is optavia a scam

Is Optavia a Scam? – Find All The Truth Here!

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Is Optavia a Scam?

I want to congratulate you first of all for having taken out time to carry out proper research before deciding to invest in this program. This is the best way of avoiding those products that are scams online. You have come here wondering what makes Optavia very unique.

You may be asking whether it is possible to not only create money but also health with this program. This simply means there are doubts regarding whether it is scam or not.

I am not in any way affiliated to this company or trying to market anything to you. However, below is an objective review about Optavia.


Product Name: Optivia

Official Website:

Product Type: Weight Loss

Owner: Bradley T. Macdonald & Dr. Wayne S. Andersen

Cost: $199 + Up-sells

Recommended? Yes but only for people who want to lose weight via meal replacement

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is optavia

What Actually Is Optavia?

I am a straight forward person. This is why I will be giving you clear details regarding this company without including anything that is unnecessary. It is all about what I personally feel about this program. 2016/2017 was when it came into existence. A program which is referred to as ‘‘Take Shape For Life’’ in the year 2003 was where it got created from. Anytime you carry out a search for ‘‘Take Shape For Life’’, you will get redirected to the website of Optavia.

They are basically programs with the same objectives. The products being offered by both companies are the same. The only difference that exists between them is that while Take Shape For Life seems to be part of another company known as Medifast, Optavia seems is an outfit that is independent.

how optavia works

How Optavia Works & How You Can Make Money with That?

The eligibility to earn bonus from this program depends on purchasing its Health Coach Business Kit which goes for $199. It contains all the marketing and training resources that you will need to get started. As soon as this gets purchased, that is when you will then be eligible to become a full Head Coach of Optavia.

Please note that becoming a head coach doesn’t require that you have any qualification. This means that one doesn’t have to be a health expert before taking part in Optavia’s program.

Pros and Cons of Optavia


1- Better Background of Company

Just as earlier explained, Optavia is an offspring of Medifast. This is a corporation that is working in the industry of weight loss for the last many years.

2- Attractive Compensation Package

Although this isn’t the most perfect amongst other packages, it is much better than what most of the companies out there are offering. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Its high level of transparency
  • It isn’t reliant on enrolling
  • Its focus is on giving people assistance

3 – 30 Day Money Background

In case you aren’t satisfied with products that this company will be offering you, it is easy to ask for a refund within a period of 30 days. This becomes very necessary given the fact that everyone can’t like what this program offers. People are different in terms of their taste preferences.


1- It Is A Very Expensive Program

Optavia sells items individually but they will want to convince you to buy the complete kits most of the time. There is one of their plans called Optimal Health Program. Through this program, you will be able to lose weight over a given period of time. This also implies that you will need to purchase lots of their snacks and food items.

Kits such as these will cost you about $300 – $400. It is meant to last for 30 days which implies that you will be buying it each month. As compared to gym membership or weight watchers programs, this seems more expensive.

Distributors of Optavia will want to convince you that they are assisting you in getting your money saved on other types of food. Although this is true, there is no doubt that it can’t totally reduce the cost that would have been spent on other foods.

It is also worth mentioning that the $400 kit is only for a single person. Therefore, if your family is a total of 4 people, then you will be spending around $1500.

2- Fake Coach

Just as earlier said, the health experts that this program has aren’t genuine or qualified individuals. These are marketers or distributors who majorly are interested in helping the company make money. For the newbies, this can be very misleading given the fact that they have been promised their own personal health coach once they become part of the program. People will be thinking that these are qualified experts who can give them the best tips that will help them lose weight. They will realize that such head coaches are only there to play the roles of sponsors.

3- Weird Taste

There is hardly any replacement that is acceptable by all and sundry. This is evident in the taste. There are people who have made complaints about their fuelings’ weird taste. The good part about all of these is that the types of foods have being increased. This will give you access to various options that you can choose from.

4- Not Sustainable

This one seems to be the most vital amongst others. It is fact that controlling your food intake is a major part of weight loss. Honestly speaking, exercises seem to be even more crucial. For this program to work, you will need to give up those delicious foods that you take into your system. You can see that it isn’t sustainable in any way.

is optavia scamConclusion – Is This Program A Scam?

Optavia isn’t a scam as it has got a reputable background. However, my opinion about losing some weight is that it entails discipline and self control. It is much better than having to dependent on a company to offer you some meal replacements in other to reduce weight. Regular exercise can’t be ignored in any way if you want to stay healthy.

Due to its price tag, I don’t think it is worth all the hassle. The meal replacements aren’t a complete substitute for the normal meals that you take into your system. They are there to only function as supplements. Although Optavia will help you to reduce the cost that would have been incurred on other food items, don’t forget that another financial burden will be created through the monthly payments. This is something that you have to consider.

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