is peanut labs a scam

Is Peanut Labs a Scam? – Magic Peanuts or a Marketing Trick?

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Welcome to my website and my Peanut Labs review. It’s not hard to guess that you were looking for a way to make some money online and you have ended up with landing page of Peanut Labs. Now you want to know the answer to this question: Is Peanut Labs a scam or there’s some secret weapon behind peanuts which can make you thousands of dollars?!

If this is what you want to know, you have landed in the right place because I’m going to answer the exact question you are looking for its answer in my article and when you are done with reading my review, you’ll easily know if Peanut Labs is going to cheat people and wastes their time or not.

So let’s start without wasting time! )


Product Name: Peanut Labs

Official Website:

Owner: Peanut Labs, Inc.

Type: Get rewards to complete surveys

Cost to Join: 0 (It’s Free to join it)

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is peanut labs

What Is Peanut Labs All About?

Joining different types of survey companies was one of my hobbies long years ago. I can say that there was not any new survey platform that I’ve not tested at that time so I know how these sites work exactly even better than their owners.

The landing page of Peanut Labs is different than what I’ve seen in similar sites like Dollar Shave Club. To be honest, when I landed on the official page of Peanut Labs, I didn’t expect to see anything different than a normal survey company but what I’ve found convinced me to take a closer look at paying more attention to it in my review.

I always start to find information about the background of a product or company because I believe that what a company has done in the past shows what it’ll do in the future. Well, to be honest, I was surprised to see that Peanut Labs is still up there and active because there are tons of negative things about this company and if I was a decision maker, I shut it down for sure long time ago!

Without a doubt, Peanut Labs is not a scam and this is what I’ll explain later but what I want to talk about now is how it works. Peanut Labs makes you money through taking online surveys and it rewards you every time you complete a survey.

With taking a look at registered members of this platform (+3 Million) everybody thinks that it’s absolutely a brilliant opportunity, especially when you hear that according to their claim, members of Peanut Labs have made more than $10 million dollars during the last years! For now, I just say that you should not believe it and I’ll explain why in the next couple of lines.

By the way, taking the survey is not the only option for getting the reward in Peanut Labs and by sign up to different sites which is suggested by PL, you’ll have more opportunities to gain more rewards.

Before going to the next section, it should be said that even if we believe that Peanut Labs is telling the truth and it really paid $10 million to the members, with a simple calculation, we’ll find out that ~$3 is what each member could make from this platform. Yes, only $3 for the whole work!

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how peanut labs works

How Does Peanut Labs Work?

One of the most interesting things about this platform is that it’s not possible to create an account through their official website if you decide to give it a shot and you’ll be directed to well-known survey companies like Toluna or Swagbucks when you want to register with them.

Those well-known platforms are websites that Peanut Labs is integrated with which means you’ll have access to Peanut Labs through a third-party platform and this makes the signup process more difficult.

When you’ve completed your registration form through a third-party website, it’s time to start earning rewards. As I’ve mentioned, the main way of earning rewards is completing an online survey but it’s not the only way.

From the time you start to take surveys on Peanut Labs, you’ll understand that it’s far from your expectations. For example, most surveys take more than 15 minutes to be completed and IF you get qualified (it happens a lot that you won’t get qualified for completing a survey) you’ll only earn $0.50 for this 15 minutes!

Do not you think that working at Mcdonald’s is much better than trying sites like Peanut Labs?!

Get Paid to Sign Up With Different Websites

According to your geolocation, you can get a list of websites for sign up which you’ll get paid if you register on any of them. Some of these sites are pretty well-known like eBay or Amazon and sometimes there’s a fee included for signing up with them.

For example, if you like to join Amazon Prime, it costs you $10 but if you do the signup process through Peanut Labs, you’ll earn $2 as sign up bonus which reduces the initial cost to $8. It works like a discount and can be useful only if want to sign up with those sites any way otherwise, spending $10 to make $2 does not have economic justification at all!

How Much Money You Can Make With Peanut Labs?

If you work full-time with them and try multiple sites at once then you may be able to make around $150 in a month. But keep in mind that spending 6 to 8 hours daily is the minimum amount of time required to reach that amount of extra income otherwise if you look at it as a normal survey platform and can’t spend more than 2 or 3 hours in a day for taking surveys then you should decrease your expectation to $30 monthly and in that case, this is the best scenario can happen for you.

The nature of survey sites does not let you turn this business to your full-time or even part-time job because there are expenses in your daily life which need to be covered by your income source and those few extra bucks that can come from survey companies is not enough at all to cover these expenses.

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peanut labs review

Peanut Labs – The Good, The Bad

The Good,

  • Well, it’s not good to say this but the fact is that I have not found any positive point on Peanut Labs except that its free of cost. It does not charge you anything and you can signup with them for Free.

The Bad,

  • Making not more than $30 or $40 monthly
  • Most of the trial offers have paid-membership and what you’ll get as rewards is much less than what you pay to sign up with those trial offers.
  • You never know if you get qualified for taking surveys or not unless you complete a survey. This means you may spend 15, 20 or even 30 minutes for taking a survey then you’ll see that there’s no reward because you won’t get qualified for that survey.

is peanut labs scam

Final Word – Is Peanut Labs a Scam? 

When a company is on the business for almost a decade, it naturally shows that they are not doing something wrong or illegal. This confirms that Peanut Labs is not run by a scammer and they really rewarded members. However, this fact that there’s no chance to make any significant amount of money with Peanut Labs stop me from recommending it to you if a consistent income is what you are looking for.

The additional income that comes from sites like Peanut Labs never can be a good replacement for your current full-time income and it’s the main reason why many people prefer to build their own online business rather than working for other companies. I think it’s not logical to rely on a business that you can’t even pay your bills with.

It’s better to consider survey companies as a side job with very low-income potential if you want to take it seriously but most of the times you won’t feel good when you see that all your hard work in survey sites only bring you a few extra dollars and you just let survey companies takes advantage of your entered information in survey forms.

Doing a little research before trying any new MMO product let you not waste your valuable time on crappy sites. Also when you signup on different sites from a third party platform like Peanut Labs you put yourself in a risk of losing your personal info so always be careful about it.

Before I start to build my own business online through the platform I’ve mentioned below, I was trying to make money from survey sites and tried many other ways but I didn’t get any result and gave up after a while; I’ve found out that this is not the right way for making money online and when I’ve found the best way, the result came right after starting it and I was able to make more than my full-time job from it so I left my 9-5 job too.

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  1. I think your content is absolutely bang on. I too have tried online survey’s to generate extra income and it was an epic fail. Too much time put in only to find out you don’t qualify is absolutely insane. I have to wonder if that is a tactic by the online company to take your survey results and not have to pay you for them.
    I trust your opinions in your article as you had substance to back up your findings, you were honest and spoke from your experience which engaged me to continue reading to the end.
    I like the fact you were honest in that you can make minimal amounts of money completing survey’s online, but cautioned not to make it your full time gig and expect to pay for living expenses.
    This article i’m sure will help people in making the right decision for themselves in terms of whether online survey’s is the best income solution for their situation.

    Great Job!

  2. Hi Ali, Peanut Labs or survey companies as a whole always seemed like a waste of time to me. You’re absolutely right in pointing out that you could make considerably more money working part-time at McDonalds, especially if you’re a student because they offer school grants. In fact, just about any part-time job is far more beneficial and rewarding of your time and effort than online sites like PL. Seems to me that those running the sites are the real beneficiaries here since you are essentially helping to expand their online presence. Thanks for the review.

  3. Ali,
    I am new to this but I like the layout of your page, It has not only the peanut scam, which most people have never heard of, but you have also incorporated several other products that people can review before they buy.
    IT goes into detail with everyone of them and has the pros and cons of each. You have been very informative with your information.
    It’s an all in one website for people looking to make fast dollars, to be able to compare with other companies in one spot.
    I like the WA review for the page because it’s informative and very cost friendly.
    You cannot make money without hard work but people try and try to make it fast. The peanuts review is a good point to where you work constantly to either get turned down for a survey, not paid for the survey because you do not qualify, and it is not a way to make a substantial living, where as you have pointed others into the right direction with your reviews.
    This is a page I would go to if I wanted or needed to check out reviews for other items ad not just 1.

    Overall, I think you have done an impressive job giving the people the information they need to steer clear of fast money scams and a good job that will work if you put time and effort into it(all jobs take work) to make money and a business for yourself.
    You have done an impressive job with your page and the layout of it.
    I wish you much success in the future because I know where to go to compare my any scams that may arise in my life or someone else’s.
    To your future success,

  4. Hi Ali,
    first of all thank you very much for this post!

    I did really like your content and that you made it clear to everyone that you´re wasting your time on sites like that.
    I tried also a couple different survey sites and was always disappointed about the results so I stopped doing it for a while but still thought maybe I should give it another try because I might have use the wrong sites, but now that I read this content I´m 100% sure that I´m not trying it again. Who wants to work for that amount of money? Right nobody!
    What I also really liked is that you mention that this site is not a scam, you focused on the fact that it is not worth it to spend that amount of time and just get a few bucks but that doesn´t mean that the company is a scam. I really liked that because it was a fair and honest review!

    You mention everything what I needed to know and I want to thank you again for this great post.
    I´m looking forward to read your upcoming posts!

    I wish you all the best,

  5. The layout of the page is great. I see that you have done your research , but you are right….

    you can only make so much a month because most surveys don’t qualify to pay you or you cannot find any to qualify for.
    I do not necessarily think it is a scam but it’s not worth anyone’s time because you have to work double hard.
    Then the frustration sets in and you get absolutely no where.
    They are brought to you by different markets and those always present spam e-mail or phone calls.
    You have done an exceptionally good job presenting this to consumers everywhere so everyone should be cautious.
    In your side bar you have also done other unbiased reviews for other to look at before comparing what to do, if they should.
    Your WA is located in the right spot for others to check out and compare to this company you have written about.
    All in all, I think you have done a great job with the review and others should be very wary and cautious about what they choose. It is a good comparison chart because they hide behind others.

    Good luck in future endeavors
    Sherrane W

  6. Great advice. I would start by wondering if the name of the product refers to the fact that you only make peanuts for a lot of work. You really covered the aspects of this kind of work well and very fairly. The fact that you tried it yourself makes your opinion credible. That means I will trust your opinion of the Wealthy Affilaite program that your recommended.
    I would like to add my own experience. I tried survey companies last year. I agree with you that it’s not a scam but it is a waste of time. I only did it for a few days. It was actually really tiring. It was like taking tests all day. After just a few days I checked and my earnings were under a dollar. Also in the process I signed up for some subscriptions that I was suppose to cancel after a trial period and forgot. So it actually cost me. It also put me on a lot of email list that I didn’ Want to be on. To this day, and that was a year ago, I still get calls almost daily from people trying to sell me a back brace. At the time I was having lower back pains. Even if I answer the call and say “I don’t want or need a back brace,” the still try to sell me one with a special discount.
    So thanks for posting this. You are doing people a service by saving them from the Peanut People. Better they try a reliable company such as Wealthy Affiliate that provides good training and service.
    Thanks for the great review

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