is parallel profits a scam

Is Parallel Profits a Scam or a Fortune Builder?

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Can newest program of two well-known Internet entrepreneurs (Parallel Profits) make you money or more importantly, is Parallel Profits a scam that should not be trusted?

Parallel profit is a new training program that has been launched recently by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth and it’s all about the profit-making process. According to what they say, small businesses and home-based business owners are two groups that can get the most benefit from this type of business model.

I’ve done some quick research on the background of the Parallel Profits’ owners and I’ve found out that these guys are pretty well-known for building and running successful online businesses; also that being said that they have expertise in search engine optimization and digital marketing after years of experience.

Actually, I’ve seen some courses that have been created by Steven and Aidan in the past but in this the first time that I see they decided to create a training program together. In this article, we look at the Parallel Profits from a different angle to find out if the program of Aidan and Steven can exceed your expectation and if it pass or fail in standardized testing.

Let’s jump to the Parallel Profits review now!

*Update: The Parallel Profits is not available at the moment so feel free to check out my Best Alternative Training Program to Parallel Profits instead.


Product Name: Parallel Profits

Official Website:

Owner: Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth

Type: Online Training Course (how to build a local SEM agency)

Cost to Join: $2497

Recommended? Yes but not for the beginners

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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what is parallel profits

Some Words About The Owners

The first cooperation between these two Internet entrepreneurs (Aidan and Steven) backs to 2013 when they’ve run a local SEM agency but it took 6 more years when they’ve realized that building a successful local SEM agency is what they can learn to people and it was the time when Parallel Profits was born.

One of the advantages of this program is using all the potential that is behind home-base business capabilities and making a 6-7 figure income online by using this great potential is what Aidan and Steven have focused on in their online course. The aim of the Parallel Profits is showing the right way to people who want to reach their financial goals.

It seems that many people have already purchased Parallel Profits course and many of them could build a full-time home-based job for themselves through the strategies and methods they’ve learned inside the program but is parallel profits a scam or it’s really a life-changing opportunity for people who are tired of trying dozens of scam and unreliable programs?

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What Is Parallel Profits All About?

Parallel Profits is all about building a profitable local SEM agency through the marketing skills and techniques you learn during the course. There are 3 sections inside this business educational model that I’m going to cover each one in summary here. It gives you a clear overview about the program itself, how it works and how you can make money from it;

# 1 – As an affiliate and trainer, there are several things you get inside the Parallel Profits which will help you to start promoting them. You’ll have a franchise of this program which will give credit to your business and let you start selling in a shorter time.

# 2 – A team of dedicated members will handle all tasks related to your business when you have a franchise. This decreases your startup cost significantly and makes the profit process time shorter. It also lets you get help from experienced persons who have already got success in running-related businesses.

# 3 – Another positive point about Parallel Profits is that you don’t need to use traditional methods to attract new customers and as soon as your website setup process is completed by the Parallel Profits, you’ve a ready to use the system to start getting leads and sales.

The process of learning is really straight forward in Parallel Profits and the goals of the lessons included in the training is helping you to take out barriers from you way. Luckily, there are not crappy lessons with basic information and owner of Parallel Profits (Aidan & Steven) really tried to do their best to make a supportive training program for anyone who is interested in this type of business.

Of course keep in mind that 7 successful sales is required to become a trainer in this platform and you are the person who should make a marketing model for having these sales. Although most parts of your affiliate marketing business will be setup automatically by system of Steven and Aidan but keep in mind that your efforts and patient are two only things that can work like a life-changing for you.

Getting success with Parallel Profits is not a dream and to be honest, if you are a hard worker person not only you can build your own online business with the training and methods you learn from Steven and Adrian but you can grow it year after the year.

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how parallel profits works

What You Will Get After Joining Parallel Profits?

You will be probably surprised if you know more than 95,000 students are enrolled in online training of Parallel Profits and picked up one of the 15 courses provided by the program. Some reports show that students who were willing to put enough effort behind their business and invested the required time and money could move to the upper levels faster and make their sites profitable in a shorter time.

There are also several reviews from current students of Parallel Profits who mentioned that taking courses of Parallel Profits affected their financial situations positively.

Getting high Google ranking, and be viewing on social networks are benefits you will get inside this training program; actually, Steven and Aidan tried to give online credit to offline local businesses. With landing on the Parallel Profits website for the first time you find out soon that many of tasks for turning your local business to a thriving online business is handled by them, from content creation to design and develop your business website.

They say that your business can’t stay alive for a long time if you don’t take advantage of virtual world power.

One thing that I liked about Parallel Profits is that they don’t outsource your tasks. This means, they personally take care of every single task which make you sure that your tasks will be completed by experts. When it comes to running an online business, getting started is the most important step you need to take properly because it builds the foundation of your business.

And also if you want to run a local SEM business and if you’re in a tight budget, you can start with free lessons available in the platform which are very beneficial but you need to have some internet marketing knowledge already because free bonuses don’t cover basic needs and information.

You don’t need to finish the whole course to start creating business websites; you just need to start the training lessons and at the same time, you can start to set up your sites which will probably bring good money for you in the future and all these ideas of money-making come from the courses and training you learn in the program.

How Much Does Parallel Profits Will Cost You?

Here’s the line where I should use the “expensive” word to give a clear view for cost of Parallel Profits. $2497 is what you need to pay in order to join this training program and it can split into three $997 installments but it’ll be more reasonable if you pay one-time $2497 payment because if it’ll be divided to three installments, you’ll end up with $2991 at the end (an extra $500).

Aidan & Steven launched Parallel Profits in the late of January for the first time but they’ve announced there will be some updates for that during the first year of launching. It seems that we’ll have access to a quality and valuable training program but there’s one thing that stop me from recommending Parallel Profits to others and it’s the ~$2,500 that it’ll cost you and I know this is not a small amount of money for beginners and people who just want to start their local SEM business.

Maybe if it was cheaper, I would recommend it to you but when I compare Parallel Profits to other valuable similar training programs like Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you everything about affiliate marketing and building a trusted and profitable business based on it then I don’t think that Parallel Profits can win this game.

So even if you have $2,500 or less than $50 to start your business, it pays to start your training with Wealthy Affiliate because in addition to have access to tested and reliable courses, the extra money you have can be invested in other parts of your business like creating quality content or designing your website professionally so you it’s a good choice to start with training programs that won’t cost you much at the beginning (like Wealthy Affiliate) and scale up your business as soon as you start to make profit.

The training is an important factor but it’s not all you need to put your online business in the right direction so you can invest your leftover money in other critical parts of your business to make this business-building process shorter.

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parallel profits pros and cons

Parallel Profits – The Good, The Bad

The Good,

  • A team of experienced members support you during the course
  • Posibility to offer and sell your services to offline businesses like local business
  • High commission by selling expensive products
  • Owners (Aidan & Steven) are professional Internet marketers with reputed background
  • Everything from setting up your business to promoting and selling your website can be done online
  • There’s chance to make significant amount of profit through this business model and it’s what Steven & Aidan have done in the past
  • You’ll own a franchise of promoted company

The Bad,

  • The startup cost is high for starting up
  • Risks involved and you may lose invested money
  • Cold calling is a necessary task in this kind of business
  • It’s not a suitable business model for all states and cities

Does Parallel Profits Meet Your Needs?

Some programs that I’ve tested before like Amissio Formula, EdX or Elite Marketing Pro had some similarities with Parallel Profits but the important thing about them was your expectations.

Actually, it’s a very general question and depends on your needs and expectations. If you’re a passionate person who wants to build his own business online and turn it to a 6 or 7 figures income online and if online marketing is the field you’re interested in and it’s something you always wanted to give it a shot and the more importantly, if have enough money ($2,500) to start your journey in internet marketing industry then Parallel Profits can be a good starting point.

But keep in mind that not only Parallel Profits but any other online business opportunity can’t change your financial life overnight and it really takes time if you want to see the siginifcant result in ANY type of online business. Also as I’ve mentioned in the cons of Parallel Profits section, this is not a $10 or $50 product; you’re going to sell a +$2,000 product and finding potential buyers for high-ticket items like this is not as easy as you think.

There’s a money-back guarantee which let you try Parallel Profits for 60 days and it makes you feel that you it’s a risk-free program; well, on the one hand, it is, because there’s no risk on your invested money and you can get it back as soon as you find out that this business strategy does not work for you but on the other hand, don’t forget that you’re investing something more valuable than money to this business and it’s your time!

This is not what Parallel Profits can guarantee and if you can’t get what you’ve expected from this program, the time that you’ve spent on it never come back. Also the +$2,500 is not the price everybody is willing to pay for an online course and there may be other priorities for you and your family members for investing this amount of cash; the truth is that the impact of this financial burden may be irreparable.

is parallel profits scam

Final Word – Is Parallel Profits a Scam? 

No. I’m absolutely sure that Steve and Aidan are not scammers and they really want to help people with their money goals but the question is: Is Parallel Profits really worths your money and time?

Well, what founders of Parallel Profits have done in the past confirm their expertise in Internet marketing and this training program can be really helpful for “some” group of people but it’s an expensive course and its high cost is what we can’t ignore easily.

What I can say is that Parallel Profits is good for those group of people who can risk +$2,000 as well as a significant amount of time to build a new business and it does not guarantee that the website you build become profitable after a specific amount of time. If this is acceptable for you then feel free to try Parallel Profits otherwise try some other valuable risk-free programs like what I recommended below.

What do you think about Parallel Profits and other money making programs? Have you made any money online? What’s your recommendation way to have an online income? Share your thoughts with others in the comments below.

Thank you very much for reading this review and feel free to contact me if you’ve any questions, feel free to ask it in the comments below.

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