Is Natures Sunshine a scam

Is Nature’s Sunshine a Scam or It’s Easy Money in Your Pocket?!

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Is Nature’s Sunshine a scam or not? Can you make money legitimately from Nature’s Sunshine? What makes Nature’s Sunshine different from others in the health and wellness niche? Let’s find out more about this company.


Company Name: Nature’s Sunshine

Official Website:

Owner: Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc.

Price To Join: $40 to get started

Recommended? Not 100%

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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what Is Natures Sunshine

What Is Nature’s Sunshine?

Nature’s Sunshine is a popular company in the crowded health and wellness niche. Nature’s Sunshine employs an MLM business model for the sale and distribution of their products. Active in 40 companies, there are over 500,000 distributors in the company’s MLM scheme. So, you can see that the company is quite popular.

The health and wellness niche is quite popular these days, as a lot of people are interested in living healthy and keeping fit. There are lots of companies in this niche with each company pushing their line of supplements and fitness products. To join these companies and make a lot of money from the health and wellness niche, I suggest that you get your own website. This is something simple and easy to do that can fetch you a lot of money.

Nature’s Sunshine Products

Here, we’ll examine the line of products that Nature’s Sunshine is offering briefly. It’s good to know a little about the product that you’ll be selling before deciding to join the company or not.

There are so many products, so I’ll only list the main categories instead of mentioning all the products. You will need to check their website for more details as this review is focusing on making money from the company and not on their actual products. Here are the major product categories:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Fiber
  3. Enzymes
  4. Women products
  5. Daily Essentials
  6. Essential Oils
  7. Children’s Health
  8. Traditional Chinese Medicine
  9. Personal Care

These are the categories, but there are several products under each category. And the products are reasonably priced unlike other MLM businesses with products that are excessively high.

how natures sunshine works

The MLM Business Opportunity

MLM schemes are a popular way of making money on the internet. But I am not a fan of these schemes as they are majorly set up to benefit the owners of the company. The distributors hardly benefit as much as they should for their efforts. The distributors spend so much time growing the business, recruiting people into the business, buying and selling only to earn very little commissions and bonuses.

But Nature’s Sunshine is quite different from other MLM schemes. I’ll tell you what makes Nature’s Sunshine different.

The Nature’s Sunshine Compensation Plan

When you join Nature’s Sunshine, you can sell their products in a retail store, unlike other MLM companies. A lot of people that join Nature’s Sunshine won’t sell these products in a physical store, but it is still a good option.

Nature’s Sunshine offers two compensation plans which are:

  • Classic
  • Legacy

The commission level for both plans vary. But that is the significant difference between both plans. They are almost the same thing. You can earn bonuses with both plans and climb up the ranks with both plans.

You need to recruit people into Nature’s Sunshine before you can earn good money with it. It’s not sufficient for you to sell the products of the company as a distributor. Recruiting people into your downline will help you climb the ranks and earn money from their efforts.

You can make profits of about 33% at the retail level. And you earn 20% commissions from your downlines without you doing anything.

Here is a list of the ranks you can ascend through. It is listed from the most senior rank to the most junior rank.

  • Global Elite
  • Senior National
  • National
  • Senior Divisional
  • Divisional
  • Regional
  • Area
  • District
  • Star
  • Manager
  • Member

Is Nature’s Sunshine An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Nature’s Sunshine is not an illegal pyramid scheme. Illegal pyramid schemes cannot survive without the recruitment of new members. They need the money of these new members to survive. Also, illegal pyramid schemes have no real products.

But Nature’s Sunshine has a lot of legit products and their products can be sold at retail stores. So, they are not an illegal pyramid scheme in any way.

Target Audience

The target audience of Nature’s Sunshine is vast as they have a lot of products that will appeal to anyone that needs health supplements and want to earn money too. Their prices are okay and won’t drive anyone away.

pros and cons natures sunshine

What I Like

  • Nature’s Sunshine allows retailers unlike many other companies
  • Nature’s Sunshine has a lot of products
  • Nature’s Sunshine products are reasonably priced
  • You can earn money through various ways with Nature’s Sunshine

What I Don’t Like

  • Nature’s Sunshine employs an MLM business model, and I don’t like MLM schemes
  • It is difficult to make money with MLM programs
  • You don’t actually own your business as they tell you
  • A lot of people don’t earn a penny from MLM programs
  • MLM companies always say a lot about how much you stand to gain without telling you how hard it is to earn those amounts

How Much Does Nature’s Sunshine Cost?

You need to buy at least $40 worth of their products before you can become a distributor or a member. They also sell business materials for those that want to become members. You can choose to buy their business materials before you start to sell these products and recruit others.

Is Nature Sunshine scam

Finally… Is Nature’s Sunshine a Scam?

Nature’s Sunshine is not a scam, and it is better than several other MLM programs. You have a good chance of earning some money with Nature’s Sunshine. The prices of their products are reasonable, so you have a better chance of selling these products. But you need to recruit people and build active downlines like other MLM programs. This is where you might have problems as a lot of people fail at this.

I advise people to go for affiliate marketing instead of MLM schemes. Affiliate marketing will provide more benefits for you. Here are some of the advantages of affiliate marketing:

  • You can work from home and earn money online
  • You don’t need to recruit anyone to make money
  • You are your own boss
  • You don’t need to pay any sign-up fee
  • You won’t need to purchase products
  • You can promote any product to buyers worldwide
  • You can travel the world and earn money

Learn more about affiliate marketing on this amazing website.

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  1. Thank you so much, Ali, for your thorough review of Natures Sunshine. It’s good to know about their products and payment plans.

    Like you, I don’t like MLM type business plans. I have been involved in a few in the past, and it’s always been a waste of time and money. And it makes you feel like you need to push the program on all your friends and family. You need to be proactive with your downline to keep them all motivated and hope they are all as active as you. Though they rarely are…

    The last one I was involved in was closed down by the government due to illegal activities by the owners. So all my hard work went up in smoke.

    Starting your own business online is so much better. You don’t have to buy products or bother your friends and family. It’s a global business with an audience of millions.

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I highly recommend them. They have expert training and tools, and all the support you need. And like you said, you can start for free. No risk at all!


  2. Great review. I enjoy the pros and cons, being able to know what I am honestly getting myself into before visiting their site and putting out the $40.
    While they do have their pros, I don’t forsee myself trying to make money through them. It’s hard to keep people below you selling as long as you would like them too. Kind of just seems like a lot of effort with a definite end time.
    I have started my journey with WA, glad to see you’ve had success, hoping for the same!

  3. Hi Ali,

    I operate in the health and fitness niche myself (I help people increase their testosterone levels). Whilst I agree that Natures sunshine is better than your average MLM type business model, the problem for me is still rooted in you having to sign people up to your pipeline in order to make decent money.

    On the flip side I have been a member of Wealthy affiliate on and off the past few years and I always use it when I’m planning on starting a new online business idea, for me it’s the best way to get your business off to a strong start.

  4. I have been looking to get into another health and wellness business, since the one, I am currently in does not allow me to sell in stores. I love the idea of being able to recruit store owners in that niche and show them how MLM’s work for them to make some extra money since most store owners in that niche know others like i.e. physical fitness instructors, yoga instructors, personal trainers, dieticians all people they can recruit who probably buy from them or refer others on a regular basis. I would also love the information on how many individuals are needed to recruit for the ranking purposes though without having to go into their actual website or search for it on YouTube (yes I’m lazy). Another question is what is the difference between the two compensation plans? Guess I’ll need to find out for myself. Oh and one more thing Affiliate Marketing is the way to go to really earn some money YOU ARE Correct on That and Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect program for anyone newbie or vet in internet marketing.

    1. It depends on the program Jason. The base is that if you get more individual, you’ll make more opportunities to make money. Difference between plans is simple, the basic plan gives you basic features and the premium plan which cost you more, give you more features.
      I hope you’ll go with affiliate marketing and WA which is totally worth your time.

  5. What an interesting, informative and honest review! I totally agree that affiliate marketing overall is better than MLM scheme in that you don’t have to rely on other people to help earn money for you. However, Natures Sunshine is a little different in terms of them having a retail store to help distributors sell the products which is still an effort so to the ones that are successful in that company congratulations to them. Thank you for sharing your review!

  6. I heard that it is almost impossible to make good money with MLM programs and I guess even though one is successful, it will not be consistent right?
    Also I am looking for building a business around an essential oil. Do you think that it has a potential?

  7. This is a well written review for this company.
    You highlighted the pros and the cons to make a decision between this type of schemes and those of affiliate marketing.
    You also give the reader the opportunity to decide which of the MLM schemes are the better one which I can clearly see that this one is the better option, but that there are even a more better option than to go with affiliate marketing as you stated that with AM you work for yourself and don`t need a network to support your business.
    The review on this product is good. If I have to make a choice on any of the MLM programs, you convince me to go with this one. All the best to you Ali.

  8. Hi Ali,
    Did the MLM thing once upon time. My wife and I worked very hard and built quite a down line, and was at a point of making some great money than life happens……people in my down line started dropping off for various reasons, divorce, sickness, other interests, and some just quite. We tried to do everything we could to hold the group together to no avail, then just as quick we were back at zero starting over! It was quite a bummer……Anyway, I like your approach to moving from MLM opportunity to an affiliate opportunity, and giving your readers a very good and viable option. Thanks for sharing. Keep me posted w/ future posts.

  9. Interesting, I’ve heard of Nature’s Sunshine but did not know they operated on an MLM platform. I 100% steer clear of any MLM companies. I got sucked into Amway years ago, big, big mistake. My personal opinion is that companies operating this way care more about their rank and money than they do about the people and the quality of their product. I myself am trying to get into affiliate marketing and you give a good recommendation. Are you finding success and if so, do you have any tips to share?

  10. Wow, that’s a very honest review. I am constantly looking for ways to make money online as I am an entrepreneur myself and my goal is to travel and be free, working where I might be at the time. I don’t like MLM schemes as well, they have a very hard way to make money, as you constantly need to rely on other people and also on new people that you have to convince. I am pro making money on your own, not using other people, but actually helping other people. Thank you for your review!

  11. What a well written review! Nature’s sunshine does seem to be an average option in regards to affiliate marketing and what not but I must agree with you when recommending Wealthy Affiliate and I wish I had stumbled upon your review earlier! It is a very good point that you mention that Nature’s sunshine is different from other MLM schemes and it’s really hard to know if you haven’t gone through the scheme yourself. MLM can be quite owner-oriented and not worth the money for the most part but Nature’s sunshine seems to be differentiating themselves to become more competitive. One last note is that I really like the hierarchy system that you mention! It’s a great way of motivating distributors and fellow marketers alike!
    Thank you and am looking forward to reading more of your insightful articles!

  12. If I was interested in health and wellness I think I would of investigated the Sunshine deal MLM is hard work but its the same approach of invite your family and friends and the local church, they see it as money is the root to all evil so the masses don’t like to sign up I think I will try your recommendation maybe I could start my own MLM or affiliate site to make money online thank you for the insight to the sunshine wellness company

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