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Is Overnight Millionaire a Scam? – My Deep Research Says…

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What motivates people to purchase something? A nice packaging.
What makes people sign up for this or that money-making program (legit or scam)? Words like ‘instant’, ‘fast’, ‘overnight’, ‘millionaire’ in the name of the product. Surprisingly, people easily believe the promises that they will earn a lot of money in a very short period of time. So is Overnight Millionaire a scam? Let’s see!

Who would people rather believe and trust? A successful, young, athletic man, full of energy, full of ideas; a person who instead of spending his time at the computer or in an office, spends his time riding his sports cars. The truth is that people would easily trust a person calling himself “Million Dollar”.

Did you guess what program I am going to review today? Yes, that`s Overnight Millionaire designed by Wesley “Million Dollar” Virgin. And you can find all these success factors I have mentioned above, in his promo video.

Many people get easily persuaded by this video. And taking into account that the price of the course is just $20, it attracts more and more people who believe that they can instantly become a millionaire by paying just twenty bucks.

If you are reading this, it means that you don`t easily believe whatever you see, that you are looking for facts. And I am here to provide you with these facts. Continue reading to find out how efficient is the system Wesley Virgin has designed and if his methods work or not.


Product Name: Overnight Millionaire

Official Website:

Owner: Wesley Virgin

Type: A method that reprograms your mind for making money

Cost to Join: $37 + Upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is Overnight Millionaire


Overnight Millionaire is a course that explains how to design a new product, but to be honest, the motivational part of the course was more valuable for me. Wesley Virgin gives a lot of hacks on how to we need to think to achieve success, because sometimes the biggest obstacle to success is our mind.

The main course costs $20, but there are also additional courses which are totally optional, and you should purchase any of them only in case they sound like what you really need.

What is Wesley Virgin All About?

As far as I am making my living by reviewing various money-making programs and schemes, I have to watch much promotional stuff about different programs to keep myself up-to-date and to choose a program to review. I must confess that most of these promo videos look the same, marketers using the same tricks to attract new customers. However, what I saw from Wesley Virgin was slightly different.

What stunned me is Wesley`s own personality. Of course, his videos had everything a successful promotional video needs – a young, rich, athletic guy enjoying his life instead of spending days in front of his computer or at the office. But his charisma makes him stand out. After watching his videos you want to find out more about this guy and how he achieved what he has today.

It rarely happens to me that a short promo video makes me dig into the program. Most of the times I start doing research on a program only when I`m planning to write a review for it. But Overnight Millionaire, and I`d rather say Wesley Virgin, has impressed me enough to start watching more of his videos.

I realize that this is the review of Overnight Millionaire, and you are here to find out if it`s worth the money you are to pay or not. But we shouldn`t forget that behind each program there is a person, and sometimes the success of the program depends on this person more than on the efficiency of the program itself. Of course, I will share with you all the facts and details of Overnight Millionaire, but first, let`s take a closer look at the person behind it.

Founder of Overnight Millionaire

Wesley “Million Dollar” Virgin, the creator of Overnight Millionaire, knows better than anyone else what it is to start from the very bottom and achieve everything. He grew up in a very poor family and experience really hard times when there wasn`t even enough food sometimes.

Many people would think that if you don`t have a starter`s fund or good quality education (which is expensive too), you will hardly achieve anything special in life. However, Wesley has proved that it`s not true and everyone has a chance to make an extraordinary carrier.

Wesley Virgin believes that what helps people become successful and achieve their goals is their mindset, their attitude. It`s all in our head – how we think, how we communicate, how we deal with opportunities and how we reach our goals determines how successful we are in life.

Wesley has summoned up his theory and his life experience in a course called Overnight Millionaire which of course, won`t earn you money, but will help you find the right attitude which will help you achieve your financial goals.

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how does Overnight Millionaire work

What Is Inside of Overnight Millionaire

The main Overnight Millionaire audio set, also known as Overnight Mindset Hacks, consists of several audio files which you need to listen to every single day for a month. They won`t take much of your time – just half an hour, but the main point is to stay consistent and not skip it even for a day. Even if it may seem strange and inefficient for you, continue listening to them and in a month you will see the first results.

You might be puzzled why it takes a month to get the first results. Well, in these audio files Wesley Virgin works on your subconscious, and changes which will be occurring during this month won`t be obvious to you because they are made on a very deep level.

Wesley has created a course that will reprogram your mind. It will prepare you for earning millions of dollars. As Wesley claims, the course will help you create a product that will earn you financial success, as well as it will help you be more persuasive and easily make people purchase your product.

Moreover, Wesley will teach you how to create several sources of income and how to become a successful person – a person whom people trust and easily give up their money to.

According to Wesley Virgin, with the help of this course, you are going to achieve your financial and business goals much faster than using traditional learning practices like reading self-help and business books or taking normal courses.

Besides the basic course, Wesley has also designed several audio and video courses like Meditation, Morning Practices, Fast Start Mind-hacks Cheat Guide and several others, but they are totally optional and you can choose those upsells which are suitable for your personal needs.

Just to imagine what kind of stuff these upsells teach you, I`ll describe one of the additional courses called 10XWHYS. It helps you understand why you want to become a millionaire, to dig deep down in your mind and bring the real reasons on the surfaces. Wesley believes that you can achieve whatever you want only if you realize WHY you need to achieve it.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you remember, I’ve mentioned that there’s always a cost behind money-making programs and I’ve explained about it in some of my past reviews like Home Income Millionaire, Insiders Cash Club or Technology Profits Confidential.

The initial price of Overnight Millionaire course is just $20, but most of the websites sell it along with several upsells, that is why on different websites the final price may differ as well. Each additional upsell comes at a different price. Here are just a couple of them so that you can see what prices and content to expect from these additional videos.

  • The Unrevealed Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind – comes at $99 – in this video, you will learn the way millionaires think and what values they use as a guide in their lives.
  • The Affirmation Cash Course will cost you $17 and teach you everything about attracting money and success.
  • The Million Dollar Persuasion and Psychology Techniques – the cheapest upsell which comes at $9 – how to persuade people to purchase your product and succeed at sales.

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Overnight Millionaire pros and cons

Overnight Millionaire – Pros and Cons


  • The first advantage one notices is probably the price of the course. It`s really quite low and definitely affordable compared to many other courses. And taking into account that Wesley promises to help you change from the core, it is really worth the money.
  • Wesley himself is very good at marketing and persuading himself, that`s why his videos, I`d say are probably the best inspirational and motivational videos I`ve ever seen.
  • Upsells are totally optional and you will be able to achieve results even without them.


  • The biggest issue with Overnight Millionaire that I see is that it doesn`t give you a precise, step-by-step plan of what you need to do to become rich. It gives you just subtle guidelines that you need to follow in your behavior and making your choices.
  • Wesley Virgin promises quick results without the need to spend much time or money on it. This undermines his course as an effective profound success scheme.

I have reviewed MANY money-making schemes and courses that promise to make you rich. And most of them had one and the same pattern. The starting price for the course or the product is very low, sometimes unbelievably low.

However, as soon as you sign up for it, you are invited to purchase more and more upsells. Sometimes, you can`t achieve anything at all unless you give the program more money for the upsells. And in the end, you realize that the program has cost you a fortune.

Luckily, things with Overnight Millionaire are different. You are not pushed to pay for additional videos and courses at all. Yes, there are some offers which include upsells. Yes, you are invited to purchase more upsells too. But the difference is that there is no pressure on you to do so, and you can do pretty fine without those upsells.

And that is very wise of Wesley Virgin to change this usual pattern and do something different. Because this way people don`t think it`s all about money and trust the program more. Sometimes, when people are not pushed to do something, they are more likely to choose to actually buy the product.

Does This System Work or Not Finally?

You might be confused about whether this program is worth trying or not. Just now I realized that I have praised Wesley Virgin as a person a lot, but on the other hand I pointed out several serious drawbacks as well. But let me finally tell you what I think about this program and if I recommend it or not.

The thing with this course is that it works on your mind, on your perception of such things as money, success, business, marketing and other stuff. But it doesn`t give you a straightforward plan of how to start a business or launch your own product.

That is why if you have zero experience in business or marketing, but are willing to become a successful businessman and earn millions of dollars, then you may find this course totally useless. Of course, it will give you some basic understanding of how business and marketing works and how to succeed in it, but in order to really become a prominent businessman, you will definitely need some extra training.

On the other hand, if you have already had some experience in sales or marketing, especially if you`ve worked in affiliate marketing, and you feel like you`ve reached that stage where you want to launch your own product, then this may be a suitable course for you.

But again, you should keep in mind that the final result depends 100% on yourself. It depends on how well you will be able to use the advice of Wesley Virgin and how determined you are to take action on achieving your business goals.

is Overnight Millionaire scam

Final Word – Is Overnight Millionaire a Scam? 

Although Overnight Millionaire works on our subconscious and doesn`t teach any material matters, to me, there are no doubts that Overnight Millionaire is no scam. And to prove that Wesley Virgin offers a 100% money-back guarantee. It means that if you tried out the course and realized that it`s not suitable for you, you can apply for a money refund within 2 months, and if approved, you will get all your money back.

That`s why if you feel that Overnight Millionaire may be what you are looking for, then you can easily try it without taking any risks.

Is There Any Alternative to Overnight Millionaire? Yes, There’s!

In case you are just starting your way in the freelance world and considering trying out affiliate marketing, I believe, you need some more structural and specific training first. I would recommend you try taking the Wealthy Affiliate course.

Not only will it provide an easy-to-follow, step-by-step training of how to succeed in affiliate marketing, but also it will give you access to a community of other affiliate marketers, both beginners, and pros, and give you an opportunity to ask experienced, successful marketers for advice.

And believe me, sometimes nothing is more important than to know that you are not alone on this path, and there are others like you who are experiencing the same problems or having the same doubts, and an opportunity to take advice from those who have been in your place before is priceless.

my recommendation

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Overnight Millionaire. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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