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Is One Opinion Scam or Best Legit Survey Site?

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When it comes to online paid survey websites, everything gets more unclear and this makes it hard to find and choose new reliable sites. This applies for OneOpinion as well and lack of information does not let you make a logical decision about it and find the right answer for this question: Is one opinion scam or a real deal?

Well, you’re lucky because after reading my review, you don’t need to research about OneOpinion anymore. In addition to review it in terms of scam or legitimacy, I went inside of this survey site to see is it really valuable? What people say about it? How does it work and what are benefits of joining it? And more…

As always, I promise that my review is written as honest as possible and since I’m not linked to OneOpinion anyhow, I only share with I personally experienced with them. You may find people with opinion totally different than mine in other reviews but I assure you that this review is the best place to find only facts about OneOpinion. So stay with me! )


Product Name: OneOpinion

Official Website:

Owner: Critical Mix

Type: Paid Survey Platform

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Yes but only for making a little extra cash

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is one opinion

What is One Opinion All About?

One Opinion is founded by a well-known research company called Critical Mix. It’s a legit company and has branches in different countries from Asia to Europe.

One Opinion is a point based survey site which means you won’t get cash directly for sharing your opinion, instead, every time you complete a survey, according to time and type of survey, you will receive points and this points can be turn into cash when you reach a minimum threshold.

This survey website is a US based company and some years ago when it’s just started, people only from America, Canada and United Kingdom could join it but now, they’ve expanded their business and accept members from most of European countries like Spain, France, Germany, etc.

Also One Opinion merged with another website called MyView which let them accept members from more countries.

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one opinion review

How One Opinion Really Works?

In my personal experience, everything was clear and I’ve had not any problem with registration’s phase of One Opinion. The same as all other survey websites, everything starts with sign up. After signing-up and completing your profile; your account will get verify and it’s ready to use.

Then available surveys will be shown to you which you can choose those you are interested in and for each survey you fill out completely, you will get rewards. There is a minimum threshold of $25 which you need to reach before requesting withdraw money.

As you can see One Opinion uses information people enter in surveys as real feedbacks for market research purposes and there are many companies that are willing to buy these information from market research companies like One Opinion.

one opinion pros and cons

One Opinion – Pros & Cons

What I Liked About One Opinion

  • Payment Methods – This is the first thing I liked about this survey site. Most paid survey platforms will reward you only with gift cards which is not suitable always but One Opinion let you choose between Cash & Gift Cards. If you prefer you withdraw your money as cash, it’ll be sent to your PayPal account and you don’t need to take any additional step.

However, as I’ve mentioned above, you need to make at least $25 (which takes a serious amount of time in Survey sites) to be able to request payout and since you earn points instead of cash in One Opinion, this $25 would be equal to 25,000 points.

  • User Friendly Interface – Creators of One Opinion tried to make an easy to use platform for anyone with any knowledge in Internet and Computer. That’s why you can sign up and surf between different sections of the website as simple as possible and this is another advantage of One Opinion.
  • Customer Support – To be honest, I didn’t expect to see a quality support in One Opinion because my experience shows that most of the times, communicating with customers and members is missing piece of puzzle in survey sites; fortunately One Opinion has a great support system which is available 24/7 and answer all asked questions from members in less one day.
  • Number of Available Surveys – Many members mentioned that they reach a minimum threshold almost every month and there are enough surveys to complete when they login into One Opinion platform. Although the minimum threshold is only $25 and this shows that they don’t make more than $25 in a month but it seems that this is what they are satisfied with.

What I Didn’t Like About One Opinion

  1. Available Only for Some Countries – I’ve told that One Opinion is merged with MyView and they’re accepting users from Europe in addition to America and Canada but it seems that they’ve changed this option and back to accepting people only from UK,US & Canada. This retreat is not definitely something that new members can be happy with.
  2. Qualification Questionnaires – The same as other survey platforms, One Opinion request you complete a pre-qualification questionnaire which let them know what type of surveys is fit for you and if your answers do not pass their qualification’s phase, it’s sad but you won’t receive any surveys.
  3. Not a Full-Time IncomeAlthough I agree that One Opinion could be a good choice to start earning online, especially if you didn’t make money online before but you should keep in mind that making full-time income or replacing One Opinion with your current job is not something you should be looking for at this survey website.
  4. Low Potential of Income – This issue is similar to cons #3. One of the problems with survey sites that rewards members with points is that you never be able to make enough money through these sites. The average money you can expect to earn through filling out surveys is somewhere between $3 to $5 for one hour of your time which is really low.

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Can You Make Big Money With One Opinion?

Although paid survey websites have some advantages that let you make some extra money with a little work per month but the truth is that among all earning online opportunities, paid survey websites has the lowest earning potential and this potential even will be decreased when you want to work in point-system survey sites.

In case of One Opinion, you can complete some surveys in less 5 minutes while others take more than 15 or even 20 minutes. However, you never get more than 2000 points for completing a single survey so your earning potential would be somewhere between $1 to $3 per hour (If there are always available surveys).

Payment Options

Minimum payout of One Opinion is $25 which is equal to 25,000 and after reaching it, you can request to receive it as gift card. Fortunately, One Opinion uses gift cards from well-known brands that can be used in big online stores like Walmart or Amazon

What about Other Famous Survey Sites?

Yes, there are other platforms that let you earn money through taking surveys online and some of them are more popular than One Opinion but as I’ve told you above, making a full-time or even a part-time income from survey sites is a high expectation and you should not set your expectations that high when it comes to surveying sites.

Anyway, if you are a fan of survey business and what you can make through these platforms is not important for you here are a list of more legit and famous survey sites you can try:

IPsos, SwagBucks, OnePoll, etc.

is one opinion a scam

Final Word – Is OneOpinion Scam or Legit?

Finally, we are going to answer the first question which leads you to land on this page. If we consider OneOpinion as a survey platform (not anything more) then I don’t see anything wrong with its legitimacy.

OneOpinion simply gathers information from people about different topics and sell it to companies that need people’s feedback and this is a common way between many other market research companies as well. They will pay you with points and you can request to receive your money as a gift card.

On the other hand, the same as many other survey sites, there never be enough surveys to complete which means you can start taking surveys but after completing 2 or 3 surveys, you will notice that there is not anymore survey so you stop working and you earning will be stopped as well.

Most of the times, a number of surveys you receive is directly linked to your demographic and questionnaire you have completed at the beginning. People from united states have more chance to receive more surveys.


All in all, One Opinion is one of the few legit survey websites that always pays members on-time. You can’t make much with that but you can be sure they’ll pay you if you reach the minimum payout and this is good while we see that many survey sites just make big promises and when payment time comes, they simply don’t pay!

If you are happy with making a couple of dollars then One Opinion won’t disappoint you but if you’re looking to build a serious business with serious income, you should definitely take a look at my best recommendation below.

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  1. You tried to complete some surveys on the site, so you know what you are talking about.
    My biggest problem with survey sites is, I always think they are a bit of a scam untill proven otherwise.
    I see that One Opinion is not a scam now, but what a low potential income they offer! They want respondents from US, Canada and UK for 2 bucks an hour?! I see this option only as opportunity for school children earn some pocket money.
    I would say your rate 6 out of 10 is so very fear. The only positive feature in this survey site is, they pay out regularly. It is too few of an argument to start with them for majority of people.
    Do you have any proper site for earning money onlineto recomend by the way?

  2. Hi Ali! I’d like to thank you for this informative post – finally someone who explains clearly how survey sites work!

    Some time ago, I was unemployed for about 6 months. It was a very difficult period for me, so I looked for any possible way to make money in order to pay for my bills. I joined several survey sites, but as you said, it was only big promises and actually, very little to no money. Some of them, even after completing the pre-qualification questionnaire, did not allow me to complete the survey I received. For instance, say at question no. 17 out of 20, I was told that I was not qualified to complete the survey. This means that they actually got most of the information they were looking for, without paying me!

    From what you’re saying, I understand that “OneOpinion” is a legit survey websites that pays members on time. Even if you won’t make much money, I believe it is good to know which survey websites can be trusted. Thank you.

  3. This post is spot on! As I was reading it, I kept saying to myself, I would really like to know the pros and cons, and also I asked myself, what about other companies. It was so funny because as I kept scrolling down to read, my questions were being answered so it kinda made me smile. Reading this post about OneOpinion, at first, made me want to sign up for it, but as you said, it does not seem to be worthwhile the time. Oh well. But I’m glad you were able to review it for others to save them the heartache and time!! Great Job!

  4. Hi there, Thanks for clearing that up!

    I’ve been looking for a way to make money online for a while now and stumbled across many survey sites but they all seem the same.

    Either, you fill in a survey and then they tell you that you don’t match the criteria and you get nothing, they pay pretty much nothing or they run out of surveys after you fill out two.

    Are there any that you know of that would allow me to make, say £20 in one day if I wished to put a few hours of solid work in? Or are they all pretty pointless??

    Thanks, for the informative post. I’ll be back.

  5. Great review! It is definitely difficult to make a sustainable income from online surveys. If you consider the time it takes to complete a survey, you’re making substantially less than minimum wage in the U.S. I think completing surveys online would be good for someone who cannot work due physical illness or disability. Since this person couldn’t make minimum wage outside them home, they could do surveys online for several hours a day and possibly make a few hundred dollars a week.

  6. Hello!

    Thanks for the information.
    I am always looking for ways to make a little extra cash online. Although I am not a huge fan of surveys ( for the reasons you mentioned in your article as far as the qualification questions they ask before you can even take the survey).
    But I will definitely give One Opinion a try. I like the fact that they will allow you to chose a cash out option as oppose to a gift card , So I can use the money for something I ACTUALLY want !
    It may not be a whole lot of money but hey a little extra cash here and there never hurts!

    Thanks again!
    Kenise Michele

  7. Great review of One Opinion. This is actually a survey site I hadn’t heard of before! I think that legitimate survey sites can definitely be a fairly easy way to make a little bit of extra money, but people should be aware that they definitely can’t make a full-time income from taking surveys.

  8. When it comes to online paid survey sites they seem to want you to work very hard for very little rewards, rather like being employed in a low paid job, you are never going to earn a big return filling out surveys and questionnaires and you will spend lots of hours at your PC work station. In my opinion, I would steer clear of these type of online opportunities and maybe look for something else such as Ali’s best recommendation that he mentions above.

  9. Hey Ali,
    This is a great post. I found it very informative. I have fell into the survey sites that pay you in points before and you are completely right that it takes forever to build up enough to cash out. Thanks to you and your review of oneopinion i now know that if i ever get bored it might be something to do just for fun. Nothing i want to spend time doing while i have many other task at hand though. Thank you for saving me time!

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