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Is Opinionsite Scam or You Will Really Get Paid for Your Opinion?

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Day by day, you can find more reviews on the survey websites that try to advise you if these kinds of websites are trustworthy or not. The reason is that there are many websites claiming that you can make money by completing surveys because it’s one of the most popular ways in order to earn money online by now and when it comes to Opinionsite, this is the most important question should be asked and answered: Is Opinionsite a scam or your opinion can really bring money for you?

The fact is that number of paid survey websites is increasing every year and in this situation, it would be hard to recognize and pick out a  survey site among many others that be legal and worth to try!

This review that you are reading is one of them and it’s about a survey site called OpinionSite. Here, you can discover if it’s a legal program or it’s a scam site!

On this website, the income is up to many elements but on the average it would be around ten to fifty dollars in a month. Do you ask how can you make this money on OpinionSite? Since it’s a survey website, you get paid for answering to the surveys on this site. By this way, you score points and you save your points for changing them to a gift card or cash. The least cash is earned one single time.

No difference if you are normal people or you are a healthcare professional because there are surveys for both of them on OpinionSite and this is the special feature of this site. Normally you can make more money if you are a healthcare expert.


Product Name: OpinionSite

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Get Paid to Take Surveys

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is opinionsite

What is OpinionSite All About?

Despite of the objections of some members about the OpinionSite, this site is considered as a legal way to make money online by completing surveys although low customer support, limited number of surveys, unpaid or late payments are the most common members complaint of this site. These complaints and expected payment ($10 to $50) would be considered more accurately in the rest of this review.

As it said in the previous section, on this site you get paid in points in exchange for completing surveys. These points can be saved for changing to cash or gift cards once receiving the least cash.

This legal social science and market research website that started in 1997, is a way for making money online for ordinary people and healthcare professionals. They can earn money by answering surveys and the money will be paid through check on one occasion that it’s enough to make a withdrawal.

Is OpinionSite The Program You Should Try?

It’s easy for everybody to be a member of the OpinionSite because membership of this site is simple and free and it’s enough to be a resident of the United States for enrolling in the site.

As it mentioned before, the OpinionSite is for ordinary people who would like to have another income online. It can also be another income source for healthcare professionals. For this type of members who are expert in healthcare, the OpinionSite is a site to remark on healthcare subjects professionally. The advantage for healthcare professionals is accessibility to the site in many countries. The only way for making money on OpinionSite for ordinary people and healthcare professionals is by completing surveys that gives points to members of the site. The taken points can be saved for cash after having the least cash.

There is an another type of people who can use the OpinionSite. They are researchers, brands and businesses who use the OpinionSite in order to get more ideas and information for bettering their services and products. The site can link this type of members to healthcare professionals or ordinary people for knowing their opinions or doing a survey of them based on their demands.

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how opinionsite works

How Does OpinionSite Work?

The OpinionSite has the usual form of some other market research websites. You give some information about yourself for becoming a member of the site and they use the information for sending you special offers, account updates and email newsletters.

After membership, you can always decide to remove your account from the site for any reason such as receiving the different marketing communications or boring surveys. But after unsubscribing, they still have your personal information in their database and for removing all your information you have to contact and ask them directly.

Well, do you ask if the OpinionSite is licit or not? The answer depends on your personal experience about the payment amount and the mass of marketing contacts that you receive. For instance, on the website that you can’t answer surveys easily for achieving payment but promoters still send you a lot of contacts, it means something is wrong and it’s not a legal market research website!

opinionsite pros and cons

Pros & Cons

  • What I Liked About OpinionSite

Here there are some good points to consider about Opinionsite:

The first very good point is that this site never disappoints you! It means that even if you are not good enough for a survey, you would get paid few points as an encouragement just for answering the questions. Therefore, you can be hopeful that taking part in surveys always has a reward even few!

The OpinionSite is a very good way to make money online for those people who prefer to earn cash and are not interested in getting gift cards for their online work. On this site, you can save your points in order to earn cash and gift card is not the only payment method to members.

Another good point about OpinionSite is accessibility in many countries for members who are healthcare professionals and it’s also free and simple to join for everyone.

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  • What I Did not Like About OpinionSite

Well nothing is perfect and that’s why you should expect to see not good things about OpinionSite. Here are negative points about this website that I considered as cons and I’m going to share it with you here:

One of the first negative points you should face with is not clear information and instruction about registration’s phase, work’s process, etc. I guess everybody like to know as much as possible about an online service before joining it and information like what you should do exactly, how to sign-up, what you will get after joining, potential income, etc. are basic information a valuable company should give to its customers and members at the beginning and this is what we don’t see in OpinionSite.

Another cons of OpinionSite is its long-time to get your money. It’s hard to believe but it may take up to 2 months to receive your money after requesting it and this looks ridiculous since we’re living in an online world which you can send/receive money in a few minutes with online payment services like PayPal or Skrill.

Also that looks more useless when you know there is a minimum amount of $10 for withdraw and when you make this $10 and you should wait 6 to 8 weeks to receive it by cheque, well that does not look logical for most of people.

Another thing is that OpinionSite focused on professionals of healthcare mostly. They always get more surveys with better rate and have more opportunities to make money so clearly it’s important for them to have healthcare professionals more than others in their platform and people who are not healthcare gurus, do not feel comfortable with this fact.

But what is the third negative point of OpinionSite? It’s qualification! This means, you can’t take any survey you want and there’s a step before that and OpinionSite should confirm your qualification for each survey.

Well, to be honest, I’ve seen this additional step in almost all paid survey site that I’ve reviewed before. Although it does not seem to be difficult and you just have to answer a couple of questions before starting to get survey but don’t forget to get reward, your qualification should be confirmed by survey website and if survey site you are working on (OpinionSite in this case) does not confirm your qualification (based on question you answered), you won’t get any reward.

Anyway there are still platforms which send you only pre-qualified surveys so if it’s important for you to not take additional time for qualification, it’s better to go for survey sites that provide pre-qualified surveys. And there’s one more thing we can consider as a negative point for OpinionSite which you should know about; when you start qualification’s phase, you will be able to start taking survey right after that but this does not mean you’ve got qualified for that survey.

The bad thing is that your qualification may get rejected for a survey by OpinionSite when you’re just in the middle of that survey which means, you’ve spent time to complete half of a survey and now you should leave it because you won’t get any reward for that.

is opinionsite a scam

Final Word – Is OpinionSite Surveys A Scam?

So you want to know my final verdict about OpinionSite right? Here it’s:

Based on my own experience, research and what reviews of other people, I don’t recommend this paid survey to anyone. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not going to say that OpinionSite is a scam on the contrary it’s totally a legit company which pay all members but some big disadvantages like not supporting well-known payment options like PayPal, Qualification’s phase and rewards members based on a point system not cash stop me from recommending it to others, especially to beginners and newbies who want to earn some money online.

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What do you think about paid survey sites? Do you have any experience in working with them? Feel free to share your opinion in comments below. : )

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