is planpromatrix a scam

Is PlanProMatrix a Scam or a Real Income-Generating Platform?

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FAQ on Google shows that many people want to know about legitimacy of a newly launched platform called PlanProMatrix. Well, if you’re one of them then this review of PlanProMatrix is for you. So here is the question: is PlanProMatrix a scam really?

But legitimacy issue of PlanProMatrix is not the only topic that I’m going to cover in this review, actually there are other important factors that you should consider if you want to give this platform a shot.

The compensation plan, real earning potential, time and effort that you need to invest behind a business opportunity are other factors that are more important than the legitimacy of a company, this means if time required to serve the site/program is not worth the money you make then it should be avoided even if it’s a legit program.

Everything from the background of the website to all pros and cons of PlanProMatrix is covered in this honest review and it helps you find out if membership plans and rewards of this platform are valuable or not. How do you want to make the right decision if you don’t know the reality about PlanProMatrix, what it is exactly and how it works?

Yes, this is a Mus-Read review that you shouldn’t skip if making the Best Decision matters to you.

Let’s start!


Product Name: PlanProMatrix

Official Website:

Owner: Mark George Naval

Type: Online-affiliate business

Price: $12 Starter Membership, $36 Premium Membership

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.8 out of 10

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Intro – What Is PlanProMatrix All About?

The freelance world has changed a lot during the last decade and a lot of people joined this industry and started to make their own careers in leader freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, TopTal, 99Design, SimplyHired, etc. but it’s not still easy for newbies and beginners to make money from these websites because there are many experienced and professional freelancers who turned this industry into a very competitive business.

Because of that, people are always looking for alternatives to freelance websites and that’s why platforms like InboxDollar, UserTesting, Amazon Mechanical Turk or Swagbucks were born. Actually, these websites provide an opportunity for people who want to make some extra money online by doing simple tasks like data-entry or completing surveys and PlanProMatrix is the newest website in this category that has been launched in 2013.

In addition to online surveys and data entry tasks, most of GPT websites let people make money from a third option called advertising (recruiting). In this option, you will earn money for introducing and inviting other people to join the program and this stops us to rely on this business as a reliable opportunity because it’s a pyramid scheme.

But on the other hand, it’s very attractive to stay at top of pyramid and make money from other people (your downline); that’s what keeps this business alive for a long time and lets it attract more and more people to this business model every day.

Is PlanProMatrix a Pyramid Scheme?

There are always programs in making money industry that may be marked pyramid scheme even programs like High Ticket Closer, Max International or Real Money Streams. But let me ask you a question: Do you know anyone who does not like to make easy money fast?

I personally don’t and that’s why many people get scammed easily when they enter to earning online world. It’s like an epidemic when everybody tries to find an easy way to make good money from the Internet but this is the first thing you should change in your mind if you’re serious about making money online.

It’s absolutely possible to turn your interests into an online business with very good earning potential but what may hurt your personal and financial life seriously in this way is thinking that it’s easy and simple!

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Now let’s continue reviewing PlanProMatrix. The compensation plan is one of the first places that I’m looking at while I’m reviewing a new program and it’s just disappointing about PlanProMatrix. You don’t understand how your profit will be calculated and more importantly how much money you can make over there.

Although surfing the website is easy and its user-friendly layout gives you a comfortable feeling when you move between different sections but when it comes to compensation plan, believe me, it’s really complex!

PlanProMatrix – The Startup Cost

You need to pick up one of the offered memberships after joining the platform; Starter Membership or Premium Membership.

It’s sad to see that there’s not any Free Trial that lets new users have a better overview of the platform. Anyway, a cost of $12 (Starter membership) or $36 (Premium membership) is out there if you want to try PlanProMatrix.

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how does planpromatrix work

Options to Make Money at PlanProMatrix

  • PPM E-loading. In this option, you use one sim-card to activate many other sim-cards. You need to buy it first and only after registering as a retailer, you’ll be able to use it as an activator for other mobile sim-cards.
    In this business, you can earn up to 2% commission as a dealer for every single transaction and small top-up is one of the main pros of this option.
  • Data Entry. This is the easiest way to earn from PlanProMatrix. There are different types of Data Entry jobs and what is offered in PlanProMatrix is based on solve CAPTCHAs which is called captcha encoding jobs.
    In this option, your accuracy and speed in typing determine your potential profit, this means, you’ll make more if you type fast and you’ll make less if you type slowly.
    The maximum earning potential in this method is around $200/month but in order to reach that amount, your type speed needs to be really fast and you should be able to solve +20 captchas every minute to make that much.
    There are several factors that differentiate fast vs. slow typists and you can’t make much if you’re in the second group.
  • Retailers, Affiliates, Advertisers.
    If you become an advertiser in PlanProMatrix, you can start recruiting people into the program without going for dealer or retailer relationship. Creating a long upline and downline makes you more money so it’s important to have a plan for that.
    The same as other MLM plan, you need to recurit a HUGE number of people to earn a significant income and this is not easy if you’ve zero experience in recruiting and MLM business.
    Not only about PlanProMatrix but it seems that the compensation structure is like an unknown world for most people, especially beginners because there are many levels and structures that if you don’t understand it properly, it causes failure.

The Real Earning Potential Behind PlanProMatrix

Regardless of Advertisers and PPM E-loading, the main way of earning at PlanProMatrix is Data-Entry. I skipped two first options because there are not suitable ways to earn an income for people who’ve just started MLM and I’m talking about data-entry because it’s a task that can be handled by everybody at any level of internet marketing.

PlanProMatrix says that an income potential of $300 is behind data entry tasks but since it’s based on only solving captchas, I’m not sure if it’s true! Stella Pajunas is the person who has a record of typing speed (216 words per minute (wpm)), so if you’re near that level, you probably can make good money from ANY data-entry jobs otherwise, you’ll waste your time.

For ordinary people, data entry tasks are one of those jobs that have little earning potential and if you see income proof of people on PlanProMatrix who made thousands of dollars with this platform, I make you sure that their income didn’t come through data entry jobs and they probably took advantage of pyramid scheme to earn money from referrals and other people.

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planpromatrix pros and cons

Advantages & Disadvantages


Well, about the pros, in my opinion, PlanProMatrix does not have any unique or special feature which can distinguish it from other MLM companies. I really don’t see any significant positive or unique feature here so I leave this section blank and continue with the negative points.


There’s a website called Better Business Bureau (aka BBB) that is founded a long time ago in 1912 and is a private, nonprofit organization that focuses on advancing marketplace trust by giving a rating to websites.

I always check rating of websites and programs that I review over there to see if it’s trustable or not and in case of PlanProMatrix, I could not find any information about this company over there! This seems strange to me and would consider it a red flag.

Recruiting is another con of PlanProMatrix and of course, it’s a common issue among almost ALL MLM companies. To be honest, it’s not very attractive for me to try to invite other people to sign-up for a new program because I feel that there’s someone in the company who is making a profit from my efforts.

There’s another thing that you need to pay attention to; it’s a rule for all MLM companies to have an income disclosure statement and show it publicly on their website but most people don’t pay attention to it and of course, many MLM companies don’t put it right in front of people because it shows several facts about MLM business that if people know, they would probably stay away from MLM companies and prefer to try their chance somewhere else. So always read this income disclosure statement to make sure that you should not miss anything.

is planpromatrix scam

Final Word – Is PlanProMatrix a Scam?

Well, I didn’t like many things about this program but the truth is that there are not enough reasons to call PlanProMatrix a scam. As long as there are people who are making money at PlanProMatrix and are satisfied with what they are doing and as long as they get paid by this company, we can’t call it a scam website.

People who don’t feel comfortable with network marketing model may mark it as a scam but they should know that this is the definition of network marketing and if it does not fit your needs, this does not mean that it’s a scam

But if you want to know my opinion about network marketing business model, I would say that it’s not worth trying. Using this marketing strategy is becoming more and more difficult every day and people trust products and items that are sold through this marketing model less and less; it’s going to be like a nightmare for marketers and affiliates (see difference between Subsidiary vs. Affiliate here) to find and sell quality products with network marketing model.


If you are curious about MLM business and have not tried it before and if you’re ok with paying ~$12 to see how a multi-level marketing company works then feel free to test PlanProMatrix but if you expect to change your life by using this business model, I’m sorry but it never happens not only with PlanProMatrix but with any other MLM business.

MLM and recruiting people is not the only way of making money at Internet and fortunately, there are much better options to earn money online that can be even replaced with your current boring 9-5 job.

Affiliate marketing is what I can recommend you as a reliable source of online income. By becoming an affiliate marketer you can only promote the products YOU LIKE, you can build an online business, you can have your own audience and the most important thing is that you never get tired of working because you’ll create a career based on your interests. This is really wonderful in my opinion.

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  • Update 11.11.2019

There’s nothing new about PlanProMatrix and only several new complaints filed against this company from the last time that I’ve checked it. However, I still believe that my recommended method is the Best Way to achieve financial freedom and work from anywhere, anytime!

Don’t forget that it’s a beginner-friendly platform which means you don’t need to have any internet marketing knowledge and the program will teach you everything from 0 to 100 about this business. I started it myself from zero and all my dreams have come true with this brilliant step by step guide.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of PlanProMatrix. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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