satisfied at all after using their products. The problem was not about making money through promoting their product, it was about quality of their products which resulted losing hair for many people!

This is a summary and you understand now that why I don’t recommend it. If you want to purchase their products, you should stay far from them and if you want to make money through selling their products, you should still stay from them because you don’t want to make money by harming others, right?

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is monat global

What is Monat Global Exactly?

As you’ve seen above, this company was built by Luis Urdaneta and his family about 4 years ago in 2014 and it sells health and hair care products based on a MLM strategy.

Although they lose reputation during the past 12 months but using Multi-Level Marketing model at the beginning let them expand their business successfully into several other countries. Now, Rayner Urdaneta (son of Luis Urdaneta) is SEO of Monat Global and manage this company with help of his father Luis Urdaneta.

When & Why They Started to Lose Their Reputation?

Unfortunately focusing on marketing rather than quality of products has effected on their reputation negatively very soon. People who bought and tested their products started to give them negative feedback in online world (forums, chat rooms, social networks, etc.).

There are even video reviews which shows how using hair care products of Monat Global is harmful for human’s body. And with this type of reviews which became viral fast, credit of company went down rapidly and this was not good at all for both owners and members.

That does not look good at all if you see this from point of a marketer. Imagine you promote one of Monat Global’s product (which are mostly high priced) then after a long time and trying hard, you can find a potential buyer but when he/she understands, you’re going to sell a hair care product of Monat Global, he refuses your offer immediately because he has probably seen all those negative reviews about this company around the Internet.

Although there are always negative reviews for all companies and brands but when number of negative feedback for a product is significantly much more than its positive feedback then that would make it very hard to sell even one item of that company.

Well what I’m sure about is that they didn’t change anything in their product’s quality after getting complaints so we can conclude that quality or opinion of customers is NOT something that is matter for them.

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how monat global works

Is It Possible to Make Money From Monat Global?

 The answer is yes and no. The first fact is that joining their marketing program is not free. There are several costs included in the program and the first starts at $99 starter membership.

After joining them, you’ll be given some marketing strategies, training and materials which you can use for promotional purposes. I don’t mark their training material valuable because you can find all those for free in the Internet. Actually the main aim for paying membership course as well as $19.95 yearly renewal cost is being able to sell their hair care products like expensive shampoos.

Keep in mind there may be additional fee which will charge you monthly so before accepting their terms, make sure what type of fee you’re paying for and if it’s one-time payment or monthly.

monat global pros and cons

Positive & Negative Points

I Liked Monat Global Because…

  • A Market with Huge Income Potential

A quick Google search proves that health care and hair care is a million dollars market and there is definitely enough room for everybody to join and take advantage of it. If you can run a successful business in this field, your customers and income is guaranteed. This is an ever green market and there is always a demand for hair care products.

The most important thing is giving your customer quality products. If you can help them with this, people are willing to spend money to buy best products. Unfortunately, this is not what you can do through Monat Global because quality of their product is not what people are looking for.

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I Didn’t Like Monat Global Because…

  • Problem with Getting Refund

Some complains has submitted on BBB (Better Business Bureau) about getting refund from Monat Global. People who were submitted this complains claimed that they were not able to receive their money after requesting it and some of them told, they just received refund after 90 days or even more.

This is one of the most important factors you should pay attention to while joining a new earning online opportunity. If you want to pay any amount of money (even a single cent) make sure there’s a free trial or money-back guarantee option and find out how long it takes exactly to receive refund.

You never can guess what will happen after paying a joining to a program.

  • Everything is Recruiting!

I’m working full-time as online marketer for a long time and I know how this business exactly works. Connecting and talking with people to encourage them buy what you offer is one of the ways in online marketing but it’s almost The Only Way for companies that work based on Multi-Level Marketing.

So if you can’t do it well, there is no money to be made from MLM for you. Many people start with selling for friends and family members when they join MLM business because it looks easier to convince persons you know to buy something from you but you should be very careful if you want to do the same.

You need to contact with people you know (or you don’t know) not only once but several times with follow up messages (this is called Recruiting) and if they’re your friends, they may feel this contacting messages annoying and you may lose your long-term friendship relationship! Believe me, I’ve seen personally how it happened for some people before.

  • People Are Not Happy with Monat Global

Nothing is harder than promoting a product that is not high quality. The fact is that people are not satisfied with what Montag Global’s products gives them and this negative view makes everything more difficult for promoter and marketer.

  • Complaints, Complaints and Complaints…

This negative point is directly linked to previous one. When you’re not satisfy with a service you will submit a complaint about. That’s why +800 complaints has been submitted against Monat Global in official Better Business Bureau website.

If you take a look at complaints registered on BBB, you will see that the main ones are about Hair Problems which people lose hair by using Monat Global shampoos. And problems with product warranty, customer support, refund issues and billing issues comes after that.

Keep in mind that this is not my personal opinion. It’s what people says about Monat Global and it’s also covered by media several times as well.

  • Too Expensive

I’ve took a short look at products listed on Monat Global website and it’s unbelievable that I’ve seen shampoo priced up to $100! I don’t know about you but even if I was that much reach to be able pay $100 for a single shampoo, I still didn’t like to pay it for something that can hurt my hair health!

But why products of Monat Global are mostly expensive? The trued is that they need to make a price’s gap price between real value and what people are paying for their products. Then they take this gap and pay it to marketers who promote their products and what will be missed in this situation? Yes, quality!

is monat global a scam

Conclusion – Is Monat Global a Scam?

Well, if we take a look at their official website, we see that everything is legit over there. This company is submitted legally and work legitimacy so we can’t call it officially a scam. But all those complaints and products with low quality does not let me to recommend it to anyone.

Don’t forget that you’ll have a hard time if you want to join and promote them because firstly, many people don’t have good experience with trying their products and secondly, you’ll sell high-priced products which is not suitable for people when they can similar ones with better price in the market.

Monat Global is going to lose its reputation completely soon if they don’t make big changes in their marketing strategy so I believe joining them at the moment is the worst decision you can make, especially when there are much better opportunities for making full time income online.

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