Is MoolaVine a Scam

Is MoolaVine a Scam? – Make $3k Monthly?!

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Do you like to make thousands of dollars easily? If yes then MoolaVine (which is a program that works based on an affiliate system) says, it can help you make $3k or more monthly with little or zero knowledge in internet marketing.

This is the biggest claim you see on their official website, but is MoolaVine a scam? Is this really an opportunity which can teach you a shortcut for making big money online from your room?

It’s not worth tying in my opinion and I explained why I don’t recommend it as a real and valuable way for making an online business and earning online in my in-deep review of this program, so if you want to know why I marked MoolaVine as a risky business, read next couple of paragraphs.


Product Name: Moolavine

Official Website:

Owner: MoolaVine

Type: Affiliate Program

Cost to Join:  Free to Join but you need to buy products to be able to sell them

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is moolavine

What is MoolaVine All About?

As it’s mentioned above, MoolaVine works based on an affiliate system business model. You simply sign-up into the program first then start purchasing products then when other people join program through your affiliate link they’ll be considered as your referrals and you’ll make commission for every new referral.

Everything looks like a standard affiliate marketing system but there is a big difference where MoolaVine claims, unlike other affiliate programs, you don’t need to find buyers in MoolaVine’s affiliate program instead people who are potential buyers will find you and start buying from you! It means you do not need to do ANYTHING!

This is really an unrealistic claim because the base of all affiliate programs is finding potential buyers so if a company can find customers by itself why it needs to hire and pay to affiliates?

You find answer in the next section when I tell you how MoolaVine works in detail.

how moolavine works

How Does MoolaVine Work Exactly?

To start working and making money with MoolaVine, you need to sign-up on their official website. After signing up and activating your account, you’ll receive a unique link which is your affiliate link. Then you start inviting people join MoolaVine through your affiliate link. It must be said that you make commission only when someone buy a product and for every purchase your referrals make, you can earn up to 50% commission.

There are two sources people can buy products from: Clickbank and JVZoo. And these sources have wide range of products. This is how MoolaVine works in simple words but there are some red flags which stop me from recommending it to others.

How MoolaVine Makes Profit?

The question is: how MoolaVine really takes advantage of this situation?

Without doubt, inviting and referring people is the only option you can use to make money through MoolaVine. You should also know that keeping your status green is the only way that lets you keep your account monetized, to do that, you need to purchase products and encourage people to buy products.

What this looks like? Yes, a circle! You join program and purchase product, then people join program through your link, purchase product and become your referrals then people join MoolaVine again through your referrals and this process repeats.

I guess, now you know well who take advantage of this repeating process!

Keep Your Status Active!

Moolavine works based on buying products. You should buy product and your referrals should do it too because it’s the only method which lets company stay alive. Clickbank & Jvzoo are places where you can purchase product from.

There is a purchase request you need to complete to be able to promote that product. After choosing your product and applying for purchase request, a message will be send to your mentor and you joined program from affiliate link of this person.

When you receive an affiliate link where you should buy product through. The only way you make profit is when you buy product from that link and your status stays green only when your referrals continue buying products.

moolavine pros and cons

Pros & Cons – Pyramid scheme or MLM Model?

You may think this is something like Multi level marketing model but the fact is that it’s totally another thing.

Recruiting and paying membership’s fee are main differences between MLM and system that Moolavine works based on. There is not any MLM company where you can join without cost, It means there is always some cost if you want to make money through MLM business. Some companies also teach you how to start working and they provide some training materials, that’s why they charge you a fee.

There are two ways you can earn through MLM: first, when you promote and sell products yourself or second, when someone who you referred to program make successful sales.

The commission depends on people you refers to program. You refer more you make more and the good thing is that when a person who referred to program by you makes sales, you make commission too and persons who referred you and are in upper level than you makes commission so as you can see commissions paid based on a level model. MLM is legit and many companies use this method.

Is there any upsells? Yes!

  • $30 Monthly Offer

You can join Moolavine for free but there is an option which gives you Unlimited Green Days which will cost you $1/day or $30 month. In addition to receive instant commission, you’ll get $10 any of your referral upgrades to Unlimited Plan.

  • Dual Squeeze

This offers is available if you’re interested to earn through building an email list. It costs you $97 and it’s a one-time offer which means you only will be charged once. In this offer, you ask people for their email address (you can give them a bonus to receive their email) then you’ll send them products and if they buy, it brings you extra commission.

In my opinion, it’s worth upgrading for $97 because you only pay once and you can create an email list which plays an important role in your online business but about Dual Squeeze, I really doubt if it worth that much. Learning how to create a squeeze page isn’t difficult at all and it can be done with much less than $97 so you can save money to improve other parts of your business.

Anywhere you don’t have option to choose one of these offers in second upsell. It means if you choose to become a MoolaVine member, you’ll get both email list and squeeze page.

Do I Recommend MoolaVine?

I don’t see much value in MoolaVine. People think they can make a lot of money through MoolaVine and this is because of attractive claims said by founder to get attention of new members. In order to make money with MoolaVine, you need to purchase products and owner says, you can get unlimited numbers of referrals to sell that product to after that but it’s not true. It would be very hard and boring to find even one referral with free traffic method introduced by this system.

I’m experienced in building websites and blogs based on free traffic and I assure you it takes at least 6 months to see some significant result. In programs like MoolaVine, you will be working for owner not yourself so most of your effort will be put behind promoting a system that is not yours and it’ll be frustrating at the end when you want to leave that program and see you have not built anything for yourself.

Is MoolaVine Scam

Final Conclusion – Is MoolaVine a Scam?

If you could learn something in MoolaVine, I didn’t mark it as a scam but the truth is that I don’t see any value for joining this program. I guess best programs are those that will teach you something and MoolaVine isn’t one of them for sure.

Another reason I don’t recommend MoolaVine is background of its owner. The guy who created it (Brian Winter) has unsuccessful experiences in running online business in the past. For example “5 Figure Day” is another system has been created and introduced by Brian a couple of years ago and he had to shut it down after a while because of serious issues and we see these problems in MoolaVine too.

Finally it must be said that MoolaVine is not my recommendation and potential income you can have from it is not equal to time and effort you put behind it at all! There are much better and more valuable ways to build your online business and make serious money, so there is not any reason why you should waste your time in MoolaVine.

Continue reading My Best Recommendation section to see what type of business and method people use these days to make full-time income online.

my recommendation

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