Is Now Lifestyle a Scam

Is Now Lifestyle a Scam? – Forget About What Others Say!

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A lot of people are looking for opportunities to make a few extra cash. It is much better if this opportunity lets you work from home. This is what Now Lifestyle offers. So the main question you need to ask yourself: Is Now Lifestyle a Scam?

There are various aspects of the company which you need to understand before concluding on the answer to this vital question. This article considers some of the important aspects before giving a verdict on the operations of Now Lifestyle. So I assure you’ll find answer of all your questions by spending a few minutes and reading my article till end.


Product Name: Now Lifestlye (aka Lifestyle Now)

Official Website:

Founder: Joel Therien

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Cost to Join: $49.95 per month to have full access to platform

Recommended? Depends

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is now lifestyle

What Is Now Lifestyle All About?

Now Lifestyle is a health and wellness company which also offers members an opportunity to make additional income through multi-level marketing.

The company offers products to its members under three sub-divisions. These include the health and wellness section, nutritional supplements line, and grow your business section.

The fitness programs which the company offers fall under the health and wellness while there are four products available in the nutritional supplements line.

It has the grow your business section which offers business automation tools. These tools include a professional lead capture system, auto-responder service, and lead page builder inclusive of a template.

how now lifestyle works

How Now LifeStyle Works?

Now Lifestyle offers a free membership to anyone who wants to join. It is also possible to upgrade this free membership to a full account for additional benefits. Subscribing to a full account will cost $24.97/month.

This subscription grants users access to a private members area with the option of including up to 5 members of your family or friends. The package includes live video workouts, calorie and diet counters, access to product lines, auto-generated customized workouts, health and wellness live educational videos and more.

Members can also choose to become Resellers on the platform of the company. Any member who becomes a part of this program will have the opportunity to receive commissions from the organization.

To make it a lot easier to attract new recruits, the package offers members copies of emails and articles they can send to prospects, obtain leads and sales through personal affiliate pages and lead capture system, coaches to assist in closing sales, marketing toolkits, and banners.

Is It Possible to Make Money with That?

This is what separates a scam from a legit operation. Although the process is not easy, it is possible to make money through Now Lifestyle.

The amount of money you earn is largely dependent on your ability to bring in new members/recruits into the organization. Your commission will also increase if your “downlines” are able to put in the extra effort.

How You Can Start Make Money with Now Lifestyle?

Members of the company have three major ways through which they can earn money. These include the following:

  • Direct commissions
  • Matching Bonus
  • Binary commissions

Direct commissions

As an affiliate on Now Lifestyle, you will receive an affiliate link. If you are able to refer anyone to the company through this link, you have the opportunity of receiving a commission. This is a 50% commission which is available to you if the person you refer makes a purchase on the website through this affiliate link.

Matching Bonus

Since you will be recruiting new members to the company to make money, it is only logical for your referrals to do the same. If your referrals are also able to recruit a total of 10 members with each paying $100 for a total of $1000 to become members, a 50% matching bonus would earn you $500 for the month.

Binary commissions

This compensation plan allows members to earn continuously from their down-lines. With a maximum of two affiliates directly under you, there is a left and right leg under which every re-seller under you will fall. You create a cycle of four people on the left leg and two people on the right for a $20 payout per cycle. This payment requires a continuous subscription to the marketing tools service.

Upsell products are also available to make additional income on the platform.

now lifestyle pros and cons

Pros & Cons

There are several pros and cons that you need to know about the services of this company to determine if it will be the best option for you.


  • It has an autoresponder which is easy to use and functions effectively
  • The commissions on offer by the company are very attractive
  • Getting leads can be quite easy since health and wellness is a fast-growing niche
  • Effective and fast workouts
  • The cost of membership is not exorbitant
  • Free access to the back office of the program


  • You need to bring in new leads on monthly basis to qualify for commissions
  • Your “downlines” need to also re-sell
  • As a new member, you may be under an individual that doesn’t understand the program

Compensation Plan

The most important thing about a Multi-Level Marketing company is its compensation plan. This plan shows how and when members get paid as well as it’s a way to determine what’s potential income in an MLM company.

All members on Now Lifestyle will get paid by 100% commission plan or binary option. So depends on product you’ll choose, there’s a plan you can take advantage of.

  • Plan #1- Up to 100 Commission!?

It’s being said that you’ll be able to earn 100% commission for selling specific products but what I’ve found out is that only 50% of commission will be credited into your account and you’ll receive another 50% as downline’s overall sales.

So we can’t call it a 100% commission because there’s only 50% commission if there is not any downline in your account or if there is not sales which have been made by your downline. I tried to find what happens in one of two above situations and unfortunately I could not find any answer. Hope Now Lifestyle can make these things more clear by answering it in their FAQ section.

  • Plan #2 – Binary Payout

The best description for binary payout is taking a look at below image. It shows how Binary Payout of Now Lifestyle works and how much you can earn from this plan.

Is Now LifeStyle My Recommendation?

Well, actually I didn’t feel good after I compared potential income behind of Now Lifestyle with similar opportunities so I can tell you that it would not be your best choice for sure. Also because of lack of information and some serious negative points, Now LifeStyle can’t be a suitable choice if you’ve just started to work in MLM business. Without doubt, this company can’t be a winner when it competes with other companies in similar field.

Another negative points of Now LifeStyle is that it promotes Anthony Morrison. You may have not heard about this guy before and you don’t need to but when you know he’s not a trusted person, you would not trust a company which recommends him too. Just doing a quick research about Anthony Morrison will let you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway the same as similar programs like “Amazing Selling Machine or The Lost Code I’m not going to recommend Now LifeStyle. Although I don’t recommend it but I confirm that it’s not a scam from my point of view. What put away this company from my recommendation list is that it pushes you to build a pyramid scheme by making more and more sales which only happens inside the company ( I call it internal sales).

is now lifestyle scam

Final Conclusion – Is Now Lifestyle a Scam?

After thoroughly going through all the various products and information available on the Now Lifestyle website, it is safe to say it is not a scam. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t recommend joining the platform.


There are a few red flags which become visible after taking time to assess the various aspects of the platform. The first is the multi-level marketing model of the platform. Yes, it may be true you earn a bit of money but the truth is simple. You are actually investing your time and energy into building a company you do not own.

We all know how important it is to perform a background check on a company. On the ‘Why Us’ page on the Now Lifestyle website, the image of an HQ building is available with an address to Global Virtual Opportunities INC.

After a quick Google search and carefully analyzing the image on the site, it is easy to find out it is a photo-shopped version of the GVO headquarters. Although the two companies are owned by the same person,  this is not a good way to build trust.

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