Is My Optimized Success Plan a Scam

Is My Optimized Success Plan a Scam? – 80% Yes!

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It’s always exciting to hear that there are methods you can use to make a lot of money without actually putting in a ton of work. With help from the My Optimized Success Plan review, we will let you know if this new program can help you a lot. This is the important question I’m going to answer in my review: Is My Optimized Success Plan a scam or it’s really a step by step plan to earn passive income online?

They provided the site with a unique idea, and that is to help you earn a good income fast without spending hours upon hours working. According to My Optimized Success Plan, the potential is there, and you can indeed earn a lot of money provided that you are willing to work and you do everything you can to achieve amazing results in the long run. It can be quite the experience, as long as you know what you are getting into.


Product Name: My Optimized Success Plan

Official Website: Unrecognized! Submitted under different domain names

Owner: Jordan Daniels

Type: Internet Marketing

Cost to Join: Starter Cost: $47 ($97 Without Discount) + Upsells up to $10,000!

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is My Optimized Success Plan

Intro – What Is My Optimized Success Plan All About?

The website suggests that it has lots of millionaire websites designed to be given away so you can do a get a lot of money without putting in a ton of work. This obviously sounds amazing, but it does come with its fair share of challenges too.

The program itself is all about offering you a new and fun way to make money quickly without actually worrying about any challenges that might arise. This works, and it can bring in front some very creative moments and experiences regardless of what happens.

One thing we noticed during the My Optimized Success Plan review is that this is not the only website that has similar looks and features, all designed to sell you other websites that are very successful. The idea appeals to a lot of people as you can imagine. Who wouldn’t want to earn even $100 per day without having to do anything.

But these sites promise you to get a lot more money, which makes it extremely appealing when you have financial trouble, for example. You need to push the boundaries and actively find solutions that work for you all the time.

At least that’s how it looks at first. During the My Optimized Success Plan review process we went a bit deeper and what we saw was the fact that you receive templates, and you can use these templates to create websites and make money. Templates don’t come with any hosting services; however, so you will have to buy those separately.

It’s said that these templates were created with the idea of making you a lot of money. Most of us need to reserve judgment on this type of stuff, but it sounds great at least at first and you have to figure out what works for you here.

Who Is Behind This Platform?

The program was created by Jordan Daniels. He states he’s a vetted marketer with a lot of experience in the industry. But upon trying to look him up, you will notice that he doesn’t have a good online presence. You can find other people with this name, but not him. Obviously if you went online and tried to buy something, you immediately feel some skepticism. If this person is indeed so good and popular, he should be first in the Google search for his name.

That’s not the case, so the best thing that you can do is to find a creative, unique set of features and the payoff alone can be great. The founder states he has a lot of experience in the industry, but the lack of potential experience and a proper online presence will put some people off. And that’s the type of thing that you want to think about.

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how My Optimized Success Plan works

How Does My Optimized Success Plan Work Exactly?

The way My Optimized Success Plan works is very simple. As we created the My Optimized Success Plan review, we wanted to check out the entire process and see if it works. The idea here is that you are selling a business opportunity. You resell a high ticket program called MOBE. This was already shut down by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and it was named a pyramid scheme. It’s worth it and you will surely enjoy the process and the entire experience. It’s one of the nicest and most interesting approaches that you can have, and the payoff alone will be extremely impressive if you do this properly.

At its core, the idea of having templates and reselling a business opportunity might not seem like much. But in the end it will be a problem if you want to resell something that’s not legit. People will not be happy, and you can end up with various issues and unsatisfied customers which is exactly why it might be a good idea to stay away from people with various problems like that.

It’s a good idea to know what you are getting into here, and once you do that you will certainly be fine.

Can You Make Money With MOSP?

The idea is that you receive templates, and then you create a website where you promote the MOBE program. You will need to have a landing page, content and all of this is explained when you buy the program.

During our My Optimized Success Plan review, the process is very convenient and interesting, with the payoff being second to none every time. They did a very good job at making the process quick and easy, with the outcome being quite strange. Yes it works sometimes, but other times it can become a nuisance, and you want to avoid that.

Sales can be generated if someone is interested in the MOBE program. The problem is, as we mentioned above, that the FTC targeted this program because it’s a pyramid scheme, and it’s not exactly a program that will be fair to customers.

You want to take your time with that and make sure that the experience alone will work. It’s a very good idea to adapt to the situation and see what you are selling before you enter such a program. Of course, it sounds good to make money without actually taking your time to work every day.

But when something like this appears and it feels too good to be true, then that’s most likely the case. You do need to assess the situation and actively find a system that suits your needs well. Quality is very important here, and the more you think about that, the better it will be. It’s a stellar and resounding opportunity to resell stuff like this online.

You don’t have to do anything, and once you start tackling this with proper attention you will be fine. Yes, there are obvious challenges along the way, but if you’re careful and you understand the challenges that will arise, nothing will stand in your way.

Creating a sales funnel like this is challenging as it requires a lot of time spend trying to perfect everything and making it work the way you want. This is a huge thing to consider and one of those challenges that you will like having there.

The problem with My Optimized Success Plan is that the core idea of its program is just to resell other stuff. It might work for a bit, but at some point this will stop, and that’s exactly what you need to consider. Reselling a program is ok as long as you know the program you are selling to other people is legit.

But the program in question here has legitimacy issues and that alone will be a problem. You truly have to figure out what happens, what you can tackle here, and what works in a way that you will enjoy. As long as you know what you are getting into you will be fine. Yet you should test out the program yourself to see if it works. We did that during the My Optimized Success Plan review and this didn’t pan out the way we wanted.

What we saw is that you have the possibility to resell the program. They have templates and other stuff that you can use to create a quick website, and that alone can be very interesting. The most important aspect about all of this is that you know what to expect and what you are getting into all the time. It’s certainly a good idea to push the boundaries and actively find a system that you will enjoy no matter what.

Since you are selling a high ticket program in the form of MOBE, they are stating this will make you a ton of money. But the problem with MOBE is that in order to work, you have to invest like crazy on their products. You will have to spend a lot of money to buy traffic. And there are also lots of upsells and hidden costs. All these things don’t really come to light now, but they will end up being a problem more often than not. And that’s why you have to understand all the challenges that arise and how you can use everything to make the process work well.

The Real Cost of My Optimized Success Plan

Our My Optimized Success Plan review experience was a bit strange because the initial price is not all you will pay. At first, this program will cost you $97, but that’s only the beginning. As some would say, this just puts your foot through the door. In order to enter, you will need to invest $2497 to acquire the program yourself.

And then you need to pay $27 per month to start promoting. The first product you buy will make you $50 commission if you sell it. But as you can imagine you will have to invest in the more expensive products if you want to increase how much you earn.

So while this sounds great at first with that low price, it ends up costing you a whole lot more, and you need to figure out what approach works for you and how you can adapt everything. It will totally be worth it, so consider that and take your time adapting and adjusting everything to make it work. That will be an incredible experience, and the payoff alone will be huge for you. At least if you want to invest and use the program. As you can see there are downsides, once you enter here you will have to pay a lot of money. And while that sounds good at first, it can end up being a problem.

Also it’s good to know that other similar programs like Profit Shortcut or AWOL Academy are in the same price because price under $100 is something people are willing to pay online for an online product.

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My Optimized Success Plan pros and cons

My Optimized Success Plan – Positive & Negative

The main benefit we found during the My Optimized Success Plan review is that this is a high ticket program. So when you do make a sale, you will earn quite a bit. That matters a lot, and it goes to show the creativity and value provided by this program. On top of that, they do provide you with guidance and other information.

The issue is that you have to resell a product. And while the entry point might not seem like a lot, it does become a chore because you don’t really know what to expect and that alone will be quite the trouble most of the time. What you want to do is to make sure that you read a good My Optimized Success Plan review like ours and document yourself before using this.

Is My Optimized Success Plan Scam

Final Word – Is My Optimized Success Plan a Scam? 

You will make some money with My Optimized Success Plan, so it’s not totally a scam. But it can be seen as one considering the fact that you need to pay a ton of money and invest in this program to make it work. It doesn’t feel like that at first, but you will find yourself pouring money into it to make a profit.


My Optimized Success Plan leads to a pyramid scheme that can eventually make you money. But you do end up paying a lot of money yourself, so you have to figure out how everything works before you commit.

You have to understand that this can become a money sink, so try to take your time and adapt to the situation. It will be worth it eventually, but there’s a risk here and if you want fast returns without a lot of work this might not be for you!

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  1. Great job on this post. I believe a lot of people are interested in making money online these days, and even more so in a way that is truly passive.

    The problem with many programs out there is that there is very little useful information and they are designed to make the creator rich while siphoning off of their subscribers. It sounds like this is very much the case with the Optimized Success Plan.

    While I have never heard of this program before reading your review I understand there are hundreds to thousands of others that have and are eager to buy into a program that will help them make passive income. I’m happy to learn that you have done your research and have outlined the $97 entry fee is just the beginning to a seemingly endless money pit that may or may not ever pay off for most people. And to know that the FTC has deemed this a pyramid scheme is enough for me to completely avoid a program like this one.

    Thanks for the info,


  2. Thanks so much for publishing this review. There are so many people out there who are willing to take the money of desperate people just trying to make ends meet. I’ve been there, and it’s easy to grasp at any straws when you don’t know where your next check is going to come from. Keep up the good work! We need people like you who will expose these scam artists for who they are!

  3. Hi. I’m not too much worried about if this is a a scam or not. Either or your page has an amazing set up. Your content goes hand in hand with the topics you’re discussing. What works for one person might not work for another. You’re doing a good job man, keep blazing that trail.

  4. Hi Ali,

    I just checked out your site. I really like it. The first thing that caught my eyes was the header. I love the illustration. It’s content relevant and on-point. I’m a graphic designer by trade, so colors and interesting images stand out.

    I enjoyed your review of My Optimized Success Plan. It was highly detailed and informative. However, Pyramid schemes are major red flags for me. I wouldn’t personally buy in if it was something I was considering. I’m relieved that you mentioned several times that this may not be the best option for everyone. Because, it really sounds like its not a good optIon for anyone. Either way, the post is detailed and you provided more than enough information for folks to make an informed decision about the program.

    I will make sure to refer back for new reviews.

    Take care,

  5. While it seems benign at first, this kind of discreet predatory tactic is exactly why we need review sites like yours. It’s flabbergasting how many pyramid scheme programs will target people struggling financially.

    I’ve personally seen this program milling about online and, with some internet smarts under my belt, knew off the bat it seemed shifty. Glad to see my assumption was correct. Sadly, I think the target demographic these programs appeal to are more susceptible to signing up.

    Keep doing what you do, people need to know the exposed motives behind these sites and programs.

  6. Ali,
    I’m glad you’re sorting through all of the digital world. There are a ton of scams, half-legit sites, and legitimate sites. So I’m impressed with you’re analysis of My Optimized Success Plan. From first glance it seems like it would be a good site for business. But I’m grateful for your honesty in talking about he drawbacks from pricing, paying in, purchasing more…all before you make a single dollar. I know when I started looking for things like this I had a hard time finding anything that wasn’t a get-rich-quick thing or another company I had to pay into. Believe me, I paid into a couple and didn’t get any return.

    Great analysis! I’ll be sure to be cautious about sites that promise quick gains with deceptive pay-ins.

  7. Hi there
    Very interesting article . It’s like this article was written specifically for me because I saw this new money making scheme around and was considering to join it , but now thanx to you and your article I know know better . Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

  8. Wow, I have never been a fan of pyramid schemes, and this looks like a classic one. While I agree that it’s certainly a way to make money, I do not think putting this amount of cash into any program is worth it without getting a good result out of it.
    To me, this seems like an extremely risky way to try and establish yourself online. A lot of people will be blinded by the promises that are made without taking into account they will have to put in $3000 themselves. I sincerely hope your review has opened peoples eyes and made them aware of what they are getting into if they decide to sign up!
    All the best

  9. Hi. With all respect to you, I believe that the Optimized success plan is a 100% scam. I think you’re being too lenient with the program. WIth upsells of up to $10,000? And the requirement to pay $27 monthly before promoting a program? Sounds like a rip-off to me. As an experienced affiliate marketer, it doesn’t sound enticing especially with MOBE being taken down by the FTC. I’ll put my cash on other legit programs.

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