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Is One Minute Free Traffic a Scam? – Almost Yes But…

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There’s only one thing that stops me to call One Minute Free Traffic a complete scam and if there was not that thing, I had no doubt that this is not a legit course. As its name says, this course wants to make you rich from the Internet but the training and method that it provides are far from its claims. Now here’s the question: Is One Minute Free Traffic a scam really? And the answer is in my honest review here.

The cost of the course is $9 and it may not be a big amount of money for most of the people but I want to tell you that it’s not worth even $2! And you should never think about going for upsells of it which will cost you up to $60.

There are much better and more reliable platforms like Wealthy Affiliate to drive organic and targeted traffic to your website. I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate almost 2 years ago and from that time, I’ve learned MANY THINGS from this valuable online community. It also helped me to make a full-time income and build my own online business and if I could do that, you can do for sure!

Now let’s back to our topic and see what’s going on inside One Minute Free Traffic.


Product Name: One Minute Free Traffic

Official Website:

Owner: Matt and John Rhodes

Type: Money Making Online Course

Cost to Join: $9 + $60 upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is one minute free traffic

What’s One Minute Free Traffic About?

As I’ve mentioned, it’s an online course for teaching Internet marketing to people who looking to build a website and make money from advertising techniques. Unfortunately, rather than a complete marketing course, it’s only a place that gathered some basic information about Internet marketing from the Internet and the worse thing is that 90% of this information is available for FREE on the web!

To be honest, I didn’t expect to see much value when I’ve landed in One Minute Free Traffic but the truth is that it could not even exceed my minimum expectations and it’s sad to see that some of the well-known Internet marketing forums like Digital Point, Traffic Planet or Warrior Forum are selling this low-quality product.

I have no doubt that making profit is the most important thing for creators of these crappy programs and you can see these persons everywhere. Persons who are behind these semi-scam programs try to encourage you to purchase other upsells offered by the program because this lets them make as much as money they can from members.

Real Owners of the One Minute Free Traffic

Google shows John and Matt Rhodes as the owners of OMFT (One Minute Free Traffic). Although I could not contact them directly but with some research, I’ve found that this training course is not the first program they’ve created and products like Build Your Own High-Ticket Offers, 30 Day Bona Fide Expert System or How To Earn $20 In 20 Minutes are other programs designed by these brothers.

Unfortunately, there’s not more information about the background of John and Matt Rhodes and I can consider this as another red flag for One Minute Free Traffic.

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how does one minute free traffic work

What You Will Get After Enrolling Into the Training

With all being said, you may be wondering to know what type of training included in this course that makes it worthless from my point of view.

If you remember, I’ve told that there are many upsells inside the program and there’s a high chance that you’ll be charged more than $9 (cost of the course) after purchasing it. You start to see upsells right after joining the platform and even before accessing to your member area.

To be honest, they are one of the most annoying upsells I’ve even seen in online products that come one after another to your main page.

The same as other similar upsells, they want to people believe that these special offers will not be available tomorrow so you should take them right now!

Well, don’t believe it because it’s just a black marketing technique for encouraging people to purchase upsells with the hope of making money faster.

After passing the upsells, you finally can see what’s included in the training and this is where the story starts! As an experience Internet marketing I’m totally confused when I’ve seen topics of the training.

They are 22 video training contains topics like How to write 150 words per minute, How to create real value at insanely fast speed, The Quick Affiliate system or Finally – it’s “Q-time”! etc.

Well, it was difficult for me to understand what are all these videos all about so I’m sure that it’ll be much more complicated for the beginners and newbies.

I really didn’t understand how this information can help someone to start making money online because I’ve done this before and I know the right way of making extra money online and none of those videos training are going to cover it.

Why I hate Upsells

Now let’ talk some about the upsells and see how much it’ll cost you if you want to get all of them! You can find more on Suggestive Upsells, Hard Sell and Soft Sell here.

The first upsell you see right after joining the program is called Front-End product which will cost you $12. After that, OMFT invites you to join the VIP group of One Minute Buyer Clicks for $73, it’s being said that you’re going to learn how to find new potential customers related to your niche and how to turn them into real buyers.

Two next ones are down-sell which offer you One Minute Buyer Clicks for $37 and $17. And the last one is called One Minute Traffic License Rights; this is the most expensice upsell you see in the program and it costs you $77.68.

By purchasing this upsells, you buy the right of promoting OMFT and receive 100% commission from it.

What About The Real Price of OMFT

Good or bad there’s always a cost which you have to pay and it depends on the program that you’re going to use. All program that I’ve reviewed recently like Agora Financial, Freedom Financial Network or Anthony Morrison charge you a fee if you want to join them.

Owners of this training program say that after finishing the course, you’ll be able to set up your business with zero cost! And the only cost you need to pay is the training’s price which is available for $12 only today (with a special discount) and from tomorrow you’ll have to pay the real price of the product, $99!

Well, let me tell you a secret here; I’ve checked this discount for one whole week and the price ($12) never changed!

Keep in mind that all upsells that I’ve mentioned above will be ahead of you after joining the program and although paying $12 may not hurt you at the beginning but you may end up with paying +$150 at the end!

If you are looking for a way to don’t waste your hard-earned money and valuable time then I recommend you try this Top-Rated Program. It’s completely FREE to give it a try and you’ll get training materials that are much more valuable than programs like OMFT.

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one minute free traffic pros and cons

One Minute Free Traffic – Advantages & Disadvantages

I always try to be a realistic person when it comes to reviewing products and I try to see both good and bad sides of an item but the truth is that there are times  when I can’t list any positive point about a program/product and One Minute Free Traffic is one of those programs with zero pros, so I directly go to the cons section and list them here:

  • Not Valuable Information

Unfortunately, I don’t see any value behind videos training of OMFT. There are sections where they talk about hidden sources of traffic like Quora or other social networks but there are only 2 or 3 sections about it and other 18, 19 sections are totally low-quality training.

  • It’s Hard to Believe Their Claims

Owners of OMFT make many claims that are far from reality. For example, they say that it’s possible to start making a full-time income online by paying $12 price of the course, even if you have zero knowledge and experience in Internet marketing.

You may protect yourself by staying away from low-quality products but there are still many vulnerable ones who get scammed easily by these unreliable persons and platforms.

  • Why You Should Never Play with The Semi-Lottery Programs

In the training of OMFT, you’ll focus on Quora traffic more than anything else. Quora is a good source to get some extra traffic from but putting all your eggs in one basket never advised by all experts and professionals. If you want to enter into money-making online industry properly, using the right method and splitting your budget into different traffic sources is a must-do task you should always keep in mind and follow.

Quora does not work like Google and other search engines, it has 100% control on your account and this means, you may get banned from it without any logical reason so if you put all your effort and energy behind ONE traffic source, you’re going to risk all your money actually.

You always should have a backup for your business, especially when you work on social networks like Quora. These networks may bring you to result at the beginning but they are very unpredictable and you never know if something works today, it’ll work tomorrow as well or not.

is one minute free traffic scam

Final Word – Is One Minute Free Traffic a Scam?

All in all, I don’t have positive thinking about One Minute Free Traffic and although I stop myself from calling it a scam but I don’t recommend it to anyone.

You MAY get something useful about the Quora and how to get free traffic from it for the $9 fee you’re going to pay but it’s far from my expectations.

Using Quora as a source of traffic may work for some people but personally rather than investing all my effort behind a social network and let it to take control of my answers/questions, I prefer to focus on my website and spend 80% of my time to create high-quality content for my own website which I have 100% control of.

The best and most valuable option to receive organic traffic is SEO and by signing up into my Top-Rated Program below, you’ll find out how to get huge amount of free traffic without relying on any social network with some unique methods.

Any Alternative for One Minute Free Traffic?

As long as there are reliable ways to get organic traffic from, it’s not logical to focus only on one source of traffic and put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re looking for the real success, in addition to Quora, you need to learn EVERYTHING about WordPress as well as the largest social networking sites in the world like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc. and get yourself familiar with search engines other than Google like Bing or Yahoo.

I’m sorry but I have to be honest with you; the truth is that earning online from the Internet is not easy and success doe not happen overnight. You should keep your eye on the prize and don’t look back if you are serious about build an online business.

If you take a look at the background of richest people in the world and mots successful Internet entrepreneurs, you’ll easily find out that the key to getting success for all those people were focusing on a reliable system and stick on it.

The Platform that I’m going to introduce you below is a reliable system that has been used by tons of people for making a full-time income online. It’s a complete training program that helps you invest your money and effort in the Right Place and don’t waste them.

I’ve used it for several years and it always worked best for me and I’m pretty sure that it’ll work for you too. Unlike other making money systems, you’re not going to risk your money or time in this platform because it’s completely FREE to join and see what’s included inside for a whole week and you can leave it without paying a single dime as soon as you like.

But I’m sure that you’ll stay on it because it shows you the Right Way for making money from the Internet and believe it or not, it’s all related to your hobbies and interests!

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my recommendation

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Thanks for reading my One Minutes Free Traffic review. Feel free to share your opinion about my review as well as this program in the comments below and ask your questions. I would be more than happy to come back to you. )

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