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Is Nova X Report Scam? – A Magic Newsletter Or…

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Thanks for landing to my website for reading my Nova X Report review. Is Nova X Report scam or this financial newsletter will uncover some big money-making secrets that can totally change your business life?

Money Map Press launched Nova X Report with the goal of making investing profitable for everyone. Some notable promises that have been made by Nova X Report let us think about this business more serious than other opportunities.

This article is my honest Nova X Report review which covers all the pros and cons of this company and in the conclusion section, you’ll find out if you can rely on it or not. Read my review below to find out everything you need to know about Nova X Report.


Product Name: Nova X Report

Official Website:

Owner: Michael Robinson

Type: Financial advice based on a weekly newsletter

Cost to Join: $49.50 to $99.99

Recommended? Yes if you are willing to risk money

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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nova x report review

What Is Nova-X Report All About?

It’s good to see that unlike scam platforms like 500 Cash Club, Nova X Report Values its subscribers. To help people make successful financial decisions Nova-X Report newsletter is launched by Money Map Press. Creator of Nova-X Report Michael Robinson says that this newsletter can teach everyone the key success in online investing.

A Google search shows us that Michael Robinson who is the founder of Nova-X Report was one of the nominates for Pulitzer-Preis which is an award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism established in 1917 in the United States. Robinson is a well-known person in the technology industry and corporate with worldwide tech companies around the world.

Tips and pieces of advice for the stock market are what Nova-X Report focuses on and recently, they’ve started to publish information and investment opportunities on marijuana stocks which has +69k followers according to Yahoo Finance.

Marijuana stock can be profitable but not for everyone. If you are an experienced investor then you can take advantage of not only marijuana but any other stock market but if you are a beginner it won’t be a job without any difficulties. Well, this is the fact which Nova-X Report is going to change because according to what they say, investing in the stock of marijuana can make a nice profit for any investor.

What I’ve got from below is that Michael wants to show stock market (especially marijuana stock) as a golden opportunity which can be beneficial for everyone so if you subscribe to Nova-X Report and follow his recommendations and tips, you’ll make money for sure.

Who Is Michael Robinson?

Working more than 30 years as an analyzer with big names in the tech industry is something make Michael Robinson a professional and experienced person which resulted in Nova X Report. I’ve mentioned that Nova X Report is designed by Money Map Press but it’s good to know that a company called Agora manages Money Map Press and it’s actually its parent company that founded in 1978.

This company is a well-known publisher and has launched many online newsletters in the finance industry. If you’ve heard about 42-way retirement plan, you should know that it’s been run by Agora company.

You may be surprised to hear that Michael Robinson works with tech companies located in Silicon Valley but you’ll definitely be more surprised to know that some methods and strategies of this man are published in WSJ (Wall Street Journal) as daily or weekly investment tips and his own strategy (The Opportunity Matrix) has got attention of tons of people (both experts and beginners) which worths more than seven trillion dollars now.

Although subscribing to Nova X Report is not free but if you have enough time to invest a couple of hours and read what he’s sharing on a regular basis then it’ll definitely change the investment strategies you are thinking about. I guarantee that Michael Robinson is an eligible person who has deep knowledge of online investment and can effects positively on your financial decisions for sure.

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how nova x report works

How Nova X Report Works Exactly?

Background of Michael Robinson (founder of Nova X Report) in technology turned him to a tech guru and that’s why he decided to focus on stocks that are in mobile devices, computers, high-tech, etc.

Michael never recommends you invest money on stocks of big-brands like Apple, Dell, Amazon, etc. because he believes that stocks of startup companies with fresh ideas are the best choice for investment which can double, triple or even more your initial investment in not a long time.

Not well-known cannabis companies are the field Michael focused on in his newsletter and he created a couple of PDF Ebooks in this field so if you decide to become a subscriber of his newsletter, make sure you get benefits of these free quality guides. There’re tons of cannabis companies but Micheal has only covered 25 to 35 of these companies which are the most profitable ones in his opinion.

Also, he’ll walk through a $13 billion market (development for aircraft) and will explain how technology brought new opportunities to this industry and how it brings new ways of investment to new investors.

How Much Does Nova X Report Cost?

Have you seen any valuable product which is released for free? No, and Nova X Report is not an exception. To become an official subscriber of this financial newsletter, you should choose between two types of subscribing, the first one is $49.50 which let you receive weekly newsletter and it remains valid for one year and the second one which will cost you $99.99 (let’s say $100! 😉 ) give you bonuses as additional training materials which will help you to make better investment decisions as well as let you access to all features of this newsletter which is not available for normal subscriber at $49.50.

And the same as all auto-renewable subscription systems, you’ll be billed for $49.50 or $99.99 every year so do not forget that this auto-billing will continue as long as you stop it manually so make sure to cancel your subscription if you don’t want to receive investment tips from Nova X Report for any reason.

This lets you not pay more than what you are willing to pay for the newsletter.

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes of course. You can request a refund within 2 months (60 days) after joining the newsletter. This refund covers the whole price and it means you’ll get all your money back if you don’t like to get information from Nova X Report even after 59 days!

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nova x report review

Nova X Report – Positive & Negative Points

  • Positive Points

What you get from Nova X Report is unique information you’ll receive a newsletter on a regular basis. This info is valuable because it comes from a well-known expert of Silicon Valley. These info work as a short-cut which can save you a significant amount of time and lead you to make winning trades in the stock market.

If it was 10 years ago, you could not get benefits from services like Nova X Report because investment information they send to subscribers now was only available for a limited group of people or companies like big businesses, top-notch investors or private corporations and normal people like you and me had not access to these unique type of information but the time passed and this process has been changed.

Not thanks to newsletters companies like Nova X Report, this info is available for everybody but it does not mean that it can be found for free everywhere. Unlike low-quality newsletters, investment tips, guides, and opportunities you get in your mailbox from Nova X Report can’t be found in other financial magazines, sites or channels.

  • Negative Points

As I’ve told you before, there’s not any risk-free opportunity in the stock market. This means it’s not possible to make a profit without the risk. Now since Nova X Report wants to increase the amount of this profit as much as possible, it chooses and offers you investment opportunities with higher risk.

At first, it may look that you’ll be put in a risky situation and you may lose big money but if you take a look at your pocket before investing and not invest more than 50% of your money in ALL given investment options, you’ll never lose the money that you can’t afford and you’ll stay in a safe-zone.

Any Other Financial Newsletters?

Yes, there’s a long list of quality financial publications, especially the old ones like Zacks, Stansberry Research or Kiplinger’s Personal Finance that offer this type of financial advice for new investors. It’s not easy to say which one stands out from the crowd because each of them has its own pros and cons.

is Nova X Report a scam

Final Word – Is Nova X Report Scam?

No, of course not! With taking a short look at reviews of Nova X Report around the web, you’ll see many people had nice experience by using their newsletter and considered it as a valuable financial newsletter. Anyway, you need money to start investing and this money should be more when it comes to Nova X Report so always keep risk-involved in mind when it’s time to make an investment decision.

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