is postal jobs source a scam

Is Postal Jobs Source a Scam or a Guaranteed USPS Job?

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Are you looking for an honest Postal Jobs Source review to find out all the truth about this program? Then welcome to my unbiased review of Postal Jobs Source! In this review article, I’m going to talk about a website that claims it can guarantee you get hired fast on high-paying US postal jobs. But is Postal Jobs Source a scam or a trusted source to find a good job in USPS?

First of all let me tell you how I’ve got familiar with Postal Jobs. I simply visited Postal Jobs Source because I’ve got an email from this company that invited me to apply on several high-paying job opportunities. If you visited job listing websites at least once, you know well that many of them use email marketing method to reach their potential clients and recruitment agencies follow the same strategy.

Of course, it must be said that email marketing is not the only marketing channel used by these companies and search engines, referral networks, and other marketing platforms are always play an important role for them. What you should keep in mind here is that landing on your private mailbox is not enough to label a company legitimate because even scam websites can get your email address from different ways.

Now here is the question: Can Postal Jobs Source link you to well-paying jobs really? The truth uncovered below shows why you shouldn’t trust a platform with closed eyes!

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Product Name: Postal Jobs Source

Official Website:

Owner: Dennis Price

Type: Postal Jobs Opportunities

Cost to Join: $48

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2.7 out of 10

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what is postal jobs source


I’m pretty happy these days because I have my own favorite online business and I don’t need to work for others. I know that many people think like me and want to build an online business for themselves but they don’t know how and where they should start.

Thanks to the Internet and virtual world, I’m happy to tell you that all of you can make money online but it’s not easy and the same as real world, there are scams, scammers, and dark-sides in the online world too.

I don’t think it’s necessary to explain how scam websites work exactly but what you must to know is that making big (but fake) promises is one of the most common strategies used by these websites to steal hard-earned money of people and what can protect you from getting scammed by these smart scammers is reading unbiased and honest reviews.

That’s my main reason for reviewing Postal Jobs Source. I’ve heard many times about this platform in different online communities and I was curious to know if you can trust promises of Postal Jobs Source or it’s nothing more than another get-rich-quick scheme.

Keep reading to find out the truth!

What is the Postal Jobs Source Exactly?

If you remember in my previous reviews like Zija International, Online Verdict or MTTB System, I’ve mentioned that most of the products and websites I’m reviewing provide an option or way to make money online and Postal Jobs Source works in the same way.

Getting a job in the postal service of the United States is not very simple but as Postal Jobs Source claims, it’s as easy as anything if you use the service of this website. If you’ve visited the official website of U.S. Postal Service Customer Service, you probably know that passing an exam is necessary to a position in this career but how postal Jobs Source can help you with that?

You need to get a specific score in the exam to be able to enter into Postal Service Customer Service career and Postal Jobs Source promises that you’ll get that score if you use training materials, guides and information provided in the registration package of this website.

You can clearly see that it does not guarantee you any job position in this career, instead, it provides you with all needed information to pass the exam of Postal Service Customer Service for a fee of $48 and it promises that you’ll get needed score if you purchased this registration package.

That’s all is going on in the Postal Jobs Source.

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how does postal jobs source work

How Postal Jobs Source Works Really?

To answer this question, we need to take a look at the claims and promises of this company. For $48, you’ll get:

  1. A detailed sorted list of open jobs related to Postal Service Customer Service in your area
  2. A step by step guide on how to apply and get a USPS job
  3. A long list of answers to probable questions of employee examination

In addition to the above, you’ll also get employment counseling after register on Postal Jobs Source but to be honest, all above stuff is available for Free on the web (even the employment counseling) and can be found with a little search and that’s why I don’t think that it pays to spend $50 to get such those guides, especially if you know that Postal Jobs Source does not guarantee you anything.

They want you to believe that your next job will be guaranteed if you get their registration package otherwise they’ll pay your money back and even make it double to get your satisfaction. Well, it’s a fake claim, don’t believe it!

The next red flag is that there’s not any information about the background of the person who talks and makes all these claims in the sales video. No name, no position, no information; we see just a woman sit on front of a camera and talk about all these beautiful promises but who is she exactly? Nobody knows!

The Top Red Flags of Postal Jobs Source

  • Low BBB Rating

Better Business Bureau is one of the trusted sources you can check out to make sure about the legitimacy of a website. What I’ve found out about Postal Jobs on BBB is that the person who is created, launched and run this website is behind another similar platform called Labor Services and because of that BBB alarmed clients to register on both of these services.

Also, on the website of Postal Jobs, it’s mentioned that BBB rated A+ this service but it’s not true and by checking, you’ll find out that there’s not any registered rating for this website.

  • It’s Not a Part of USPS

If you surf the website of Postal Jobs, one of the first things you’ll see is that they are not linked to the US government or USPS anyhow so how they can bring you job opportunities in this career and link you to those reliable sources when they are not part of this business and more importantly, why they should charge people $48 when they can’t assistance anyone to get hired in USPS officially?

  • Too Many Domain Names

Take a look at these domain names:,,,, etc. are not they similar to And why a company should use several domain names instead of one?

That was good if each of the above domains could provide you something valuable but the truth is that they all are a copy of and they just wanted to get more visits on the main site by using this technique.

Is $48 All You Pay For Postal Jobs Source? I Don’t Think So…

Here’s the worst thing that has happened about Postal Jobs; this company charged debit or credit cards of some of the members without letting them know! What is the name of this behavior if it’s not stealing?

Building customer trust and loyalty is the most important factor for an online business to get success and when a company decides to do such crappy things like charging people’s credit cards, this shows that they completely forgot this critical factor or it does not important to them at all!

Anyway, Postal Jobs Source does not guarantee that you can pass USPS exam by taking their registration package and even if you use provided information in this package to pass the exam, there are several other important factors like previous related experience, your background, general knowledge, drug test, etc. to get the position in USPS so you shouldn’t rely it at all.

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postal jobs source pros and cons

Postal Jobs Source – Positives & Negatives

All Pros of Postal Jobs Source

Although Postal Jobs does not guarantee you any job however, this does not mean that there’s not any guarantee inside this service. Fortunately, your money-back is guaranteed by Postal Jobs Source and you’ll get a refund if you decide to leave it.

But they are pretty smart in offering this refund option; you never see that they guarantee a money-back in specific amount of time (48h for example) or without any difficulty. The truth is that IF you can contact and convince them that their service didn’t meet your expectations then you MAY get a refund otherwise you won’t get any money back.

However, this is all good I can say about Postal Jobs Source.

All Cons of Postal Jobs Source

Postal Jobs Source is a private company and unlike what it tries to show, it’s not connected to a federal agency or US Postal Service anyhow. Sadly you can’t file a complaint against them for that reason because in the disclaims section, it’s clearly mentioned that “Postal Jobs Source is not a subset of US Postal Service” so logically they can’t guarantee any job position in this field.

Although this is not enough to call them a scam company but they are clearly cheating people in this way and make a fake imagination in your mind to convince you that a job at U.S. postal service is reserved for you!

It’s not hard to find the truth about a company, you just need to be some smart and do some research. For example, if you check out you see that Postal Jobs Source company does not have any rating there but when you visit their website you see that they created a fake A+ rating given by Better Business Bureau to give themselves more credit. What a poor and amateur scam technique (see most sophisticated online scams here)!

Who Are Target Market of Postal Jobs Source?

Students who are in the last year of their study, people who don’t like their current job, unemployed persons and people who are looking for a new job are the main target of this company.

I hate to say this but what Postal Jobs Source doing is very unfair to me; they take advantage of this “I want to work” feeling in people and charge job seekers $49 but give them nothing in return!

is postal jobs source scam

Final Word – Is Postal Jobs Source A Scam?

Not rated by BBB, using fake and unreal claims, charging people for information that can be found for completely free are just a few negative points of this website.

The only thing they provide is some information to prepare yourself for Postal Service’s exam and your money will be wasted for sure if you can’t pass the exam with this information and if people can get a job in U.S. postal service by using registration package of Postal Jobs then what is the reason for giving a 200% money-back guarantee?

And don’t forget that all these fake information about money-back guarantee, BBB A+ rating, etc. can be created easily with software like Photoshop, you just need to hire a good graphic designer!

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Postal Jobs Source. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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