is Panel Payday a scam

Is Panel Payday a Scam or a Booster to Your Online Earning?!

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Panel Payday review is the research result of an independent writer that is done based on online data and certificates and his viewpoints about Panel Payday. But is Panel Payday a scam?

Following this useful review would help you to know more about Panel Payday and its function in order to recognize it as a valid source for online business or just a scam for robbing your money!

Because nowadays, online business is one of the most favorite jobs in the world and it’s developing widely every day but beside that there is always this dread whether it’s a scam and you are going to lose your money or it’s really a trust-able way to make money.


Product Name: Panel Payday

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Get Paid to Take Survey

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is Panel Payday all about

What is Panel Payday All About?

Panel PayDay seems like an affiliate site that connects you to other various survey sites that all seem legal and in addition you get paid well too! Especially in these days that earning money easily is one of the desires of people and Panel PayDay is one of the ways for making money easily from home.

This panel for maketing research attracts you very soon because it is simple and free to connect and also as they say, it’s possible to make money in a range of twenty five to seventy five dollars for each survey that you take and in exchange for your view!

So you probably think that you are so lucky for finding such an easy and helpful site for taking surveys easily and making much money online! The most deceptive part for joining to them is their high pay around twenty five to seventy five dollars that you can earn.

But it’s better to know this payment that they offer you is really unusual, considering that there is no legal survey site that pay you such an amount of money and the revenue that you can earn by these ways is least, it is just a few dollars! Indeed, Panel PayDay gains much more money of these commissions and pays just a small part to you while it’s you who spend energy and time for perfecting surveys.

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how panel pay day works

How Does Panel Payday Work and What’s Included?

For comprehending better the Panel PayDay method, it’s enough to know about trade models and with a simple comparison you would understand that there are many negative points about Panel PayDay!

  • How to Register?

Signing up to this site is free but after inserting personal datas in order to sign up, there are many proposal pages that confirming them by “yes” causes to spam you by proposals as long as you confirm “subscribing to them” by yes! For avoiding to be spammed and receiving useless things, you have to reject proposal pages.

Since what is actually done in order to join Panel PayDay is subscribing, that’s why the word “Subscribe” has been used in Panel PayDay instead of “Sign up” that is the common word in this filed.

  • Payment’s Process

There are six survey sites that pay you through PayPal. The minimum payment for every survey company is different but on the average it’s around ten to twenty dollars. Don’t think that it’s easy to make money more because there are just a few irksome surveys for you after joining to online surveys that you are not eligible for them after completing or they are full and it’s unfortunately a very usual problem for all who work in this field. It’s actually hard to gain more than this range and needs to spend much time to gain more than twenty dollars!

Except of PayPal there are several payment ways such as check and gift cards and every company usually uses one of these ways for paying you. So you are free to choose the way for getting paid by choosing the company that uses your preferred way!

  • Quality of Surveys

Do you believe that just by watching a video you can get five hundred dollars? Don’t be surprised because many scams assert it and Panel PayDay is one of them! The fact is that you are exposed to many scams as soon as you sign on because they try to deceive you by numerous offers of getting rich.

As you can get offer some of famous scams like Countdown To Profits or MOSSP that is another scam of Panel PayDay with some doubtful claims, Panel PayDay also offers you some legal survey sites to sign on, but how is it possible to trust them when it’s full of scams?

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panel pay day pros and cons

Pros & Cons – What People Say About Panel Payday?

  • Paying a lot!

Paying twenty five dollars by Panel PayDay for each survey is really a fraud considering that there are just a few specialized survey sites with high quality that their pay is notable.

Panel PayDay is not in the category of these sites but they offer twenty five dollars for each survey while you can make such a money monthly just by working hard for taking survey. The average payment of most survey sites is around $0.50 to $2.50 and last about five to sixty minutes.

On the other hand, Panel PayDay just introduce you other survey sites because they don’t have any survey by their own. So it doesn’t seem rational to pay such an amount!

  • Spam Emails!

Receiving many spam emails in every day is an another unpleasant aspect of Panel PayDay, as they send four spam emails to you just in a few hours and especially that the content of all emails is very poor and they just want to persuade you to follow online chances for earning money but not for making you rich, just for doing their scam.

Regretfully all their sent emails are spams with the aim of scam and you can’t find any legal support with them!

is Panel Payday scam

My Final Word – Is Panel Payday System a Scam or…?

If I want to answer this question as clearly as possible, I would say that Panel Payday System isn’t legit for sure. With all cons I’ve told you above, you agree with me that it’s not worth trying. If I want to explain it in simple words, I say it’s like an attractive game between members and owner of Panel Payday but this game has always only one winner who makes profit from member’s activities. Now I think you can guess who is that person!

You won’t receive none of promises you see from Panel Payday and I guess there’s nothing worse than paying for a system but not getting what you’ve expected. Expensive membership’s fee and high-priced up-sells can cost you much more than the price you pay to join them and the big negative side is that you may make NOTHING with them.

Unfortunately Panel Payday makes you familiar with affiliate marketing which is a great way to start making money online and build your business online technically but since they teach this method as bad as possible, they kill all potential income behind this great opportunity.

There is almost nothing useful can be found in training center of Panel Payday and although you’ll learn some basic terms about affiliate marketing but lack of a detailed step by step guide, does not let you go anywhere upper than beginner level.

This is all I’ve found and my honest opinion about Panel Payday. Hope it helps you to make the best decision and don’t forget that you’re always welcome to ask your questions in comments below.

Is There Any Better Way to Make Panel Income?

Of course there’s! Look, if you find a program with fake claims, it does not mean all other programs are scam too. Investing money and spending time on Panel Payday is absolutely waste of time and money. To be honest I don’t recommend ANY program or system that works based on MOBE. Yes MOBE isn’t a scam itself but the way and methods used by companies to attract people in this business model makes it useless. Recruiting new people is all thing you should do in this type of business.

Cheating people and using black hat methods is easiest way to make some cash but have you ever think of making a trusted online business and make money from that? This is absolutely better and you’ll have very good feeling if you decide to make money The Right Way.

Some people say making money online is very difficult and it requires special skills which makes it unsuitable for some type of persons but this isn’t true. For example I’m making full-time income online and I had zero knowledge/skill about this field. I assure you that there isn’t any secret except of putting enough time and effort; and of course I was lucky that I had access to a quality training center which taught me everything in details.

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They have a great and trusted community of thousands of members (both experts and beginners) who joined there and could get success. So unlike other similar training program, you’re not alone there and you’ll get instant help from experienced members ANYTIME you need help.

Another advantage is that you’ll learn how to make money from your interest! It’s definitely the best method to build a successful online business. Just imagine that you’re doing what you love and you’re making good money from it at the same time. It’s really amazing, isn’t it? )

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  1. Hi Ali,
    Thank you so very much for conducting the review of “Panel Payday”. I have to say that I find your post very timely, as I receive countless invitations for survey completion opportunities. Therefore, I really appreciate the time you took in reviewing “Panel Payday”. Your post is very informative, and thought provoking. I feel that the information you have provided is extremely helpful in discerning whether or not; this product is one that someone should invest their time in, as I see time as currency paid, as well. Furthermore, your post is helpful in sharing the many screen pages one would have to go through in “subscribing ” confirmation(s) versus simple program “sign-up” option(s). In concert with the many other pertinent points you have made; I find this one to be highly noteworthy, as I can see how someone could miss this (what I find to be a rather deceptive) tactic in unknowingly subscribing to other services, products etc. one would otherwise, have not been interested in. Also, the payment aspect was quite an interesting note to share, as well. As I’ve too seen on the face of many survey programs, that the payments promised are not necessarily typical, and are not always in the form of cash, and if that is your primary choice for payment to receive, one could run into disappointing results. This further supports how important it is to come across thorough reviews such as this one, before making a final decision, as it pertains to participating in a particular survey program. Additionally, I appreciate you sharing your straight forward “recommended” choice for achieving online earnings; as after reading a review that highlights in-depth reasons why one should avoid or be weary of a particular online earning program; it is truly helpful to see a positive and legitimate program, such as “Wealthy Affiliate” shared, for one to obtain income online.

    Thank you again for sharing this very important review,


  2. Thanks for the honest review of Panel Payday. I always know to google search for reviews before I try products out, but it does make me very sad to hear about these scams and that people might get caught out by them. I often wonder what sort of people do these things? I wonder if they run scams in their offline life too? Thanks for taking the time to get some honest information out there about the product, I hope it stops people from getting caught out.

  3. Hello, Ali!
    First of all, thank you for sharing this information with us. I am always on the lookout for new ways to make money online, especially with taking surveys, which is something I truly enjoy. But I like to research the companies I am looking to invest my time in, and that’s how I ended up here on your page.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to write about these websites because they make such good promises we will obviously want to try it out. And we need people like you to help us not waste our time (and money, because we all know time IS money nowadays).
    I saw your post about Wealthy Affiliate and it’s something that interested me. The fact that I don’t need to pay to join and will have coaches helping me sounds amazing since I tend to quit when I stumble onto something I don’t understand.
    Again, thank you so much for sharing this with us, I think now I know where to go to start making some real money online. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wow Ali, this was a very good article. You don’t know how much time, how many hours I spent going over YouTube videos, search engine queries and nose-to-the-grindstone research looking for the most lucrative ways to earn an income online–running into place after place just like Panel Pay Day! It’s unfortunate because there are an insane number of fishy and suspicious sites out there–not to mention badly written content to accompany them with!

    It’s good that there’s people like you out there, doing the good ‘ol quality check on places like this, because a lot of people would certainly fall prey to scams fitting this profile: promising quick and easy money, for next to nothing. But of course, many people don’t realize that the one asset that is more valuable than money, is time–something they will never get back. Again, great job on the quality content your providing. Here’s to hoping many more people find this article of immense value.

  5. Thank you so much for such an honest review of Panel Payday. There are so many sites that are similar to Panel payday out there and they don’t deliver. Thank you for also reviewing Wealthy affiliate. I have heard that it is really good.

  6. I think it is very important for many peoplen to read this post.
    I, personally, have come accross many of these in my search to earn money online and can attest that the above information is totally legit.
    These Panel Payday surveys sound even better than the ones I tired. The ones I took never seemed to end, they were so long, and I never received a cent from it.
    Very helpful information and thank you for sharing Ali.

  7. Hmm…okay first this Pay Day Panel sounded much like Swagbucks. But the more I read more I learned how much it is not like Swagbucks.

    At least with Swagbucks, you know the exact amount of time you’re going to be spending as well what the payout is going to be. But for someone to work on a survey for 60 minutes, at the end only to be handed a little bit of change is mind-blowing.


    Because here in Canada we get paid triple time at minimum-wage. Seriously who has time to earn a little bit of money. Time for everyone is a precious commodity; it is silly to waste it on somewhere where very little given back.

    As you can tell, I’m very passionate about topics such as this. Glad that you’re letting people know about not to waste their time with such frivolous little things. Another thing which really makes me mad is when we complete a survey, we’re told that we don’t qualify.

    Yet the results they receive are still used!

    Thank you for bringing this to light.

  8. Hi Ali,
    Love your site, this is great information and you’ve done a great job with your delivery. I had never heard of Panel Payday before visiting your site, but you’ve done a great job of informing me what it’s all about. Sounds like a great platform. I’ll be looking into using it. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for this review on Panel Payday. I’ve tried doing surveys in the past to earn money, but the rate of return on the investment of my time is never worth it to me. $1 for spending an hour on a survey? No thank you. I could see why Panel Payday would attract people interested in ways to actually earn some decent money from surveys, unfortunately, they are certainly going to be disappointed. Thank you for the suggestion to learn affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate. Quality training is important.

  10. Everyone has probably heard the saying if it seems to good to be true it probably is and that saying couldn’t be more correct when talking about earning money online. There are so many scams you come across and you can easily spot them following that same advice. If an ad says click here to earn $5,000 per day it’s a scam. Thanks for your in depth review of Panel Payday. I’ve never heard of them before, but I seriously hate all the scams I come across online and the more these scams are exposed the less people will fall for them.

    I can also attest to Wealthy Affiliate being legitimate. I just joined at the beginning of this month and after completing the lesson included in the free membership, I upgraded to the premium membership. I have learned so much so far and I’m only halfway through the training. I’m so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate and I’m happy you are letting others know about this awesome program as well.

  11. Hello Ali,
    You’re absolutely right in this review that completing online surveys is laboriously time consuming for little or no reward.
    I have looked at several of these companies in the past and have never been convinced that any can live up to their hype.
    You have written this review in lots of detail with essential information for anyone looking at making money this way. I am very cautious and sceptical about these sort of “make money now” ideas but the way they market themselves makes lots of people fall for it, leading to massive disappointment and distrust.
    Your article is good and reveals all the pitfalls of surveys then leads smoothly to an affiliate site that does work and is trustworthy.

  12. Hello! I’m new in blog or internet marketing world and ever since I’m searching for a passive income and makes my day a little bit bz, I just want to say that i want to try panel payday since I didn’t heard this yet! Thank you for this wonderful post!

  13. Ali! Thanks for the great reviews about Panel Payday. Actually it is very useful information especially for those who are always wanting to make money online. You know when we are desperate for starting something it’s very difficult to do all the research and knows all the advantage and disadvantage of it so when you get someone who dedicate his time like you did in this this article its become less work for us. I thank you again because what i have read in here will guide me on how to choose the legit business not only on this program but even for the next programs which I’m going to meet in the nearest future. I was not aware of this Panel Payday but you did open my eyes on this too.

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