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Is Next Job at Home Scam? – A Honest Review!

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The days of looking for job listings in classified ads are nearly over, thanks to the internet. Nowadays you can get a job if you know your way around the web. Websites like Next Job At Home claim to connect people with jobs nearby. However if you’ve looked for work at home jobs in the past, you know many of them turn out to be scams. So that said you are probably going through various Next Job At Home Reviews to determine whether the company is a scam.

Well, by the end of this review, you’ll know what to expect if you can rely on Next Job At Home to lead you to your next work at home job.


Product: Next Job at Home

Owner: Isaac Klein

Official Website:

Overall Rating: 5 Out of 10

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what is next job at home

What is Next Job At Home?

Next Job At Home found at is an alleged job search website that claims to assist people like you and I find work-at-home jobs nearby. Next Job At Home was founded in early 2008 and is owned by NGM Media LLC and founder Isaac Klein. The parent company is located at 6501 Congress Ave., Suite 100 Boca Raton, FL 33487.

How Next Job at Home Works?

From the moment I joined, I was pitched 5 different things I could join for “work” and none of them were actually things I’d consider actual jobs. In fact:

All 5 of these things were either the same link to the Cash Finder System, a link to a paid online survey sites and one that was something involving MLM I believe. Contrary to the link titles which make you think one thing, here’s what each of them points to:

  1. They say you can work from home today, I assume it could be an immediate work opening but no, it’s a link to Cash Finder System, which I already explained.
  2. Data entry. I suppose it’ll be an opening for me to work for companies and get paid a salary for entering data or account type work right? Wrong, it’s just a link to a paid online survey site and let me tell you, those are horrible ways to try and make money.
  3. A typing opening, oh boy, but wait, the link is broken, so this is another fake posting I suppose.
  4. Some entry level offer. What could it be? Could I be joining some position and starting at a low salary? Nope, that’s not it, instead it’s another broken link so I don’t even know what it was supposed to be.
  5. Another “work at home” posting, but we already know at this point, it’s not going to be what we think it is. It turns out, it’s a link to some network marketing training or sales training of some sort. You have to sign up and consent to get telemarketing calls. Who wants that?

So yeah, the 5 opportunities are just misleading titles in my opinion and at this point, all I think that this program is doing is trying to spread it’s members across as many of these places as possible and earn a commission fee in the process.

They do mention in a little disclaimer below the 5 “opportunities” that some fees may be required. That should be a red flag right there folks…


Thumbs DownIf I was a job seeker, I would not be using Next Job At Home.

Even though I don’t consider this a scam seeing that they are not taking your money, but these guys are leading you to low quality and outright scams which I’m not cool with. Maybe they don’t know those products are not good but if you’re running a site that’s trying to help people then you should really vet the things you put on your website.

Next Job At Home obviously doesn’t vet anything on their site and using a job search engine that’s totally outdated with old listings or will send you jobs that don’t relate to what you do.

I just can’t trust the Next Job At Home site as there are too many red flags as well. From all that I found, I cannot recommend Next Job At Home to you as a reliable job search site.

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