Is Navigate the Web a Scam

Is Navigate the Web a Scam? – Yes for sure!

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Is Navigate the Web a Scam?

Hello everyone! In this review, I’m going inside of Navigate The Web which is a new opportunity for making money online. The first thing you should know is that Julie Clark (owner of Navigate the Web) is not real owner of Navigate The Web. Actually this name even does not exist! As I’ve mentioned before, this is not a new program and it’s an old scam program with a new skin so that’s not strange if you find photos on this program with different names on the web.


Product Name: Navigate The Web

Cost: $97 plus many up/down selss

Owner: Julie Clark

Recommended? No!

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is navigate the web

What is Navigate The Web & How it Works?

As I’ve told you, Julie Clark is a fake person. How did I find? It’s simple, I just used Google Image and searched for similar photos then I came up with shutterstock photo! What does this mean? It means, someone purchased this photo from shutterstock and created a fake identity (Julie Clark) then used that photo for her.

Well it’s another dirty trick some scammers use to attract people. It’s a basic trick and you can find it easily by simple Google tip that I’ve told you above so ANYTIME you see a fake identity as owner of a making money program, Stay Away From It! It’s a big red flag and please do not waste your hard earned money on these scams.

You should not trust programs that you do not know anything about owner of it. Put your foot in shoes of a legit program. Did you need to use poor tactics like this if you had a reliable and valuable program? Not for sure. Fortunately there is enough proof that shows Julie Clark is totally a fake identity which you should not trust at all. So when a person does not want to show her real face why you should give your money to him in the hope of making money by his strategies? Is it really something that we can trust? I do not think so.

Now you know all actions to need to perform every time you see a new making money program. Buying the program right away is something that you should not do when you come to a new program

Pros & Cons

They’ll show you a lot of pop ups to encourage you buy one of them buy you should not do that. This is trick many making money programs use to attract people. They insist that you won’t get success if you do not upgrade or if you do not buy their additional information but it’s not true.

Always do your own research before jumping into a program. It does not matter what they claim and how much they are famous; even if it’s new series of iPhone you should not buy it with closed eyes. I’m also ready to help you so if you do not find enough information about a specific product, contact me directly here and I’ll help you find the truth about that program.

When you see a program that is lying to you, stay far away from it. Unfortunately Internet is full of scam and scammers these days who use your interest in making money online to cheat and scam you. Similar programs like Navigate the Web born every day and they use all the same exact methods that other scam sites use to take your money.

I try to review new programs on a regular basis but the fact is that they are more than what I can handle personally so if you cannot find a review about a new program on my site, contact with me personally and I’ll review it for you.

The Last Word

Navigate the Web is not something you should try. Julie Clarks (owner of this program) is not real and the person who run this program used a fake name. I’ve tried to show you all sides of Navigate the Web in my review and I also explained how you can identify a scam site so from now you’ll know what tricks scam sites use and how you can stay away from them.

is navigate the web scam

Conclusion – Is Navigate the Web a Scam?

Navigate the Web is totally a scam from my point of view and it’s not recommended at all. If you ask me about possibility of making money from home, my answer is yes, it’s possible. For example freelancing jobs like writing, graphic works or translating is the simplest type of works you can do to make money from home but the fact is that all of those take time and they do not make you rich overnight. So if you’re looking for a way to make thousands of dollars with a couple of clicks or watching some ads and filling some survey forms, I’m sorry but you’re on the wrong way.

Before getting disappointment let me tell you that I’m making a full time income from Internet and that’s why I’ve told you that it’s possible. I’ve never went to scam or illegal ways and I’ve spent a lot of time and experienced many ups and downs to reach this level of income.

Hopefully I’ve found a reliable program that taught me everything I need to get success and I would be happy to share it with you too. Hopefully, everything is real on this program and nobody hide his real face behind a logo or a fake identity. You can sign up today and send me a message right away if you do not believe.

More importantly, the owners of this program are always available and you can contact them anytime you like so it’s another positive point that you never find on scam sites. See my best recommendation section below to get familiar with my recommended program.

my recommendation

My Best Recommendation

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