is online verdict a scam

Is Online Verdict a Scam or An Unpredictable Program?

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A new platform called “Online Verdict” claims that freelancers can make good money from participating in a mock jury but there is the question: is Online Verdict a scam or it really gives you what’s claimed?

In our world today, there are different types of businesses coming up and diverse ways in which one can make money.

The latest, for now, is the group of people making their money online as mock jurors. All they have to do is to answer questions that are linked to court cases that occur in real life.

For those why may find this actually interesting, then this may as well be a perfect opportunity to finally join the train of those making money off the internet. However, you will have to be more than eighteen years of age and an American citizen.

Furthermore, it is actually quite easy to work in such a company as all that matters is that you get to register with them, offer them all your details and in return, they get to send you cases through the mails that can be matched with your federal district or your country.

However, it all depends on you to decide if you are going to be participating or not. But, if such a job is not for your type of person then there is no need to bother yourself with registering.

Nonetheless, one certain fact is that you will know that you are genuinely working from home when you can comfortably serve jury duty from your home. Interestingly, you are getting paid to do this.

At the end of the day, the company that has such an offer is none other than Online Verdict.


Product Name: Online Verdict

Official Website:

Founder: Jury consultants

Type: A platform for freelancers to make money from mock jury

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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What Is Online Verdict All About?

For those who have an interest in this easy way to make money from the comfort of your home, Online Verdict was developed by a group of professional trial consultants to offer attorneys with case feedbacks from jurors who are qualified in case venues.

In the year 2004, its website was registered and it has been running a successful operation for over ten years.

While the prominent traditional focus groups cost between the range of $20000 to about $50000 to execute, Online Verdict, on the other hand, offers a much more cost-effective and highly dependable option to a live jury for just a fraction of its cost.

Nevertheless, information that has been gotten from Online Verdict aids the trial consultants to consider if a case needs:

  • The services of a traditional focus group
  • If to take on the case, or;
  • Any other case issues before other researches are carried out.

As earlier stated, the only prerequisite demanded before a person can sign up with Online Verdict is that he or she must be about eighteen years or older than eighteen and more importantly, must be a citizen of the United States.

The website of Online Verdict is readily available for anyone who needs to create an account with any of their authentic email address plus a password which will be newly created.

About The Founder of Online Verdict

Online Verdict is an organization that was established by trial consultants who are highly qualified and experienced. The major aim as explained earlier was to offer attorneys with case feedbacks of quality coming from jurors of quality.

Basically, Online Verdict has its specialty in online jury concentration groups that practically collates swift and less costly live jury research for every case that is being conducted.

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how does online verdict work

How Does Online Verdict Work Exactly?

Several of products and platforms that I’ve reviewed recently like Your New at Home Career, Chloe & Isabel or Fusion Cash work similar together.

Immediately a person registers his or her details on the Online Verdict website, they will be sent cases that are based on the profile the person updated.

While they will send details of what the case is all about, in some other cases, a questionnaire is sent instead to be filled and sent back.

The fact is that the law firms are simply after the honest opinions of the interested users even if they could be positive or negative. At the end of the day, it will assist them in determining the next actions that should be taken.

What this means is that, there are no wrong or right answers, all that is needed on the case at hand is the user’s opinion on a case. However, there is the option to either accept or decline the offer to participate in a case.

In simpler terms, if you are sent a case that needs to be reviewed, you will have to provide your honest opinion and feedback or better still, fill up a questionnaire. Online Verdict pays once each month.

Also, users can work depending on how long they want to but as jurors online. Immediately they get an account with Online Verdict, all of their data and email addresses will be verified almost instantly.

Have it in mind that, once a case has responses that are more than enough, it could be within the range of twenty-five and fifty, and it will finally be closed. The range simply relies on the case itself.

Furthermore, the way a case swiftly closes relies on the number of people that are trying to participate. So, if there are so many people signed up from your specific area, it may as well be quite difficult to get a case before it is closed.

With this in mind, it is better that you respond to the cases as they are sent to you, also, all of your responses are expected to be opinions that come strictly from you.

Not to forget that, there are no consequences should your answer be different from that of others. Everyone must not have the same opinion on an issue.

The whole purpose of this work is simply to get genuine opinions from others for the attorneys to shape the cases in preparation for the actual trial.

Believe that, all you will be putting out there will be kept strictly confidential and the privacy of those involved will be kept discrete. With the completion of every case, you get paid for your time spent.

This means that you do not have to wait for days or weeks for your money to accumulate before getting paid.

Who Can Benefit From Online Verdict?

The types of users you will find on such a site are two. The first type of user you will come across that benefit from this site are the law firms that do not want to bother creating traditional focus groups since it is expensive.

This could actually mean that they may have prospectively dropped some cases that they might have won if they had the correct information to make such a decision. Instead of creating something costly, they look up to another quite cheap which is the Online Verdict.

The other user that benefits from this site are the group of people who just want to make money as trial jurors online. This is expected as such an opportunity does not require any unique skills aside in writing and reading.

Even reading and writing are carried out on a basic level. Like we stated earlier, the opportunity is given and open to all that are above eighteen years of age.

How People Make Money with Online Verdict?

To think of making money you must first of all be a registered member on the Online Verdict website. We keep resounding it that the demands to be met here are for you to be an American citizen and above the standard age of eighteen

Based on your profile, that is how cases are issued to you plus your location is a vital tool. This means that if you happen to not reside in an environment that is filled with so many criminal activities that can be taken up as cases, you will barely get any case.

However, there is no specific profile match that gets the highest number of cases that will be reviewed. And so, just like all other jury sites online or surveys you come across, it is ideal that you fill in special details.

In simpler terms, it is with your profile that you get sent cases to fill and review. For every case you review, it takes an estimated time that ranges from twenty it sixty minutes to round up reviewing.

Also, you get paid on exactly how long it will take you to finish up a case. The answers expected from you are those you can repeat if you were to be in a courtroom. Never forget that these lawyers only want to have an idea on how a person would react if they were to be the juror.

With that in mind, they can determine how they will present the case in a way that it will be in the client’s favor. Additionally, the completion of a case brings about payment within a period of one to two weeks.

And, this payment is brought by check. The only unfortunate part to all of these is that they do not payout through PayPal or even direct deposit.

Your pay will be mailed to the particular address you provided while registering on the website.

While you may have your reservations on why the payment is carried by check, however, the company does it so that they are sure you are not a fraud and you actually reside in the specific environment you registered.

Payment is executed per how long and complex the case you handled was. But, on a general note, all cases pay between the range of twenty dollars to sixty dollars and this is roughly one dollar each minute.

On this site, there is actually no lowest amount of payment before you can request to cash out. The site tackles every single thing all by itself and even sends out payments by itself.

Moreover, the number of cases that you get to review depends strictly on the number of attorneys that make use of this service in your area.

This implies that small areas will not have as many opportunities available like the bigger cities and towns. Another important factor that you should note is that Online Verdict does not require any form of long-term commitment from you.

For those that will be able to obtain about six hundred dollars or even more than that within a year, Online Verdict will give you a form known as the 1099 form which has your tax with it.

This form will be sent by the 31stof January the next year and so you will have to wait around to complete your taxes.

However, for the set of people that will not be able to make the six hundred dollars, they will still be held responsible for documenting all they made while working with the company.

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For the advantages of Online Verdict, they include:

  • The payment for jurors varies for all completed works between twenty to sixty dollars
  • The attorneys can acquire feedbacks that are valuable from jurors who are qualified
  • OnlineVerdict caters to questionnaires and surveys with some bigger companies engaged in data collection
  • Real cases are being reviewed


As for its cons:

  • You have to be eighteen and above before you can fully participate
  • The system is for citizens of the United States alone
  • It cannot be taken as a full-time job for the fact that there is no commitment for a long-term position.

Final Word – Is Online Verdict a Scam 

So many people have continually asked if Online Verdict is a scam or if it is legit. Well, in a nutshell, the website can be said to be legit. This is because it has made diverse lists of legit survey panel websites that actually pay its users

Also, it has been reviewed severally on websites that can be taken as trustworthy since they focus on working at home gigs and jobs. Online Verdict gets to have decent praises most times.

For now, no site has labeled it as a scam website. There are diverse companies that act like Online Verdict as well and these companies are also legit. However, Online Verdict seems to be the only one that is usually talked about on various sites.

While the website has not been accredited by BBB, because it has probably not sought for accreditation, it still has a rating of A+ without any complaints and it has been functioning for over ten years.

This could only be a good sign.

Wrapping It Up

At the end of the day, Online Verdict has no hidden fees that it asks for when you want to register. However, if you are clearly interested in making money online and you have the skills that may qualify you as either a legal representative, then Online Verdict is yours to conquer.

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