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Is One Bitcoin a Day Scam? – What If I Tell You…

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On the One Bitcoin A Day system, everything seems too much excellent that is really hard to believe! Do you believe that without doing anything you can earn one bitcoin each day? And more importantly, is One Bitcoin a Day scam or it’s really a valuable opportunity?

Do you know how much is the value of a bitcoin? One bitcoin costs more than seven thousand dollars and the One Bitcoin A Day system claims that you can make such a much amount of money by their offered way! Do you believe it?

If you are just a bit doubtful about this system, so you are lucky to find this detailed review that helps you to know better about the function of this system and discover that it’s really a trustable and legal system to make money online or it’s just a scam for robbing your money that should be avoided.


Product Name: One Bitcoin A Day

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Trading Based on Binary Option

Cost to Join: $250 (Minimum Amount of Deposit)

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is one bitcoin a day

What Is One Bitcoin A Day All About?

Are you hopeful of earning a great income by One Bitcoin A Day system? Maybe you expect to gain success by this system that appears to be a legal one because of using this phrase: One BTC per day!

This type of system and its function is known for skilled people who make money online because there is an adequate amount of them that all are scams just by different names! The former name of One Bitcoin A Day system was also the Crypto VIP Club, the Crypto Edge System and several other names that their websites were not same but all of them worked by the same method of scam.

The facts is that the only attractive part of One Bitcoin A Day system is its name that can seem interesting for you specially if you know that every bitcoin costs around seven thousand dollars that you can make it without much effort in a day! But One Bitcoin A Day system doesn’t work as you think and as presents itself. It is not basically made for making such a money for you, on the contrary you would just lose your money by this system. You have to know that these kinds of online systems specially with such fiscal claims are just scam and completely untrusted! So be sure that you have to escape if you want to protect your money from scamming.

If you are just a little bit hopeful of this system and you really think that it works for making you money, it’s necessary to know better about how One Bitcoin A Day system works and what happens in this system. By this way, you can make sure that this system doesn’t work legitimately at all and there is no doubt about avoiding of that.

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how one bitcoin a day works

How One Bitcoin A Day Works Exactly?

Maybe you think that One Bitcoin A Day system really helps you to achieve success, maybe you think that it’s a simple and fast way for becoming rich via an easy online business. Do you really believe that you can earn much money automatically online just by signing in to the system? Let’s be clear because it’s not what you think and what it claims in the least, it’s a fraud and you would know how it works in this part of the review.

The fact is that One Bitcoin A Day system is a binary options scam and it’s not hard to recognize these types of scams for who is skilled in this field and makes business online because unluckily there are many of these systems online that work like One Bitcoin A Day. They are too widespread that it’s necessary to aware people of this risk by such reviews. All of these systems by binary options scammers claim to make you rich easily like One Bitcoin A Day!

There is a gap between what they claim and what is their main aim. Not only they don’t make beneficial business for you but also they damage you monetary. There are some examples of people who have lost all earnings of their life because of binary options scammers. Do you ask how is it possible and how does One Bitcoin A Day work?

All what One Bitcoin A Day system wants you to do is a deposit. Yes! Don’t be surprised! Just remember to avoid depositing severely. Do you know why they are so eager to your deposit? Because they acquire a commission by your deposit and in real it is a source of income for them. This system also works through a dealer that is connected to them and they suggest this dealer to you in order to make a deposit.

But the problem starts after depositing that you are going to lose your money but you can do nothing for that! If you want to discontinue this process and hold your money, it’s almost impossible. Because the dealer would not return your money, it’s their work! Some of the dealers also fake the reality and pretend that some of people are winning to deposit more in their system.

How to Invest in One Bitcoin a Day?

If you have decided to invest in One Bitcoin a Day system so watch out! Because this type of system doesn’t always work as you expect and you don’t know for how long you can make a profit from that! It’s possible that they often give good money to the financiers and they can get their returns back, therefore the financiers regain their investment with enough returns.

You have to invest at least two hundred fifty dollars in order to take part in One Bitcoin a Day but be ready because some days you are winner and some days you are investment loser with One Bitcoin a Day.

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is one bitcoin a day a scam

Final Conclusion – Is One Bitcoin a Day a Scam?

I’m not putting One Bitcoin a Day into my legit list but it does not mean that this is a scam program. You should be careful if you want to join programs like One Bitcoin a Day because sites like this automatic software for foreign exchange trading and when you decide to trust a bot instead of a human for trading in a high-risk currency market like Forex, you should expect losing money, although there might be chances to make some profit as well.

Keep in mind to have a steady income a “safe” investment is required not a high-risk investment. Yes, you may experience a high ROI (return on investment) if you choose risky investment but you will put yourself in a risk of money-losing as well.

Anyway all information I gave you about One Bitcoin a Day is just my personal experience which came through a test phase so according to changes this company may apply on its services in the future, this opinion can change as well.

There are ways you can find if a program is legit or not and one of these ways is reading terms and conditions of a company. If you spend some time and read this important section carefully, you find many useful things about the website or program that you want to sign-up with.

For example, taking a quick look at T&C section of One Bitcoin a Day shows that they never guarantee any profit and they clearly say the sales-video you see on the home page has been created only for promotional purposes and it’s not a proof of potential income behind their system.

Actually One Bitcoin a Day is not nothing more than an automatic Forex signal provider and since it’s based on binary option, it increases risk of your investment naturally. I’ve seen many fake Forex signal providers that attract customers with making eye-catching claims around binary options and that’s why there’s an easy way for scammers to steal money of people.

I recommend you to watch sales-video or One Bitcoin a Day again. This time focus on what Justin Hagan claims and how he tries get your attention. Making a sales-video is not difficult at all. With some basic video editing knowledge and promotional Technics, you can make any type of video you like. Also making a video and putting some screen shots of income’s proof is not enough to consider a system or program legit and reliable.

A step by step training which is not based on an automatic bot is the minimum requirement to think about and rate value of a system seriously, so if you don’t see it on a program, do not waste your time on it. This is not the way which can lead you to earn significant money online.

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