is no cost income stream a scam

Is No Cost Income Stream a Scam or a Reliable Program?

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Is no cost income stream a scam or it’s totally a legit program? This is the question which you’re looking for its answer and I’m happy that you landed in my site to find the answer because I’ve reviewed this program some while ago and I would be happy to answer your question in details.

“No Cost Income Stream” is a program which many people think that it’s the best. But if you’re here because of all those positive reviews that you’ve seen about “No Cost Income Stream”, I’m sorry but I won’t lie you and my opinion and review is probably totally different with what you have read about this program till now.

So read my review of “No Cost Income Stream” to find all truth about it.


Product Name: No Cost Income Stream

Official Website:

Owners: Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman, Paul Counts

Cost: $7.00 + Upsells

Recommended? Maybe

Overall Rating: 5.5/10

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what is no cost income stream

What Is Really “No Cost Income Stream” About?

It’s something like too good to be true yes? “No Cost Income Stream” claims with zero cost, you’ll be able to start making money and this is what many people are looking for. As an unwritten rule you should not believe everything you see on the internet so “research” is the first thing you need to do if you see a program that promises you to make money with no cost at all.

The base of “No Cost Income Stream” is about affiliate marketing and it teaches you how to make money in this business.

There are many lessons you’ll have access to when you join “No Cost Income Stream”. Also you’ll have option to buy PLR which let you sell products to people directly or use resell by buying resell rights. If you’re not familiar with PLR, it stands for “Private Label Rights” and lets to change name of “No Cost Income Stream” course and sell it to other people as your own course.

Here are three options which you’ll have access to after joining program. “Product Only” lets you go through training and use it to learn about affiliate marketing. “Resale Rights” in addition to having access to the training, you also can resell it to other people and make profit from doing this. “Full PLR” but the last option makes it totally as yours which means, you can rebrand it and sell it as your course with a new name to others.

Well my problem starts with name of the course “No Cost Income Stream”. They say there is not any cost if you want to join the program but this is not true because price of course is the first money you should pay to join and in addition to that, none of above options that I’ve mentioned to (Product Only, Resale Rights & Full PLR) are not free which means according to your prefer, you’ll have to pay for each of them.

There are several other things on “No Cost Income Stream” that I have problem with like: building your first email list with zero cost, no need to create any blog or site, free methods to promote products, get your own domain for free, how to expand your affiliate marketing business free and so on.

It seems good because if it’s like what they say, everything should be completely free of cost for you but when you continue and go to the next levels of training, this totally change and they clearly mention that without purchasing your own domain or join an email autoresponder service for your email list (which will cost you) you won’t get success in affiliate marketing! So what happened to all those “zero cost” thing at the beginning? Yes, they’ve all gone because they were not real!

I knew this before joining “No Cost Income Stream” because I’m in this business (affiliate marketing) for years now and I know that it’s impossible to make profit without investing (spending money). Yes it can be as low as $40 or $50 or as high as $2000 at the beginning but the point is that there is ALWAYS some cost for you and it’s not bad if you know the right place to spend your money.

how no cost income stream works

How Does It Works & If “No Cost Income Stream” Is Good for You?

Although they insist that this course is suitable for everyone and beginners can take advantage of it as well but the fact is that when you want to make money from “No Cost Income Stream”, you’ll need to sell it by purchasing Reseller Right or PLR and to be able to see it, you need to have marketing strategy and to have a marketing strategy, you need to know how to make a successful marketing plan. So do you still think that a beginner knows all these things beforehand?

The fact is that without purchasing course and buying its resell right, you won’t be able to sell it again on the web and this is what will cost you. So I’m totally against calling it a beginner friendly program.

no cost income stream review

Pros & Cons

The Good

  • Although it’s not free to join “No Cost Income Stream” but it’s good to see that it’s cheap at least.
  • Some parts of training is really valuable and give you quality information about the course but only some not all.
  • Guys who created and run this course knows internet marketing very well so it’s positive point to see that it’s run by experts in online marketing field.

The Bad

  • Focusing on facts that is not true like “No Cost” during all steps of training. This is not true because starting an affiliate marketing business in ANY level will cost you. It can be less here or more there but there always been some cost.
  • Claiming that making money online with affiliate marketing is very easy and everybody can do it. This is not true again because nobody can make money online with a little or zero effort.
  • Although they show you some ways which you can use to get traffic for your website for free but all of these ways take long time to bring result and since you pay monthly, it’ll cost you a monthly cost.
  • Low quality support and basic training which does not let you move up to the next level.
  • To get the whole course you need to pass 86 lessons in different sections. There is not any guarantee that you can start making money after passing course.

An additional course called No Cost Traffic Methods will be available to you when you pass main course.

To start making money, you need to purchase reseller package of “No Cost Income Stream” after completing course. You’ll learn how to promote “No Cost Income Stream” properly to others and make profit from sales. Also, if you decide to use resell option to make money, four bonuses will be available to you after buying reseller package.

How Much You Should Pay?

There is not a fixed price for program, three different options is available when you join and you’ll pay based on package and course you choose. Also many upsells will be inside the program which offers you additional information from $100 up to $997.

is no cost income stream scam

Is “No Cost Income Stream” A Scam?

If I want to give you my one word answer, I should say that it’s not scam. You’ll get a complete course which also does not cost you a lot of money compared to other similar courses but we should not forget about “No Cost” term that they insist to which is not true. In total, in my opinion it’s better to focus on resell this product instead of rely on it as a complete step by step course for affiliate marketing.

Final Conclusion

As an unwritten rule to get success in any kind of business (online or offline) you need to spend enough time and money to make it works. Many people think that since it’s online and everything can be done from your room, it should be easy but this is the first and biggest mistake beginners make.

Anyway, I never pay even a single cent if I do not trust a program and do not know how it works; this is what I recommend to you too so before spending any money make sure that you know what you’re paying for exactly otherwise you’ll lose your money for sure.

Finally, I recommend No Cost Income stream 2.0 only to people who have a little budget to start their online business. As a legit program, it gives you all needed tools and training you need at the beginning, also with teaching you about free ways to get traffic for your site, it helps you to save your money for more important factors of your business.

The biggest negative point of “No Cost Income Stream” is lack of teaching about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the most important way for bloggers and website owners who want to get traffic from well-known search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing. Unfortunately you will not learn anything about SEO in No Cost Income Stream course and since it plays a very important role in your business in the future, that would be the biggest weakness of the course.

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