is prime profits alert a scam

Is Prime Profits Alert a Scam? – Expert Warning: Scam!

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If you’ve subscribed to one of the famous financial newsletters like Zacks, Stansberry Research or The Motley Fool Stock Advisor or know well that what kind of information they send to your mailbox. Now Sovereign Society launched the newest type of this newsletters called The Prime Profits Alert but is prime profits alert a scam and useless?

The same as other relevant newsletters The Prime Profits Alert provides some information that can protect you from the market movements shifts in the investment industry. Of course, it does not guarantee that your money will be always safe in the coming years but by using the given tips from pro investors, you can protect yourself from unpredictable changes in the stock market.

I’ve written a detailed review article for The Prime Profits Alert which will let you know if it worths subscribe to this newsletter or you can find much more practical investment options somewhere else. Now, let’s see what’s going on inside The Prime Profits Alert.


Product Name: Prime Profits Alert

Official Website:

Founder: Sovereign Society

Type: Financial Advice Newsletter

Cost to Join: $47 to $97

Recommended? No, unless you have a lot of money to risk

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is prime profits alert

What Is Prime Profits Alert Exactly?

As I’ve told you, this newsletter is created in Sovereign Society by two financial experts called JL Yastine and Chad Shoop. They are experienced in online investment and have corporate with Prime Profits Alert for almost a decade and Prime Profits Alert newsletter is the result of their analysis in the stock market.

The first thing to get your attention when you land on the official website of Prime Profits Alert is an introduction-video which explains how this investment tool works and how it can bring you 100%, %200 or more ROI (Return on Investment) in a short time.

A dedicated calendar placed inside the program and if it’s used well, there’s a potential of making $1 million from your initial investment. (which should not be less $10k of course.)

Another feature of this program is Trade Alerts. When you join them, you’ll start receiving some reminder messages in your mailbox. There’re in different topics, for example, some of these reminders alert you as soon as there’s a good investment opportunity and some others are just an invitation for subscribing to another financial newsletter. It depends on the stock market which type of these reminders you receive more if the market is active, they’ll send you more opportunities and if it’s not, you’ll only get some advices that can be used in the future.

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how prime profits alert works

How Prime Profits Alert Works?

Unfortunately, it’s not free to join this newsletter and you need to pay at least $97 to become a subscriber. Also if you’re interested, there’s an option to pay less if you become a yearly member which will cost you $197 every year but you only pay $147 for the first year. Keep in mind that it’ll be renewed automatically so if you don’t want to be charged extra money, make sure to unsubscribe before the next billing cycle.

The thing you should not forget is that none of the recommended newsletters is Free, this means, there’s always a membership fee. One of the investment newsletters you’ll be invited subscribes to called The Bauman Letter. This newsletter is as famous as Prime Profits Alert (if it’s not more famous). You’ll be given a link which you can use The Bauman Letter completely Free for 3 months but what Prime Profits Alert won’t tell you is that your payment info need to be added if you want to take advantage of that 90 days of trial period and when this trial time is finished, you’ll be charged $79 automatically.

prime profits alert pros and cons

All Warning Signs That Stopped Me From Subscribe to Prime Profits Alert

We need a clear definition of scam to be able to judge about Prime Profits Alert. I think what says about a scam program can help us a lot to decide about this newsletter. Investopedia says that there are several red flags in a program which makes us sure that it’s a scam and the first one is the promise of big money.

  • Big Money with No Effort

These days, it’s clear for everybody that although earning high income online is possible but it’s not effortless and websites that promises you making xxx amount of dollars in a few days or a week have a purpose other than helping you.

These type of fake claims were born on the first day that the Internet became a worldwide tool. Of course, I’ve seen many Internet entrepreneurs became a millionaire through an online business but they didn’t reach that point in a week or month and it took them years or hard work.

Personally, I’m making a full-time income from my online business but I’ve started it from scratch and I’ve worked on my website for more than 2 years to get my first significant result. I completely believe that everybody can make 4, 5, 6 figures or even more from the Internet if you walk in the right direction and have access to the right tools.

  • Nobody Knows About The Product

You know, I’ve visited Prime Profits Alert several times but I could not understand what it is exactly and how it works. I’ve just seen a term called “black box” which is going to make me money but how and when? Nobody knows!

Actually, this is an old sales technic that owners of Prime Profits Alert decided to take advantage of. In this sales strategy, the system forces you to believe that there’s a secret (which is called ‘Black Box’ here) that nobody knows about and you can see it only if you join the platform.

The only focus on this method is selling the promoted product. Actually, many scam systems use this technique and make a sales page or video full of unreal promises and claims then start to share it everywhere to get the most attention of people.

This is what we see in sales-video of Prime Profits Alert and after watching it twice, I was not able to give a definition for this product.

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Make Easy Money With Zero Effort?!

If you are too busy to put enough time and effort behind a new online business, it’s better to find some free time for yourself first instead of looking for autopilot systems because nothing in life worth having comes easy.

Of course, feel free to take your chance anytime you like but my long experience in online business and money making from the Internet says that your valuable time will be totally wasted if you live with the hope of earning huge amount of money with a little effort.

is prime profits alert scam

Final Word – Is Prime Profits Alert a Scam?

Without any doubt, if you spend any money on this product you’ll definitely lose it because Prime Profits Alert is absolutely a scam. The same as another scam program called The Bitcoin Generator that I’ve recently reviewed, Prime Profits Alert uses your dream of making money to make profit from it but the truth is that your dreams of building a thriving online business and have a suitable income from the Internet will remind just like a dream and it never comes true by this system.

I recommend you to change your mind of easy and quick methods for making money through the online world because if you continue thinking like this, Prime Profits Alert won’t be the last scam program you experience in the life and if you made a good decision by staying away from it this time, there won’t be any guarantee that you’ll be safe with the next scam you’ll see in the Internet.

I recommend you try my best reliable platform below if you are serious about building a trustworthy business and make a full-time from your interests. As Walt Disney says “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Thanks for reading this review and feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section below )

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  1. If it was real Amazon would be advertising it. Would like to know real people not Matt R and Wilma S and so on who have been successful with this.

  2. “World Reviews At Your Fingertips” – What an great concept.
    I found your Review of “Prime Profits Alert” informative. I’d not been involved in searching for digital information for the ‘Investment Industry’ – Then I felt that if the Sovereign Society has launched a newsletter about ‘Market Movement Shifts’ called ‘Prime Profits Alert’ that could be a helpful resource.
    Your Summary providing your ranking of 5-10 quickly informed me otherwise. Then I became concerned, when you bought to my attention, that their website suggested a 100% – 200% ROI – This is dis-honest and makes victims of many of us….
    Your #1 Recommendation in my opinion is a legit and very very helpful and economical platform.

  3. Thanks for an interesting article. I ‘ve read conflicting opinions about the Prime Profits Alert but overall it looks like a scam that’s going to take your money. Again the Bitcoin generator is something friends have looked at but with little success. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Ali,
    Thanks for the review of Prime Profits.
    I appreciate the summary near the top of the page. It helped me understand the overall direction of the article. Your ranking system helped me decide to avoid prime Profits. warning us about high membership fees and hidden costs of newsletters helped me be sure I don’t want to get involved with Prime Profits.
    The top warning signs will also help me be aware of potential scams and what to watch for.
    Thank you for the very informative article .


  5. I absolutely love this information. It is very well wrote out. It was also very helpful to me as well being that I am interested in this field and am new to this as well. The way you have it all written out is a very neat structure. There is not to much content to confuse someone but just enough content to keep ones interest. Great job. I will surely visit back to your site to see any new advice that you may put on there. Thank you so much. Very helpful!!

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