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Is Nevetica a Scam? – Join Now or Stay Away?!

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You want to know the truth about Nevetica? You want to know is Nevetica a scam that you should stay away from it or you can join and start to make real cash with that, right?

No problem! I’m here to help you out with my review of Nevetica. When we look at this company from outside, everything looks good but is Nevetica a scam and worthless product or it’s really different from what you’ve seen before.

Nothing is perfect in the world and Nevetica is not an exception as well. In my review I’m going to tell you all ups and downs of this company and we’ll explore its business model together to see if this opportunity worth your time or not.

Then we’ll discover negative points and red flags about Nevetica which has not been told before and in conclusion section, I’ll give you my final-word to help you make the right logical decision.

Are you ready? So let’s start! )


Product Name: Nevetica

Official Website:

Owner: Uknown

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company based on pet-supplements

Cost to Join: Free + Upsells

Summary: There is no information about this company except than a little information about what they are promote and selling like pet-supplements. I also could not find payment proof of people who worked with Nevetica as marketer. It’s not a recommended program and I advise you to be very careful if you want to give it a try.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is Nevetica

What is Nevetica Exactly?

Nevetica is an MLM company which focused on animal health. There are many companies out there that work in high demand health markets like weight lose but Nevetica decided to choose another industry which is suitable and important for many of us, pets!

With taking advantage of Multi-Level Marketing model, Nevetica tried to expand its business in health niche, especially health related to pets and animals. To be honest, I didn’t expect to see a MLM company in pet industry and it’s some new to me. Most MLM businesses prefer to work in human health niche because it’s more profitable and you have access to more products to promote so it was good to see that a company decided to enter into a new path and try to offer something new.

But this is not all things about Nevetica. The fact is that main products of Nevetica are vitamins and petaceuticals and since it’s not something that every pet needs, it’s not very common between people who have pets.

If you look at history of MLM companies, you will find out that they normally does not provide high quality services or products and most of their products are expensive because they need to set prices higher than normal to be able to cover expenses. So they increase price without improving product’s quality; that’s why we should be careful about what’s recommended by Nevetica as Vitamin for pets because it can be harmful for body of pets.

What Type of Products Are Sold in Nevetica?

There is a wide range of different items that all are related to pets, from toys to supplements, etc. and it should be said that Nevetica did a good job in diversity of products.

Let’s take a look at what you can find in Nevetica:

  • Air Freshener for Pets

This is one of the unique products has been produced and sold by Nevetica. It’s called “fresh scent of NéVetica aerosol freshener” and can fresh air of environment for your pet. It’s useful when you are tired of malodor, it can refresh air of your home’s environment completely.

  • Pads For Training Pets

This is another practical’s product for pets available in Nevetica. You can use it to train dog and puppies and it can help your dog knows where to go easily.

  • Dental Chews

Another useful item for your pets especially dogs. One of the problems is brushing teeth of dogs and Dental Chews of Nevetica helps you do it simply. It’s sweet and delicious for dogs and when they taste it, they teeth will be improved.

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how nevetica works

How NeVetica Works Exactly?

Contrary to what we’ve experienced in product’s section, Nevetica could not give members enough and clear information about its compensation plan and it’s strange when you see lack of information about earning opportunities on their website.

Anyway NeVetica lets you earn money through nine options and each of these options has been explained in their compensation plan. For example a commission of 35% will be available to you on a weekly basis and it’s surprised me because this commission is significantly more than similar MLM companies.

Of course you can find MLM companies with up to 50% commission but keep in mind that you’ll work with Nevetica as a retailer and their percentage for a retailer is not bad at all.

The next bonus will be available when you sell first items and it’s directly linked to your downline. It’s a 15% commission and you’ll get it when a new customer comes to website through your downline and submit an order.

There are two levels when you recruit people into program:

  • First Level: These are people who joined NeVetica directly from you.
  • Second Level: When people in your first level recruit others into program, new members will be placed in your second level of your downline.

By the way, do not forget that only first 3 levels includes 15% commission.

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nevetica pros and cons

Nevetica – Pros & Cons

Positive Points of Nevetica

One of the cons of MLM companies is that price of products is more than normal. You can be a winner if you can promote a product that is not much in the market and people like to have an item before others but if the price is not reasonable, people lose their demand to get it in advance and this is the main problem with MLM companies but fortunately Nevetica could overcome it.

Although Nevetica is a new MLM business but it could make a good balance between quality and price of products; that’s why you won’t see overpriced products much over there.

Negative Points of Nevetica

There is not much negative points about this company. Maybe that was better if they could bring more products from different types; focusing only on items related to pets (vitamins and pads) can’t make a repeatable market. Imagine how many people needs pet’s vitamins every month, that would not be much.

This limitation of offered products makes process of recurring more difficult for retailers, so keep it in mind if you decide to try Nevetica as a retailer.

Is Nevetica The Best Business Opportunity?

If you read my review from beginning, you know that Nevetica is not a scam. This is a big positive point for a MLM company but it does not mean that everybody can make money from Nevetica.

To be honest, success rate of Nevetica is very low and my experience says that between only 10% to 20% of retailers can make profit (not much) from MLM programs.

Everything is related to recruiting in a MLM company and the fact that all your income is linked to your team and downline stops many people to join and work in a MLM business. In a Multi-Level Marketing business, persons who are in top makes more and it’s clear that you need to become a downline member of another person to be able start working and all your activities and sales will be beneficial for your up-line.

Also your upline will benefit from your downline team as well which means you play a middle-man role; you are not at the top to gain all profits and you’re not at the bottom to lose all profit. You’ll be just at the middle and that’s why your income potential never increase.

What Complaints I’ve Found About Nevetica?

Fortunately I was happy with I’ve seen about Nevetica since people had not complaints with this company but I still think that price of some products in Nevetica is too high and also most of offered supplements in their website IS NOT necessary for your pets.

is nevetica a scam

Final Word – Is Nevetica a Scam?

Although I consider Nevetica as a new company and maybe that’s why there is not enough information about its compensation plan, proof of payments, etc. but I mark it as a legit website which provide variety range of products in pet industry. If we ignore high price of some items, we can recommend it as a good and new MLM company related to pet’s supplements.


My final verdict is positive about Nevetica but still it’s not my best recommendation. It has somethings good and somethings bad and I believe that more time is needed for final judgment. Pet industry is not a field that everybody feels happy with but people who love pets can definitely give Nevetica a try and since they’ll work on the section that they’re interested in, they’ll never get bored.

Finally I can say that taking a close look at Nevetica is the best action you can take at the moment. Something that looks good now may be worst some later so it’s better to monitor it for a while to see how things going on and after a specific amount of time you can make the final decision with confidence.

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Thank you for reading this review and feel free to contact me and leave your comments below if you have any questions.

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  1. Hi Ali,

    I can clearly see that investing with Nevetica has it’s pros and cons, but from what I think of the advice you’ve given everyone, working with this pet product company can be very risky if going the MLM route. I will take a look at their offerings, though, since I have some dogs and cats as well. Being that this is a fairly new company, I think over time they could create a wonderful reputation. Exactly how long has this company been in business?

  2. Hi Ali! Thanks fore the detailed analysis, I think that in the light of the direction of current marketing such analyzes are really beneficial… the more we have the options, the more confused we are, so thanks for that! 😉 And thanks for your #1 recommendation, it assured me that i chose well for myself with WA. I still want to ask as you are in this type of industry for a while and you obviously have deep insight, where do you think it will move for example in the next five years? Technology is moving forward really fast, our social status is increasingly interwined with our digital twins…what is your opinion?

    1. Hi Michal and thanks for your comment. Yes technology will change a lot in the future but according to what I’ve seen in the past, I think that we may see big changes but not a revolution for the next 5 years.

  3. Hi Ali,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I have a few questions. How long has Neventica been around? And do you have to have to recruit other people to be in this program? I don’t have a clear picture of whether or not this is actually a well-established company.

    Do they follow through with payments to their affiliates? Are there comparable sites to this company that has a better reputation with its members?

    Lots of great information and I thank you kindly,

    1. Hi Donna, I’m not sure about their payment with affiliates because I didn’t work with them but I think if you take a look at my best recommendation section in the bottom of the site, you’ll find your answer )

  4. I never heard of this company before, probably because I was never in the market for high-end pet products.
    I would like to take a look at it, however, because my mother in law has a lot of dogs and a few of them are rather elderly. They might need vitamins or something.

    Is it possible to purchase the products without joining the MLM? Do you have a price or product list?

    Thank you for the information,

    Gwendolyn J

  5. I can see how some people may have reservations on this company, wondering if it’s a scam or not. As you’ve pointed out, this is relatively new ground here – a MLM company focusing on pet-like supplements when they’re aren’t that many in this niche. It may be beneficial if they diversified with other products instead of focusing on only pet products. This would make me feel better about the 50% commission and compensation plan, knowing that there are other products besides just pet supplements. Some product reviews, or testimonies on their website from other marketers or distributers would probably also help to convince me. I did find their company page that talks about their story and vision very helpful, but there’s no specifics about the owner, the company, or anyone associated with their marketing program to verify any of this.

  6. Thank you for this informative article! I was looking up information about MLM companies when I came across your website. I actually had no idea that there was an MLM that focused on pet products!

    I think it’s hard to make money with MLMs in general. I like that you brought up that most of the products are marked up higher. It’s been my experience with MLMs that costs are so much higher because of the marketing costs they incur by trying to sell people on the model.

    Thank you so much for providing your link on your site! I’ve been looking up other ways to make money and I was excited to see that you had a link for your recommendation! I like your blog very much and I will definitely be coming back to check out your new articles. Thanks again!!

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