is passive payday a scam

Is Passive Payday a Scam? – Facts That Nobody Tells You!

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The Passive Payday is another quite attractive scheme which promises its clients passive income without an effort. Let`s take a closer look at this program, how it works and how much money you need to invest and find out whether it is a legible program or just another scheme together.


Product Name: Passive Payday

Official Website:

Founder: Unknown

Type: Online Course to Make Passive Income

Cost to Join: $97 Membership’s fee plus many upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is passive payday

What is Passive Payday Exactly?

Basically, The Passive Paycheck is an educational training which helps you learn about ways to make money online. This program promises its clients $2000 paycheck EVERY DAY. So, after signing up and paying for the training, you will receive access to a video course which will explain the whole process of earning a fortune. Continue reading to find out what kind of business they are talking about.

What is Included in The System?

From the first sight, The Passive Payday looks like a dream job. It can teach you how to earn a huge and stable income, so you can finally quit your job. The company will give you all the training you will need to start making money right afterwards. What`s more, you actually don`t need to work much and spend much time and effort on reaching your financial goals. What can be better than just relax and receive your paychecks every day?

Although The Passive Payday does its best to persuade people that this program is what they have been looking for a long time, and they won`t need to work anymore after they sign up, you and me know very well that this kind of scheme just can`t be true. Moreover, I can easily prove it.

I don`t blame you if you have fallen for its attractive promotion and promises of becoming rich. And I am not expecting you to believe my words right away. Just continue reading the review where I explain how the whole scheme works, see all the arguments and decide for yourself.

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how passive payday works

How Passive Payday Works In Simple Words

When I started my research about The Passive Payday, I was surprised that there wasn`t any information about how actually people can make money using this platform. They just keep on saying that you can start making thousands of dollars using the method they are offering without the need to work hard. However, no one ever tells us what their method is.

Having read many articles and promotional information about The Passive Payday, I noticed the phrase “21-step training”. I felt like I had seen it somewhere else before. And that`s it – I saw it when I was looking into MOBE, i.e. My Own Business Education, that is a multi-level marketing company selling super expensive online educational courses.

That is how I found out that The Passive Payday in reality doesn`t produce any products of their own, they will just drag you in another MLM company which may cost you thousands of dollars before you start receiving any income. Let me explain you how MOBE works, what investment it demands and how much money you can get out of it.

Like in many other MLM companies, first you need to buy their product to be able then sell it and receive your commission. The only difference between MOBE and other MLM companies is that they are selling an online product and not a real one like, let`s say, Amway, Nerium or AIM Global.

The basic online course, as stated by the website, will cost you only $49, however, they don`t mention that you will have to pay monthly and annual fees to be able to continue the training. Then, after you finish the basic training program which is called a 21-step MTTB (My Top Tier Business), you will be offered to continue the training and buy a more expensive package which will let you earn much higher commissions.

So the second, Silver, package will cost you already $2,497 plus monthly/annual fee. And only after you purchase t yourself, you can start making up to $1000 on each sale. You can try and sell these packages before buying them, but in this way, all your commission will belong to your coach.

And here is the basic principle of MOBE: you sign up and purchase a training course, then you start making sales and getting commissions. Your clients sign up for the training, you help them make sales and get even better commissions on their sales. The only way to make the profit MOBE is claiming, is to recruit as many people as possible and invest literally thousands of dollars on the MOBE training in order to be able to sell it afterwards.

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passive payday pros and cons

Pros & Cons

here is a list of all positive and negative points about Passive Payday;

The Good

  • To be honest, I can`t see any advantages to this program.

The Bad

  • The Passive Payday doesn`t have any products of their own. They will just lead you in a MLM scheme.
  • The program is not transparent. You can`t actually see what you are signing up for.
  • The actual deal, the MOBE program, offers highly priced educational training which demands expensive investment.
  • The testimonials given by celebrities, like Oprah, don`t seem any close to reality. I highly doubt that such a respected public figure would go for a standard MLM scheme.
  • The program resembles The Passive Paychecks.

How Much Should You Pay to Join Passive Payday?

In order to start the basic online training course – so-called 21-step MTTB – you will have to pay only $97, but the only thing you will learn is that you need to purchase  further training courses which in total may cost you around $50,000! But that is the only way you can start making real money and getting high commissions on sales.

Do I recommend Passive Pay Day System?

When I was searching around the web to read more reviews about this program and know opinion of other people about it, I found out that some people call it scam and didn’t give it positive feedback. They mentioned a website or product like passive pay day can’t be trustworthy if it’s full of fake information.

They also had serious issues with receiving payment from this website, they uploaded many screenshots of fake surveys that are available on their platform.

On the other hand, some others believe it’s totally a legit program. They say, Passive Payday only made a list of available paid surveys websites from all around the web and they never told all of these websites are legit, so we should look at it as a place to find new paid survey programs and doing a research about background of a new paid survey website is always necessary. This is the main fact which many users don’t pay attention to when they join Passive Payday.

Anyway I still believe that contacting with people who worked on Passive Payday before is the best decision you can make. You won’t be able to make money overnight with through platform and since it’s a consuming business, it’s better to gather all information about Passive Payday before spending even one day on their website. I’m sure a saving lots of time and making a logical decision will be result of your research.

If I want to give you my word, I say, I never spend even one minute on a website or platform if I make sure there’s not anything beneficial for me at the end and according to all I’ve found about Passive Payday, I believe it can’t turn into your full-time job so having some extra cash at the end of the day should be your maximum expectation from Passive Payday.

is passive payday scam

Final Word – Is Passive Pay Day a Scam?

Before giving a yes or no answer, let me tell you what make Passive Payday a useless way of making money online for me. Trustworthy is the key to make a success business. It does not matter if it’s an online or offline business; you need to work properly and be honest 100% with your customers. And unfortunately this is what I’ve not seen in Passive Pay Day.

When a program/company says you can earn up to $70 by completing a single survey (which is not real and is not possible at all) then you can guess they never thought about begin honest with their members. Unfortunately fake claims is something I’ve seen in this platform and it’s the first and biggest red flag in my opinion.

Another reason is that although there is not any cost for joining Passive Payday but since they don’t monitor websites which is listed on their platform, you may ended up with a scam program and lose money. And if you have not been familiar with Passive Payday, you didn’t lose money, so we can say it’s a platform which promote scam programs too.

Finally I don’t recommend Passive Payday because time and effort you put behind it, is not equal with money you’ll have in your pocket at the end of the day. So keep in mind that not all easy making money ways is worth trying. Maybe spending a couple of minutes to taking a survey does not take much of your time but it does not give you any serious money too.

So try some reliable ways like affiliate marketing that I mentioned below in recommendation section if you’re looking to make serious money online.

my recommendation

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  1. That Passive payday website doesn’t sound to be a trustworthy and reliable option. After reading your honest review and doing some research on my own I can say that It is not a recommended website. I agree with you about your recommended option, which us WA, it is a trustworthy platform and the courses offered are really useful and helpful.
    Thank you for your post and recommendations, I hope that more people can read it and find it useful if they are looking for ways to create a new source of income online.

  2. Great information! In fact I don’t believe in this kind of bogus system works to make money so easily without working in the ass off, yet we work so hard for the company to receive a paycheck from our boss by weekly, biweekly or monthly.

    This is definitely scam trap for those who wants to earn this way, they end up suffering.

  3. Your post is amazing. I can’t imagine how you found all this information, you must be a very good researcher online. Thank you for taking out time to write this post, It’s an eye opener for me and I know others will also learn from it and appreciate your effort. I have been a victim of online business and now I know that passive payday is a scam too, so I won’t need to even try it. I will take out time to look into your suggestion of Wealthy Affiliate, I hope is a good option for me.

  4. I did find it quite funny to see that they took it as far as claiming that Oprah Winfrey recommends their program and in doing so insinuate that Oprah herself made her billions through being part of their program, lol. How ignorant can one be? If you are going to make up some lies in order to scam people, then at least you need to make up some lies that people are likely to believe, lol.

    Another big red flag here is that there are no products to sell. Now some will reason but the product that is being sold is actually the training. The training of what though? Training of how to scam people out of their money? As you mentioned, there is no substance in the training besides showing you how to get people to sign up to a scam and as you mentioned a product should always add value and if what people are mentioning here is the truth then of course I cannot see the value added here at all.

    As I myself am not familiar with “Passive Payday” and not investigated it myself, I would be careful to conclude whether this is a scam or not, but based on what I just read (if this is the truth), then this definitely sounds like a scam to me.

    It is true that there are no overnight rich schemes. Online success only comes through hard work and dedication.

  5. Ali,

    Thanks for this honest review. I’m personally so tired of scam programs that take advantage of new aspiring Online Marketeers. You are doing a great service to the online community and I applaud your work here.
    For anyone looking to get started online to make money please do your research and be careful when you google the name of the company followed by review so ‘Passive Payday Review’ because these scam company’s will ensure they have the reviews populated with their own reviewers. Please follow Ali here to get an honest review. Thanks

  6. Wow! I am truly impressed with this post and site. Everything looks amazing. Although it is lengthy I didnt feel overwhelmed, nor did I lose interest. It felt like we were having a conversation and that was comforting. In addition, you definitely did your research and it shows, so I feel confident trusting what you have to say. I am one of those people who will try anything, even when it sounds too good to be true. So I have now started to check out more reviews before diving into something. I’m glad your review is out there to help people like me not fall for the traps of these so called passive income opportunities. I also liked the links you provided throughout the post. That’s a nice touch that I will start to use. I’m so glad I had a chance to see your post. It is definitely my new benchmark.

  7. Whenever I plan on purchasing an online training course I normally perform an intense research to know if I am actually getting myself into a program that can deliver and there are some red flags I always look out for which almost immediatedly tells me that I am about to purchase a scam product. One of those red flags is a promise of instant riches without working much for it.

    It is really crazy that this is done and a lot of people actually fall for it . This is exactly what I suspect with Passive Payday. How can they promise that people would make $2000 everyday when they sign up for their program even for people that don’t know anything about running a business online. Even an expert cannot make that much everyday by just becoming a member of Passive Payday. Thats just ridiculous.

    I don’t know why these people always make such claims that they know is just impossible to attain. Passive Payday is just another scam scheme as they try and lure people in with the promise of the world or of not ever working again for money after joining their system. Seriously these people need to be arrested so they can be used as an example to warn anyone that intends to deceive innocent people trying to find a way to make money online.

    I was reading this review and I noticed the startup fee to be $49. A lot of people would defintiely fall for this and would not actually know that they would pay more as they go through the course. This is one thing that online entrepreneurs do that I feel is just not right. These so-called upsells have been used to syphon the hard earned money of a lot of people without these people been actually able to make money online.

    I actually came across MOBE before they got shut down and I was lucky not purchasing their products because I was very close to purchasing it. It is imperative we always research on any online program before we decide to become a part of them and give them our hard earned money and Passive Payday sure seems like a program interested in just taking people’s money without offering real information that can benefit such persons

  8. Products like these are really common online nowadays and I have actually tried some and never got anything back. In short, I invested my money for nothing. I am glad to see there is someone out here dedicated to helping people make the right choice when it comes to making money online. Most of the advertising videos for these programs keep on telling you how you will earn this huge amount of money and keep on sharing their life story and by the end of 45 mins – 1hr video, you don’t know what it is you are going to do. I appreciate this post, it’s a good thing you are doing.

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