is pch lotto a scam

Is PCH Lotto a Scam? – Make or Lose Money Game!?

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Is PCH Lotto a Scam?

Hello everyone and welcome to another review of online services and making money programs. In this post, I’m going to review pch lotto website.

Pch lotto is an app available for both android and iOS devices which let play different types of games like jackpots and earn some extra cash. Of course this is not the first app in the world that offer you get paid for playing apps and it won’t be the last one too; since there are many scam programs/apps in this field, you should be careful and know all positive and negative sides of it before making any decision.

If this app got your attention and you want to give it a try, please wait some minutes and read my full review first to have a clear overview about it and find out if it’s the right app for you or not.

There are several important questions that I’ll answer in my review like what kind of games included in the app, what’s the potential income you may have from pch lotto, what are positive and negative points of it and more importantly, if it’s a scam app or you can really make money with that. So stay with me for the next couple of minutes to find out answer of all above questions.


App Name: PCH Lotto

Official Website:

Founder: PCH company (aka Publishers Clearing House)

Cost: Free to join

Recommended? Not 100%

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is pch lotto

First of all, you should know that games of PCH Lotto is available not only through its app (Android/iOS) but also from its main website ( so you can access it from any devices that is connected to the internet.

Background of PCH Lotto

Well it does not hurt you if you know some background about any company you want to join and PCH Lotto also is not an exception. Publishers Clearing House made PCH Lotto some years ago. If we talk about only PCH, it must be said that it’s an old company which started its work in 1953! But do not get me wrong, the PCH Lotto that you see today is totally different with what it was in the past.

Sell different types of magazines was what they did in the past but it changed its way and focused on prize-based games today; that’s where PCH Lotto was born.

how pch lotto works

Is It Possible to Make Money with PCH Lotto?

Well if I want to tell you Yes or Not, my answer is yes. It’s possible to make money by winning games on PCH Lotto but do not think that a lot of money sit and waiting for you right there. Actually there is not any different between games of PCH Lotto and a Lottery game. If you are that much lucky to win a Lottery game, you can make a huge amount of money with PCH Lotto too.

But wait… I’m not talking about that $1,000,000 dollars; I’m talking about winning $5000, $1000 or even $50! Yes to win only $50 on PCH Lottery, you should be very lucky. If we ignore all those people that lose money on PCH Lotto games every day, the winners just make a few dollars if they are lucky enough.

Also, the cash is not only thing you’ll receive if you win a game. Most of the times, tokens are something that you’ll ended up if you are winner and you can use your token for another game to have another chance. So it’s not really an instant cash prize if you win. There’s also a difference between people who use the app to play games and others who play on PC or other devices. In fact, you have more chance to win token if you play these games on PCH Lotto’s app.

Negative Side of PCH Lotto – Complaints

After talking about all good things that you’ll have access to on PCH Lotto, now let’s take a look at negative side of this prized-based game site.

A Lot of in-app Ads

This does not happen for only PCH Lotto; actually ads is you have probably seen in ANY other free app before but it seems that it’s more than standard in PCH Lotto which resulted complain about it from people. And it’s also a kind of forced ads which means you have to wait and watch those ads to be able to continue playing.

Well watching many ads on a game site is not very strange because this is the way they use to make money and they use this money to pay for winners so PCH Lotto is not doing anything wrong in my opinion and we should accept that its’ not a big brand in this field to run the site totally free of ads.

Technical Errors with App

Actually the only negative side that I can mention to is their Application. It happens sometimes that app stops working and you can nothing to do with that. It may be because of a technical issue or anything else which is out of your control and it’ll kill you if you’re in a winning situation then suddenly gets an error message which results in closing app.

Of course you have always option to contact with support team and a tech team monitors activities of app on a regular basis to fix all errors and bugs but I cannot say that you’ll not experience any technical error while you’re playing on app.

Sending Spams to Your Mailbox

I can say that it’s the main complain I’ve seen about PCH Lotto in the internet. People told that they received spam emails after joining PCH Lotto which was totally annoying.

Entering your email address is a necessary part if you want to join this website. After signing up, PCH Lotto use email address you entered in the sign up form to promote other different products. If you have not experienced receiving spam emails, you should know that it’s really annoying so if you do not like to receive these spams, it’s better to use a temporary email address or not your main email address.

This is the part that I’m agree with all those people who have complain with. The problem is that they do not tell you anything about these promotional messages and they start sending you these emails without your permission.

is pch lotto scam

Conclusion – Is PCH Lotto Recommended?

To be honest, I’ve installed their app and even playing their games so I do not see anything wrong if you want to give it a try and have some fun; especially if you have some extra time that you do not know what to do with. If you installed and liked Lotto app, feel free to try Lucktastic App too, it’s the same as Lotto with more options and games.

Just keep in mind that the chances of making any serious money with playing games on PCH Lotto is almost zero so look at it just as a game to fill out your empty time not anything more.

Finally, if you want to make money online, this is not something you should go for. You never guess if you win or lose in the next game so you should not rely on it at all as a way to earning online. Fortunately there are much better ways which let you make a steady income online and you’ll be able to build your online business. Take a look at my best recommendation below to see what I’m talking about.

my recommendation

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