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Is Nicequest Scam or Legit? – My Honest Review Uncovers Answer!

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It’s a bit hard to know which survey sites are lawful and which ones aren’t because you can find many of them online. This review can help you to find out whether NiceQuest as a survey site is lawful and is suitable to spend your time or not and more importantly Is Nicequest a scam or it’s a real deal?

NiceQuest is a premium market research company that is free to join and has more than three million members who take surveys for commodity selection and gift cards. Membership to its panel is possible just by invitation.

Although NiceQuest is lawful but reading this review would be very useful to know more about this survey site and discover it better.


Product Name: Nicequest

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Get Paid to Complete Surveys

Cost to Join: Free to Join

Recommended? Maybe yes but not suitable for everyone

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is nicequest

What is Nice Quest Exactly?

Sign Up Process

Minimum age for joining to this website is 14 year old and it’s necessary to fill your personal information and confirm your email for signing up. If your profile is qualified for required characteristics, you will be invited to participate in various surveys that the aim of them is US residents. The first survey is personal in order to introduce yourself better to them for successful surveys.

There is an exclusive invitation by one of the partners after you sign up for winning in the offered lotteries or by following them on social media.

In addition to free membership, there is also a sign-up award of 40 points that is equal to around four dollars for joining.

Does It Provide Any App?

You can take surveys actively from your phone by the NiceQuest app. This app is found with a lot of downloads and analysis based on the experience of users on Google Play app store and iOS app store.

Don’t be worried about participating in the surveys on the NiceQuest site if you don’t know English language well because possibility to select your preferred language on this site is one of its advantages.

Although NiceQuest has not been recognized by Better Business Bureau but it is not considered as a negative point because there are many great companies that are not recognized by Better Business Bureau either.

how nicequest works

How Much Money You Can Expect To Make From NiceQuest?

In NiceQuest there is a term called ‘Shells or Caracolas’ that indeed is your incomes and every ten Shells make one dollar. It means if you want to save a $5 Fandango gift card, you need 45 shells. The surveys are different in the final payments and the interview duration and there are one to three surveys available for every member monthly.

  • Surveys

It’s necessary to be invited for participating in any survey because this company is equipped to the panels that through them gives precise information to its customers and you will be informed by your email or the app notification when a survey is available.

As many people face to fatigue and failure in survey sites, in order to decrease them and to give appropriate surveys there are a few surveys every month but with high quality. The type of surveys is different, some of them are classified based on ages for the teenagers or elderly people. Some surveys ask you about your computer while some others ask about your mobile device.

  • Gifts

The good point is that you can save your Shells or Caracolas for physical or digital gift cards and you are free to choose every type of gifts because there are very varied gifts such as books, children playthings, cosmetics, household, electronics, restaurant gift coupons, entry to sweepstakes, Google Play credits, movie coupons, and donations to charity.

  • Saving Your Rewards

At NiceQuest, you can buy your rewards freely because there is not any limit and the minimum price of rewards is five dollars but since you have to select your rewards with your income on the site your selected reward should not have a Shell price more than what you have earned.

In order to avoid this error and save the rewards, pay attention to the Shell price of every object that is written beside it. With the purpose of cheering others to participate in surveys, the site cheers members to post images of the received rewards from the site.

Being punctual at delivering your rewards is the good feature of NiceQuest. Also they inform you about time and way that you will get your rewards. Receiving electronic gift cards in maximum three days and free shipping for selecting commodity are the other benefits of NiceQuest.

What is Maximum Potential Income Behind NiceQuest?

The invitation of Premium respondent program is an opportunity that would be sent exclusively to NiceQuest members who participate in several surveys. It’s necessary for members of this program to install Nicestats software in their devices.

Achieving additional points in order to participate in surveys on the program and getting one hundred shells are other benefits for the members. It’s possible also to quit the program freely at any time wanted.

  • Lotteries

NiceQuest has lotteries that enters you to them automatically and if you are lucky enough, sometimes it’s possible to gain the rewards like Amazon Echo, iPhone7 and Tablets from the lottery.

  • Privacy

Since this site has unique identifiers for every member and name or contacts of everyone are hidden from customers so there is no worry about privacy on this site because identity of everybody is completely safe on that.

nicequest pros and cons

The Good, The Bad

What Are Complaints about NiceQuest?

  • Very limited number of surveys per month

One of the problems is low payments of the site that is result of very few survey offers. Developing functions in order to involve more surveys is the declared strategy of the company for solving this problem.

  • The confusing point system

The possibility of saving two different point tags of the gift cards that one has 50 points and the other with 60 points according to what you consider, can confuse some respondents.

  • Deficiency of a recommendation program

Gaining nothing for encouraging friends to connect the site and the shortage of a referral program can be considered as a negative point of NiceQuest.

What If You Don’t Qualify?

Have I told you there is not any guarantee you can earn from every single survey you receive? The fact is that there are many surveys you have access to when you join NiceQuest but it does not mean that you can complete all of them! So it’s considered as a potential income which can or can’t turn into a real income.

You should qualify for all survey. NiceQuest asks several questions before let you take any survey. These questions let NiceQuest determines if you’re the right person for that survey and if you’re not the right type of person who they are looking for, you’ll have to leave money on the table and try your chance with another survey.

It must be said that this unwritten rule is followed by almost all paid survey companies and except of few ones, you should qualify for available surveys. Also those few websites which you don’t need to qualify pay you less than other websites, so we can’t say there are better than others.

Referral Program of NiceQuest

I still don’t understand why Nice Quest does not have a referral program. This is what’ve seen in many other paid survey sites and it lets you make money by promoting it and inviting other people to join that program. It’s a common and favorite way to earn some extra cash for many people which is one of the main lacks of NiceQuest.

Point System – Is It Really Useful?

To be honest I don’t know when exactly point system was born. All I know is that I don’t like it and I don’t recommend people to join programs that work based on a point system. I feel there is some cheating behind it; for example you earn a lot of points 50, 60 or 100 for completing a survey which seems nice at the beginning but when your points is exchanged to cash, you’ll ended up with $2, $3 or $5 at maximum.

With all good things that included in Nicequest, its point system is what I’m totally disagree with. A lot of time should be spent to earn points and a few bucks or a $5 gift card is all things you will get at the end. That’s not fair and I hope they’ll change it in the future.

is nicequest a scam

Final Word – Is NiceQuest Scam?

Nicequest is a legit paid survey website but it definitely lose the game to popular competitors like Swagbucks or InboxDollars. So if you’re new to this business and want to earn money confidently through completing surveys, I advise you to go with well-known companies first.

Although I’m not recommend NiceQuest but I don’t consider it as a scam as well. It has several positive points that I’ve mentioned to and more importantly, I’ve joined and earned through it personally, so I put it on my list of legitimate work-from-home jobs.

In the end, serious negative issues like lack of referral program or very low potential income and some complaints, stops me from recommending it as a reliable source of income. Also with all well-known paid surveys I’ve mentioned above, there is no logical reason why someone should join NiceQuest while there are ways and sites which pay you much more.

Anyway there’s limited amount of money you can make from both paid survey and GPT (get paid to) websites which can’t cover your life’s cost at all. I’m making full-time income for a long time and I have not used any of above options. To see what method I’m using which helped me leave my 9-5 job, take a look at my best recommendation section below!

Also if you have any question about paid survey websites or if you have experience in working with this type of sites, feel free to ask and share it in comments below.

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