is mttb system a scam

Is MTTB System a Scam or a Top Tier Opportunity?

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If you are looking for info on My Top Tier Business then you are in the best place to find honest information about this program. Is MTTB System a scam or legit? This is only one of many questions I’m going to answer about this program in this detailed-review.

My top tier business (aka MTTB) is about the MOBE business and run by a team of coaches as well as a guy called Matt Lloyd who makes 7 figures from MOBE and is the founder of this 21-step system.

There is a short introduction video in the landing page of MTTB that explains how this system works but the information on this video does not answer all your questions and reading some in-deep reviews of this program is necessary if you want to know what’s real insight of this platform.

Ok let’s start to review this new MMO system and see it’s recommended as a making money opportunity or not.


Product Name: My Top Tier Business

Official Website:

Owner: Matt Lloyd

Type: MOBE Business

Cost to Join: $47 Starter Membership + Upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is mttb system

What Is My Top Tier Business Exactly?

The first thing gets your attention after landing on the official page of MTTB is the claim of it owner which says that a huge commission of $2,000, $4,000 or even $5,000 is behind selling products of this company.

The first step is joining the system by creating an account and complete the 21-training steps provided by that. When you’re done with the training, you’ll work directly with a coach which will guide you how to start getting traffic, find potential customers and turn them into hot buyers.

The truth is that most of the one to one coaching platforms are expensive because an experienced marketer works with you as a personal teacher and that’s why normal to see that joining any of these coaching platforms can cost you thousands of dollars but the result may not be always what you expected.

The positive point of training systems like MTTB is that you’ll be guided by your coach, he monitors your activity and alarms when you’re doing something wrong. Also, your business plan will be creates based on your time and entire budget not dreams and unrealistic goals.

During the training, you’ll learn how to create a sales funnel that works like a charm and you’ll get familiar with traffic generation methods and strategies.

The MTTB is a high ticket product which means most of the products you’re going to sell are expensive items that are priced for thousands of dollars and because of that, it’s not strange to see that the commissions you receive may be something from $10 to $10,000. There’s also a team of sales-men who contact with potential buyers you’ve found through the phone calls to start upselling and close the sales in the shortest time.

Matt Lloyd tried to make this system as automatic as possible so it seems that the minimum manual effort is required to start and develop your business. This is the base of the MOBE marketing systems and it’s one of the attractive ways for online business owners to expand their business.

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how mttb system works

What’s Inside The MTTB System?

I think I’ve told you everything you needed to know about MTTB System but let’s take a closer look into this system and see what’s included in the program.

Matt Lloyd is name of the person who walks with you during all the process of training to help you get in the right path. He’s also CEO of MTTB System.

It’s recommended to watch the introduction video as soon as you join the platform because it gives you a clear overview of what you should expect for the next 21 days and this 21-days is actually 21-taking-steps which needs to be completed step by step.

Then when you are a member of MTTB your coach will contact you through phone or email. Some people reported that they’ve not received any call so be prepare to contact your coach if he does not give you a call short time after joining. Your coach will explain about the 21 steps you’re going to take and you’re free to make the whole process as clear as possible for yourself by asking any question you have about the training.

What you need to know here is that you don’t have access to all 21 steps as the beginning and the only person who can unlock the next lessons is your coach. Actually you can only complete the first 3 lessons then your coach monitors your process and only if he sees that you’re on the right track, he’ll unlock the next 3 lessons and it continues until all 21-steps will be completed.

When all 21-steps is completed, the real phase of the training will be started and you can use all the techniques you learned to start promoting. Matt Lloyd claims that there’s the minimum income potential of $1000 for the first month after you start promoting and if you can’t make it for any reason, you’ll receive $500 from the owner. Just keep in mind that you get this money only if you can prove the training and method didn’t work for you.

Which One Is Better MTTB or Affiliate Marketing?

Almost all products that I’ve reviewed before like, QProfit System, Trump Bonus Checks or Lucky Day App, had an affiliate marketing program.

There’s a big difference between traditional affiliate marketing and MTTB. The truth is that the product’s owner gets more benefits in traditional affiliate marketing because they build long potential buyers for their products by the help of affiliate marketers and affiliates just get a small piece of the cake as a commission.

Imagine as an affiliate, you’re promoting a weight loss item in Amazon then someone purchases that item and you’ll earn a commission. After that, everything will be done and you should start to find another customer but in the MTTB or other similar systems (like Wealthy Affiliate), you’ll earn commission as long as the customer stays in the platform and pay membership’s fee. So the commission can come in one week, one month or for the entire life!

Persons who use this type of marketing system build a professional team of affiliates who can sell their products because they know the importance of affiliates for their business. Some companies build a relationship with you and rely on you as a “partner”; this means you’re important to them and they know your success brings them more profit so they try to help you to become a successful affiliate marketer.

On the other hand, they’re persons (scammers) who create a useless product and sell it to as many people as possible. They claim that the product/system will make you thousands of dollars but think about it… if this person is right then why he should sell this money-making machine for a couple of hundred dollars? They can make unlimited cash by this system but they don’t because this system/product DOES NOT work!

Most of the time, you even can’t reach them because they do not exist or they’ve moved to another system or product. You may ask “what about the email and messages you receive from them”. Well, it’s simple and everybody can do it by setting up a simple email autoresponder.

So you should understand that it’s an unlimited cycle and you never can get out of it. These guys never stop what they’re doing. They create crappy MMO programs one after another and you never know their real identity.

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mttb system pros and cons

What Others Say About MTTB?

It’s easy to guess that the truth is not behind most of the online products in the internet marketing niche and owners of these products don’t tell ALL the truth about it.

For example, I’ve personally seen tons of MMO (making money online) products that promise you big money in a short time and the price’s range for these items is something between $25 to $50 which is affordable for most of the people.

The problem is that 80% or even sometimes 90% of what owners of products promise you never happen and unfortunately you understand this ugly truth as soon as you purchase the product when it’s too late!

Or another problem is that you always being asked to contact your friends or even family members to encourage them to purchase the product which can bring you commission in return but they never tell you that this technique can destroy the relationship between you and your family members and friends.

And to be honest, persons who know you don’t like to see you in the role of marketer or seller because they simply chose you as a “Friend” so when you ask them to buy something from you, a negative answer is the most common thing you heard repeatedly.

Even if in some cases, if they accept your offer and buy the product, they’ll get disappointed soon when they see, the product is not something you promised.

By the way, if you’re interested in online investment, reading the following articles is recommended: Common stock definition, Investing in Index Funds and Market Milestones.

Is MTTB System For You?

Well it completely depends on you and the people who you work with. There can be a success as well as zero-result depends on the way you choose.

Keep yourself encouraged is the key to get success with MTTB so you definitely need people around you who can give you warm words when you’re tired or disappointed, if you don’t you’ll feel yourself alone among an unknown world and there’s a high chance you give up soon.

But this is not going to happen in MTTB System since there’s an active community that will always help you in if stuck in anything. A facebook group called “Mastermind” is available which you can join for free and get 24/4 support.

A group of experienced and professional marketers are always active in this group to help new members overcome with their first problems and take their first steps properly. Also, all members of this FB group can benefit from weekly webinars and additional training materials as bonuses.

is mttb system scam

Final Word – Is MTTB System a Scam?

In total, I mark MTTB as a worth trying training program that has many benefits for members and people who enroll in it. Like everything else in the world, there’s not a 100% guarantee of success with this program but at least, you can be sure that something valuable is behind this program and your money will not be wasted.

By joining this program, you’ll get familiar with many promotional methods which will help you to become a professional Internet marketer and get a significant amount of traffic from sources you have never thought before.

It’s a modern model of online marketing and of course, there are several other new similar training programs (like my #1 Recommended Program below) but what makes MTTB systems differents from other training platforms is its one-on-one coaching.

Finally, I put MTTB System in my recommendation list and I also recommend you to take a look at the Best Recommendation section below to find out how to build an online business without spending a big money and turn it into your full-time job with a passive income.

Thank you very much for reading my honest review of MTTB System and I would be more than happy to see and answer your questions about this platform and other similar programs in the comments section below.

my recommendation

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