is my ecom club a scam

Is My eCom Club a Scam? Should You Trust It? Find Answer Here!

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Is my eCom club a scam or not? Today, I signed into My eCom club and I have the strongest feelings of regret already. I have actually gone ahead to recall my subscription fees, so that is an ongoing process. Was I conned? Not really, we did not reach to loss levels on my end, but I would like to document my experiences and share with you what to look out for.

My rating about the program is a 1 in a score range of 10 which is really low. I am so happy I will receive a refund. I dislike programs that are coercive in nature. Obviously, what they tell you is true, but they will be all over you trying to convince you to join. There are better ways of teaching something and still letting your client have the discretion of whether to proceed or halt.


Product Name: My eCom Club

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Drop Shipping

Cost: Depends

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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In the beginning, 5 weird things happened:

  1. There was a video about a young girl, of 8, who was already described as my eCom club alternative. This was way before I had known about this program. It was made in an enticing way, that she would teach me something on how to get what she earned, almost $500k. That was a red flag already. Although it was an example, it is logic that, an underage making that kind of money is outright ridiculous.
  2. The program makes you consent to terms and conditions you have not internally signed to. It entices you with lines such as, ‘a coach will guide you,’ just so that you buy the program, but hides important details. I did not like it.
  3. Upon signing I would get into training. Then, I could only peruse through 2 steps, keep in mind there were 22 others. Previously, you would not move further.
  4. Usually, I warn people against contacting online coaches particularly where money matters are involved and especially ( programs that make money)
  5. I did go against myself and contacted one, so that I would review him or her. My coach did not make me buy anything but he insisted on the need to have a call before I would proceed.

what is my ecom club

What is it about my eCom Club?

After you make membership payments, you commence on training. It talks about making an online store like shopify where you engage vendors and conduct shipping. In simpler terms, you build a website (there are many online templates so, you don’t have to be a web developer to come up with one).

On your website, you create a shopify store. This will attract a monthly fee but it is not too much. Keeping in mind your social networks, you will select certain products to retail to niche audiences. When someone buys a product from your shopify, you become just an agent to get it from the manufacturer at a lower price, and sell it then retain your margins. This is what drop shipping is all about.

pros and cons

5 main cons of My eCom Club

1) The video about a little girl drumming to me how she earns a lot of money, and yet it’s a lie is irritating. I do not like that marketing style.

2) After making payments, the last thing I want is to be taken round in circles over something I have paid for. Don’t make me SIGN something to access the member places because I am a serious participant already.

3) The part about having Shopify stores and only 2 steps of bits on drop shipping, then you are barred from further reach is frustrating for me. Worse still, you have to call the coach for progress, or you would be stuck for good.

4) I got upset because the coach was outright impolite and he was not helping me on how to move on. I was clear that I wished to keep advancing in the training. Honestly, he was always elusive and slow to take me through the process.

5)  Though upsells are here to stay, my gut feeling was like, why does this program keep tracking on my steps yet the coach is not as cooperative as I want him to be? It always seemed like there is a trap laid somewhere.

is my ecom club scam

Is My eCom Club a scam?

As easy as it sounds, you have added value to a service, and so it is not a scam.  I tend to believe there are more honest platforms out there that deal in drop shipping. Those programs are just not as rigid as my eCom club.

On to what is happening and in my opinion of the near future…

With My eCom Club, there are 2 training levels which encompass 22 steps. I paid $97 dollars to be eligible for only 2 steps of training and an access to coaching. Of course, after this, you will be cut out and still be required to have more sessions with your ‘coach’.  Bear in mind that the 2 sessions were not as gainful as they seemed. It was just bits on drop shipping’s potential.

I trust, albeit with a little suspicion, that my coach will hold my hand till I no longer need a lot of guidance, probably at level 2.

Final Conclusion

I have never fancied such kind of programs previously and I really did well to evade them. Unfortunately, this was the first attempt and BOOM, there were red flags everywhere.

Look, this is a chance I spent and was regretting already. But from my experience, you will not be as blue as I was. Is it a good trial? I can neither say it is really good nor very bad, but based from what I have shared, please make a decision.

Update: Additional proof of a high ticket training scheme uncovered?

When I was through with this review, I went looking for other reviews about my eCom club. A few put it that coaching cost was an upward of $2,000 inclusive of extra charges.

From my personal experiences and later reading other reviews, it only approved those uncertainties. Now I am thankfully shunning this program for good. I will stick to my usual one.

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