is paid surveys at home a scam

Is Paid Surveys At Home a Scam or Not? – Unbiased Review!

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Like many other paid survey platform, Paid Surveys at Home provides you making money opportunity through completing online surveys but is Paid Surveys at Home a scam that you should avoid it?

There’s a small difference between Paid Surveys at Home and other similar websites. In normal survey platforms, a list of surveys will be sent to your mailbox according to your geolocation, interests, age, etc. and you only work on that website but in the Paid Surveys at Home, you’ll have access to a list of legit paid survey sites that have been monitored and checked by Paid Surveys at Home then you can choose the most suitable ones (or those ones that pay more). Actually, it’s like a bridge between you and high paying survey companies.

The second difference is that unlike many other survey sites, joining Paid Surveys at Home is not Free and it cost you $68. For this amount of money, in addition to access to +500 legit paid survey platforms, a list of +250 other making money opportunities will be available to you.

When I’ve checked the official website of Paid Surveys at Home last week, I’ve seen a 50% discount coupon which let you join the platform for only $34 instead of $68. I’m not sure how long this 50% discount reminds available but they clearly mentioned that it’s a temporary offer.

Paid Surveys at Home promises that you can earn at least $5 for completing a single survey and it can go up to $80! Paid Surveys at Home didn’t stop claiming at that step and it says that making +$100 in an hour with taking their phone surveys is very possible.

If you have ever worked on any survey site in the past, you know well that this is a ridiculous claim and reliable paid survey platforms like Swagbucks or InboxDollars never pay that much. They have a standard range of $0.10 to $0.50 for completing surveys.

All those claims plus some requests from my visitors made me write this Paid Surveys at Home review. You’ll know everything about this survey company after reading this article and I’ll directly answer this question: is Paid Surveys at Home a scam or not?

I think that it’s better to spend 5 minutes here and read my review of this company instead of giving Paid Surveys at Home a try without doing proper research and get disappointed after a while.

So here is all the truth about Paid Surveys at Home!


Product Name: Paid Surveys at Home

Official Website:

Owner: Patricia Johnson

Type: Paid Survey Company

Cost to Join: $68 ($34 with 50% off)

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 10

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what is paid surveys at home

Intro – What Is Paid Surveys At Home All About?

I think a database of paid survey companies is the best term for Paid Surveys At Home. It connects you to a huge list of online/offline survey opportunities and having access to this connection will cost you $68 (If you don’t take advantage of 50% temporary off).

Instead of focusing on only online paid survey sites, the list of Paid Surveys At Home includes several other works at home options like product testing, working on focus groups or taking phone surveys which do not require an Internet connection.

In simple words, Paid Surveys At Home is aiming to save your time by providing a list of checked and tested making money opportunities.

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how paid surveys at home works

How Paid Surveys At Home Works Exactly?

As I’ve told you before, Paid Surveys At Home does not provide you surveys itself and it just links you to other survey companies. To take the most benefits of this platform, PSAH says that it’s better to sign up with +10 survey companies from the provided list.

I’ve done to see what will happen after register on 17, 18 survey websites. The issue that came up was the same problem I’ve had with most of the paid survey companies which are getting disqualified for taking surveys.

This means, you start to take the survey and each survey takes time (let’s say 5min minimum) and when you are done, you get disqualified and you get a message which says you won’t get any credit for taking this survey because of that. This is not what you would be happy to see after spending your time taking surveys.

On the other hand, in my opinion, you don’t need to pay for getting access to a list of survey websites because, with a quick Google search, you can find tons of paid survey companies and to recognize the legitimate ones among them, you just need to ignore those ones that are willing to pay $20, $30, $50 or more for a single survey. This is a scam sign and none of the legit companies pay more than $1 (most of them pay less) for completing a survey.

Is Paid Surveys At Home For You?

Well yes and no. There are some benefits behind this company but it’s not definitely suitable for everyone.

There are several factors which determine if you can complete a survey or not but the bad thing is that you never know if you are eligible for taking a survey BEFORE completing it. For example, some surveys are only available for people from some specific countries in Europe and if you are from the United States and start taking this survey, you’ll only know that you waste your time AFTER completing that survey. I know it looks ridiculous but it’s a fact about many survey sites.

Most of the times, you won’t get paid until you reach a specific amount of money which called “minimum payout”. Generally, survey companies have a minimum payout of $20 to $50 and this means, you should take much more than 2,3 surveys every day to reach that threshold.

Another negative point about this business is that it’s a time-consuming job. Imagine you should spend at least twenty minutes of your time for a $1 survey and in the best scenario, if you are able to take 5 surveys in a day and each of them pay you $1 (this is very rare because most of them pay $0.10 to $0.30) you’ll only make $5 which is not worth your valuable time at all.

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paid surveys at home review

Paid Surveys At Home – What I Liked & What I Didn’t Like

What I Liked

  • There’s a money-back guarantee for your $68($34) and you can request a refund up to 60 days after joining the platform
  • A list of legit paid survey platforms will be available so you can save your research time

What I Didn’t Like

  • It uses some fake testimonials to get the trust of new members
  • Your contact and personal info will be at risk because it can be sold to other companies
  • There are many annoying upsells you have to see every time you log in to Paid Surveys At Home
  • It’s not possible to make more than a couple of dollars every month with legit survey sites
  • You are paying for something that is completely available for Free on the web
  • You should spend a significant amount of time just for making a few extra dollars

is paid surveys at home scam
Final Word – Is Paid Surveys At Home a Scam? 

I remember that in my Dollar Trade Club review, I’ve mentioned that there’s not any semi-legit or semi-scam program so with keeping this fact in mind, I don’t see any problem with sign up with Paid Surveys At Home in terms of legitimacy but it’s not an option for replacing with your full-time job.

You may be wondering why Paid Surveys At Home is recommended by many sites if it has many negative points. The answer is simple, those reviewers who recommend PSAH as one of the best ways for money making online are not honest persons.

Actually, they are only affiliates who get benefits from recommending this company and they make money by finding new customers for this website so they just uncover the positive points of PSAH and hide many facts about it which are mostly negative.

I never recommend working in survey sites because of its very low-income potential unless you love taking surveys online. You won’t get 5 or 6 surveys every month and you won’t get qualified even for those few surveys.

I’m also against all those unrealistic claims (Making $$$ monthly) make by some survey companies. You never be able to make $800, $700 or much less through taking surveys business and this is a fact that most survey companies do not want you to know about.

Having financial freedom and making your own business online is not easy but it’s not very hard too; many people have done it before but you need to find the right way and choose the right direction.

If having some extra bucks in your pocket (between $30 to $50) at the end of the month is something you feel happy with then feel free to give survey sites a shot but if you want to make a serious amount of money and build an online business for yourself which can bring you full-time income in the near future then I highly recommend you to take a look at my money making strategy I introduced below to see what is the real way for making much more than full-time income from your hobbies!

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed this time since this is a modern business which you never tried before.

Thank you for spending your valuable time and reading my Paid Surveys At Home review. I hope it helped you to find the truth about this platform. Hope to see you again in another review article here and feel free to share your thoughts about this review in comments below. 🙂

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  1. So, basically, this site is a broker and doesn’t actually have a product of their own to sell. It seems the more opportunities that others put forward to make money, the more of these types of sites that pop up.
    Yes, it is convenient for a new person to not have to look around for the best, but in this case, as you touched on, surveys are NOT worth it, ever.
    That is, unless you are doing it for a hobby and not as an income. If that was the case, you would certainly not pay to do something you can do for free.
    I must say, your recommendation is top notch. I’ve been a member of that community for a few months now and it is worth every second and every cent that I invest into it. I feel so accomplished working toward this.
    Keep it up with the good reviews and insights!

  2. Hi Ali! When I started researching about “Paid Surveys at home” I had a question: Is it legit? You have answered my question. Yes it is.
    But after reading your post I have started to see things in perspective and I realize that I should not spend my hard earn cash on stuff that are free online. Specially when making money taking surveys is so time consuming.
    I now view it like this: We spend days trying to make $34 USD and should we give it away to “Paid Surveys at home” when we can find legit survey site by just searching on Google?
    Thank you for also mentioning this alternative to earn money online. I’ll check it out.

  3. Hi Ali! I enjoyed reading your article. I’ve had experience with online surveys and have gotten frustrated searching for websites that we’re legitimate. I’ve never been able to find many legitimate one out there, and as you’ve mentioned, the ones that are legitimate often don’t offer a lot. As for your article, the look and feel matches the content. Nothing overly complex and simple. Your illustrations are relevant as well. I thought it was a nice touch by adding links to other articles related to your article. I also liked the shout out to WA at the end. Nice work! The only thing I would give as advice would be to proofread your articles, perhaps from someone else. Some of the wording didn’t flow and felt broken from the choice of words. Lastly, this article was a bit longwinded and was hard to want to finish towards the end. Maybe it’s my own attention span that is the problem but I would recommend chopping the last bit of the article down a little. Otherwise, great job!

  4. Ali, I agree that surveys online are junk.
    I completed several of them a while back, but it just ended being a total waste of time.
    I’m glad that you recommend WA.
    There is so much interest in making money online. People go for eBay, Amazon Affiliate, Trulilly, etc.
    There are so few companies like WA that really do give you a straight shot and creating a stream of money from creating an online business.
    There’s a lot to know.
    Thank you for your research…. you have lots of great topics.

  5. Hi! This is so helpful, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience of the Paid Surveys at Home program. I enjoy doing surveys online and am happy to receive vouchers and sometimes small monetary rewards but I would not pay to do surveys. That doesn’t make sense to me. Your review of the pros and cons was really helpful and the information you shared about how much realistically you can make gave me a lot to think about. It was also good for me to think about how much of my personal information I am sharing and whether I want to give this to be sold to other companies. Thanks again for writing this. I wish you well 😊

  6. I see a number of sites offering to be paid for surveys, after reading you content it has educated me that I am not the only one getting disqualified after taking the survey.
    After reading your content I am going to look deeper and try some of the sites which you do refer to.
    Great article
    Thank you

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