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Is Nerium a Scam or Real Opportunity? – Truth Exposed!

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If you want to know answer of “Is Nerium a Scam or not?” this review is for you. If you have been looking for an opportunity of earning money within a multi-level marketing company, you might have come across Nerium. It`s a brand producing anti-aging products which as well provides an opportunity to its customers to become a partner selling its products and earning commission. Nerium promises to give you everything it can – from proper training to advice and needed assistance – to help you start earning money and achieve your financial goals.

Everything looks perfect on paper, but how close to reality is it? What should you expect if you decide to join in? Will it provide a good income for you or turn out a scam? Before making any decision, it is always better to make you own research about the brand and read a couple of reviews. And here I am to help you find out what you should be expecting from Nerium and whether you trust it at all. Continue reading my complete honest review on Nerium.


Product Name: Nerium

Owner: Jeff Olson & Dennis Windsor

Type: MLM

Cost: Startup costs range from $49.95 to $1.7K

Best For: People who love MLM business

Summary Review: Nerium is a rapidly growing multi-level company which has been selling its anti-aging care products since 2011. Becoming Nerium Brand Partner gives you an opportunity to start earning commission on each product you have sold.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is nerium

What is Nerium International?

In 2011 Jeff Olson and Dennis Windsor came up with an idea to produce skin care products based on a poisonous herb called Nerium Oleander (that`s where the company`s name comes from) which – according to their research – helps to postpone aging for as long as possible. Starting a company with just one type of cream, they managed to achieve great success and now they are offering a whole line of various anti-aging skin care and wellness products – from different kinds of creams to vitamin pills and chews.

how nerium works

How to Make Money with Nerium?

You will be able to sign up to Nerium Brand Partnership as soon as you buy a basic or a starter kit. The basic kit is much cheaper than the starter pack, but it gives you only different training and marketing materials that will help you figure out how it works and how to succeed in it. Although you will have to spend $200 more on the starter pack, you will be given several creams to start with as well. Take a look yourself:

1). Basic Kit – $49.95 – includes training and marketing materials and online guidance ONLY.

2). Starter Pack – $249.95 – everything included in Basic Kit PLUS 3 bottles of night cream to start with.

pros and cons

Pros & Cons:


  1. Real Earning Tool

If you are a determined person and are ready to work hard to achieve your financial goals, then this company is good for you. However, you should also be a good seller because the easier you can persuade other people to buy the product, the better commissions you will be getting.

  1. Rapidly Growing Brand

Although Nerium is a quite young company, it has started growing at a fast pace already in its first year and managed to earn over $1 million revenue. As a multi-level marketing company, it has a huge number of partners – ordinary people just like you and me – who help promoting the brand not only in the US, but all over the world.

  1. Acknowledged Brand

Nerium received A+ rating by Better Business Bureau and is a member of Direct Selling Association which means that the brand is trustworthy and legitimate and you shouldn`t be afraid it`s a scam.


  1. Pricey Products – Low Quality

The market of anti-aging skin care and wellness products is full of various brands in different price ranges. And to be honest, with this variety of stuff, it is pretty hard to offer something different. Although Nerium claims their products are much more efficient than anything else in the market (what is reflected in the price as well), Nerium creams and pills won`t stop people from aging anyway. The question is – are these products worth the money you are paying for them?

  1. High Expenses To Start

As I have explained before, the best way to start with is to purchase the Starter Kit which will cost you $249.95 which isn`t that cheap at all. And for that price, you will get only 3 bottles of cream which you can sell to your first customers or use to promote the brand.

  1. It Is All About Recruiting

Focusing on commissions for products sold directly to customers won`t get you far. The best way to earn money on Nerium would be to recruit more people who would promote and sell products instead of you, while you will be receiving the commission for each sold item. Most people would start looking among their relatives and friends, and if they don`t succeed in the end, your personal relationships with these people might be in danger.

  1. High Competition

If you start looking for anti-aging products on the Internet, you`ll come up with several popular brands. Now imagine, you are just an ordinary person very concerned about their health and looking for a solution. How high is the chance you will choose Nerium? With so many various brands on the market, it is becoming harder to persuade people to choose your product, especially when it comes to people who are quite selective with what they are applying on the skin.

  1. Customers Complaining

By now, there have been around 100 complaints against Nerium International, most of them concerning allergic reactions, unwanted bank card charges and inability to get money back for a product. If you finally decides to join the company, be prepared for any of these issues.

  1. Low Success Rate

Although you might put lots of energy and time into promoting Nerium, you won`t be getting more than $200 per month. Nerium is a MLM company and just like with many other popular brands based on this business model (like Perfectly Posh, Kyani or Empower Network), only 0.5% of promoters can succeed in this business. So don`t even think of quitting you full-time job for the sake of investing more time in Nerium. Personally, I had enough experience with MLM companies to tell you that it just won`t pay back.

is nerium scam

Is Nerium a Scam?

Although Nerium is a multi-level marketing brand with its pros and cons, it is still a legit company and definitely not a scam. However, you shouldn’t expect it to replace your full-time job and help you achieve your financial goals. Maximum you can get from it is some extra cash. But is it worth spending hours a day to get it? In my opinion, no, I won`t recommend it. There are other more efficient ways to make money online.

Is Nerium a Pyramid Scheme?

The difference between pyramid schemes and legit MLM companies is very small – both of them sell a product, but legit companies focuses on selling the product while pyramid scheme care only for the number of people promoters bring into the program and don`t care much about actual product sales. This is what you should watch out for.

My Final Verdict

Although Nerium International is not a scam and you can really earn some money on it, I wouldn’t recommend you to use it. Due to multiple factors, it`s becoming harder to persuade people buy these particular products or even become a promoter. MLM companies are not where your time and effort would be paid off. There are much more rewarding ways to earn money online, like affiliate marketing.

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