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Is Prime Time Profits Scam? – Great Opportunity or Big Mistake?!

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If someone said, you could make 500 bucks per day every day, working from home; my guess is you would want to know how to take advantage of the opportunity. This is what Prime Time Profits claims to offer as benefits. Now I am sure you have questions; wondering how legit they are or is Prime Time Profits scam or not?

This review will present you with facts that can aid you in making a careful decision.

  • Can you really make $500 using their platform?
  • How true is the affiliation with Amazon claim?

You will find the answers and then you can decide if Prime Time Profits is genuine or just another in a long list of make-money-fast scams.


Product Name: Prime Time Profits

Official Website:

Owner: Charles McAliister

Type: Making Money with Amazon

Cost to Join: $47 at the beginning + tons of upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is prime time profits

What is Prime Time Profits about?

Prime Time Profits is a website that hosts a work from home program. This program is claimed to have an affiliation with Amazon and it guarantees you an income of $500 every day and you can end up making as much as $18,000 every month.

That might sound familiar because there are numerous fraudulent websites that also claim to help you make quick money without stress.

“Copy my free weird trick to make $500 per day starting today! Watch the video below”

The message above is boldly displayed on the website with much emphasis laid on how much you can generate as income (which is also similar to many scam websites).

When you watch the video below the message, the narrative is about how lucky you are to stumble on the amazing offers the website is giving out and how you need to seize the opportunity because of the limited slots available to register.

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prime time profits review

How does Prime Time Profits work?

So, how can you generate this income of $500 daily?

According to information gathered from the website, all you need to do to generate $500 dollars a day is to make use of their “black box”. Prime Time Profits has a virtual black box on the website. All that you are expected to do is to simply click on a button (it looks like the dollar symbol) that is on the black box every day. Yes, it is as simple as that. Once you register by opening an account and pay the required fee, click away and make all the money you can!

To become a member, you can join two different levels; the $47 and $97. As the names indicate, you have to make payments of $47 or $97 to partake in the benefits for any of the levels. When you become a member, they claim that you will get further access to a more improved version of their system and hence make a lot more money.

prime time profits pros and cons

Prime Time Profits: The Pros and the Cons

Obviously, on the surface, Prime Time Profits’ system appears to be quite easy to understand and use. It is also something that will generate a lot of money in a very short period if legit.

The pros end there but the cons are a lot more;

  • No products or services offered

Most affiliate marketing programs generally have products or services that they market. Registered members will be paid according to how well they push the market and sales of these products or services. Prime Time Profits markets no product or service and they claim you will generate that amount of income by just clicking a button. Do sales websites where you make money without doing any work exist? Think about that for a bit. Does that not sound like one of the get-rich-fast schemes?

  • No confirmed affiliation with Amazon

There is a claim that Prime Time Profits have an affiliation with Amazon. This was particularly popularised by news websites claiming to be original Amazon news articles but upon investigation, it has been found out these websites are fake. Furthermore, there is no mention or an official statement from Amazon regarding an affiliation with Prime Time Profits. Does that not feed more suspicion?

  • Fake Website Contents

Some of the information on the Prime Time Profit’s official website are not original contents; they were copied from other sites. For example, there is a mention of Carol and Paul Miller as members who are enjoying the benefits of the system. On the contrary, the picture used to depict this family is a stock photo. Stock photos are images that have already being created by someone else and is made available on the internet.

In addition, some of the acclaimed testimonies by members that are posted on the website are copied. These testimonials have also been used by fake news pages; word for word! They might as well be fake!

  • Huge Income in a short period

Prime Time Profits claim that you can rake in an income of $500 daily; about $18000 a month. That sounds like a dream. Although, it is not an impossible dream but something like that usually takes time. You have to put in many hours and do the hard work to get to that level. There is no quick way to make money.

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Prime Time Profit – Red Flags

In my opinion everybody can find lies of this company easily if they pay some attention to details when they visit official website of Prime Time Profit. I list some of their lies here and you can also use it as a signs to consider legitimacy of other companies as well.

  • Not Real Story

Let me assure you that everything you hear about Paul Miller in Prime Time Profit is not real. I did a deep research and have not found ANY information about this man “Paul Miller”. That’s interesting that they even created fake characters to make a family for him as well. You should know that creating some fake names with websites like Fake Name Generator is something a child can do too these days.

As you know a liar is forgetful; that’s why they used the exact name of a person which has already used for another fake making money program.

  • Fake Payment Proof

Unfortunately all their payment proof is fake. If you have some basic knowledge in photo editing you will easily understand that their proof is nothing more than some made up screenshot.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at other scam websites called: Fast Income Generator and Amazon Cash Websites, then you will see payment proof here is copied on those websites as well.

Sadly, PTP (Prime Time Profit) is not trustworthy at all. It’s created and run by scammers and there’s not any aim behind it except of stealing people’s money!

  • The tweets are fake

You may wondering if it’s a scam how they could get a reputation in social networks like Twitter and how people tweets about it a lot. The answer is simple, the tweets are fake too!

You just need to open webpage of Amazon Cash Websites then you will see many people tweets similar messages over there and the fact is that 90% of these accounts are bot and does not really exist.

What About Other Red Flags?

You may ask so what is good about Prime Time Profits? It’s sad to say but nothing! This program does not have any positive point from my point of view and everything looks useless.

From the first time you join this program, they start to push you purchase it. For example they tell you that only a limited numbers of spots can be purchased and if you miss this opportunity, it’ll be finished soon and you will never have this chance again so the best decision is buying it right now. What a dirty scam!

Well they may be right because limitation of purchasing spots may exist but only for you. In reality, they have spots as much as you like and they will continue to sell it to more and more people. It’s clear that if they sell more, they can make more profit and money so why they should stop doing this while they can make good money from lack of knowledge in other people.

They are willing to hire more and more marketers every day because they can promote them well with black hat Technics and many of people believe what promoters say.

is prime time profits a scam

Conclusion – Is Prime Time Profits a Scam?

Legitimate investments and ventures are often very open—such that investors will fully understand what they are getting into. Anything other than this should be regarded as suspicious.

Prime Time Profits is obviously a scam because of its many shady and unclear details. How do you expect to make money by doing no work but clicking on buttons? It is a waste of time, money and effort to consider joining.

Final Word

It is very possible to make lots of money through online businesses and transactions but they often require time and effort. Do not waste your time looking for shortcuts and quick fixes. Bury yourself in the work and it will sure yield profitable results.

Prime Time Profits is another get-rich-quick scam. Signing up for it might not only mean a waste of time or money, you could also be giving out private information that will expose you to greater chances of fraud.

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