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Is Points2Shop Scam? – You Never Believe This!

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With a simple search on the internet, you can find many sites like Points2shop that seem a chance for starting an online business. But is Points2Shop a scam or you can really believe what they claim?

Maybe you join some of websites like Points2Shop optimistically and you can never earn your expected money in a short term, indeed it’s hard to be confident about these sites even if they claim to be an occasions to make money online. They just make members unhappy after a while because not only it’s not possible to earn money from them and they don’t pay your earned money but also these websites scam their members.

In this review, it’s investigated Point2shop as one of these websites to understand if it is really legitimate or not and how this system works to make money for you .


Product Name: Points2Shop

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Get Rewards to Do Tasks

Cost to join: Free

Summary of Review:

Points2shop earns money in different ways. A method is using affiliate links on their site. One another method for them to make money is the time that members remain on their site. Hence, Point2shop is a habit-forming website for achieving this aim to keep members more time on the site, because more time you spend on their site more money they can make.

The income on Point2shop is very few around just one dollar per hour. In general, this website is not suggested as an online business due to the availability of other better sites.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is points2shop

What is Points2Shop All About?

The Point2shop is a “make money online” website that also has a Reddit and Facebook account. Although this website pay you in both forms of points and cash, it can be troublesome too because it’s always possible to change cash to points but it’s not feasible to change points to cash.

The Point2shop is a GPT or Get-Paid-To website that also pays you in points. On this system every one hundred points costs one dollar. There are other Get-Paid-To websites like and that are substitutes of the Point2shop.

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how points2shop works

How Does Points2Shop Work & What Are Rewards?

Let’s see what you will get as rewrads first.

  • Cash

If you would like to receive cash instead of points on this system, you have to complete cash offers. In addition, referring other people to the website can make cash for you. For this purpose, there is a link that by setting that link on your website other people can connect you as a referral.

  • Points

If you earn points as the second income option, you have to know that it’s possible to save your points just as gift cards in order to do online shopping in and it’s not possible to change your points into cash.

How to Get Rewards?

  • Referring Others

Another way to make money on Point2shop, is using the referral program that has three levels. With this method, you can gain 15% of the amount that your referrals earn, 3% of the amount that referrals of your referrals earn and 2% of the amount that their referrals earn.

For using the referral program, there is a special referral link for you and others can connect under your link as your referrals.

  • Downloading Apps

You can have access to other ways of earning money by the app of Point2shop. The app is available to download in the Apple App or Google Play and its downloading makes 0.10 dollar for you.

  • Playing Games

There are three games on Point2shop in order to make few money that for playing them you have to spend your earned points or cash, games such as Number Limbo, Spin2win and TriPeaks Solitaire. You have to pay entry charge by your earned points for playing TriPeaks Solitaire and Number Limbo. Another game, the Spin2win is just wasting your time to get award and gets your earned points or cash for gaining signs to play.

What Are Payment Options?

One way of Point2shop for paying, is cash payments that are done through Check, PayPal, Direct Deposit and Dwolla. These choices have a least cash amount that is around five dollars, however applied to your income is few.

Another way of the website for paying you, as the name of it “Point2shop” implies, you get points to shop from Amazon if you have enough cash and besides that you can receive gift cards for StarBucks, Amazon or many other online stores for shopping.

Anyways, Point2shop has a flexible payment system and they have many different ways to do that.

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points2shop pros and cons

Pros & Cons of Points2Shop

Unfortunately there is not any significant pros about this program but here are some cons of Point2shop as follow:

  • The absence of an ordered and clear link that makes some members confused to understand how it works.
  • The possibility of your disqualification at any moment during the survey because you are recognized as an inappropriate person for that survey. Offered surveys are geographically based on your profile information.
  • Credit card information requested for some test offers in order to give high points that is unpleasant for some members and they prefer not to join.
  • Earning cash just through lotteries, referrals or monthly awards and earning just points at surveys.

is points2shop a scam

Final Word – Is Points2Shop a Scam?

Let me give you a one word answer here. No, it’s not a scam and it’s a completely legit platform for sure. There are several good things about Points2Shop and its referral program is one of the positive points you should consider if you’re looking to make money through it. Fortunately, I’ve not found any complaints about their payment’s process which means if you can get referrals and make commissions, you will get paid for sure and unlike scams, they don’t steal your hard work.

It’s clear that if you refer more people, you have more opportunities to earn commissions. And their survey panel is always available out there which let you earn extra cash in your extra time.

Don’t forget to read their ToS (Terms of Service) completely first before joining because some people reported suspending on their accounts and it’s probably because of not following their rules.

Although there are still many people who call Points2Shop a scam but I don’t believe it’s. They call a program scam if they can’t make enough or good money with that but low potential of earning is a common thing between ALL paid survey websites and it definitely can’t be a logical factor to consider a program scam.

All in all, although Points2Shop does not make you rich but it’s something you can try confidently and be sure about getting your payment, especially if you’ve just started to earn online and don’t want to lose money or waste time on scams.

To be honest, you should spend a lot of time and effort as well as you need to be really “patience” to reach their minimum threshold but when you reach it, you’ll receive money directly in your PayPal account easily; again with all opportunities, options and ways they provide, that would not be impossible to reach their minimum payout amount but again If You Are a Patient Person.

Is There Any Opportunity Better Than Points2Shop?

Nowadays, most of the people are too busy to spend time for reading long texts and they prefer fast access ways to information. If you are in the category of those who don’t want to waste time for reading long articles, here there is a short review.

At first, it’s better to know that there are some discussions about Points2shop. Some members complain that Points2shop closes their account right in the time that they are going to get a prize from the site because of their high points! Or though watching videos, completing surveys and playing games are the ways of earning points on this website, it’s not possible to watch videos that is one of the simple offered ways for scoring points.

The fact is that although working on paid survey websites can bring you some extra money but it never can be replaced with a full-time income. In addition to joining several survey websites, you should be ready to complete significant amount of surveys if you want to have more than couple of dollars at your pocket at the end of the month.

But if you think to make serious money or turn this into your full-time job or if you want to look at this as a long-term business then you should search for something other than taking surveys online. Working on this type of site and completing surveys online is suitable only for people who would be happy with earning some extra cash.

Also you should know that this extra cash does not come easily. Think about time and effort you should invest to make some money through survey sites and see if it’s really you are happy with at the end.

Otherwise, try reliable and more valuable making money ways like Affiliate Marketing. I’m an affiliate marketer for a couple of years now and I’m totally satisfied with my income. I also personally know some people who started this business with zero knowledge in affiliate marketing and could turn this into a full-time income and they’re making 7 or even 8 figure online.

I like affiliate marketing because it lets you make money from your hobbies so you will never get bored about the field you’re working on and it’ll always be interesting for you.

Continue reading to see what great opportunities affiliate marketing can bring to you in my best recommendation section below.

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