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Is Product Testing USA Scam? – Here is The Secret You Didn’t Know!

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That would be very good if you could receive latest version of Microsoft’s Windows or newest product of Apple for totally Free right? This is what Product Testing USA is going to give you but since there is always chances that a scammer can be behind a digital product which got your attention, first of all this important question should be asked: Is product testing usa a scam or you are really lucky that could find this website?

If you read my review completely, there won’t be any unanswered question for you at the end and a logical good decision will be minimum result of reading this honest review.

Fortunately I’m not one of those people who make money by writing amazing things about product testing usa. It does not matter for them to write the truth, they should tell only good (but not true) things because your purchase decision make them money.

I’m making full time income online but to get at this level, I’ve got scammed by scammers several times so I don’t want it to happen for others and I always try to help people find only ways that work.

Now you can read my review with confident and be sure that you will find if this digital product is a scam or legit.


Product Name: Product Testing USA

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Get Free Product in Exchange for Your Review

Cost to Join: Free

Short Review:  Don’t you have time to read my full review? That’s totally ok! Just read next couple of sentences as summary of my conclusion of this product to find what’s going on inside of product testing usa. In short, I would say that this product testing website can’t exceed your expectations at all and you won’t receive those brilliant products you were looking for. It looks that number of people who want to take advantage of PTU are much more than normal, also number of available jobs are much less that what can cover this demand.

Being lucky isn’t enough to get good products from this website, you should also be more than active and IF everything goes well, product testing usa will send a product for you in the next six months. Yes, you read it right, only ONE product every 6 months!

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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Product Testing USA review

What Is Product Testing USA All About?

Everything related to product testing can be find in this website. They claim that you can get different products for completely Free if you can leave a review for that product in return.

Getting free items is not the only option they give to members to keep them eager. Secret shopping and secret dinning are two other options they are willing to give you in exchange for you feedback. It does not need to say that you can use them to shop or get food from fast foods with discount. Without doubt this is just a skin of product testing usa and reality is not as good as I’ve told you above.

Let’s see what’s not normal here. They like to know your opinion about a product right? So can you tell me why they choose only a very limited number if reviewers each time? If it’s really like that their platform should be full of reviewers now but it’s not.

You may ask they could not stay alive in this business if they don’t make profit and even more important question, why people still are interested to join them and why their door is still open to new members?

Well answer is short and simple; Imagine they want to have reviewers that are available always so they simply start to promote everywhere that they NEED testers (even if they don’t) because they make profit if they can get reviews of people otherwise, they had to leave this business long time ago.

This is how a normal product testing business works. One review for one product is not something that can make them happy and that’s why they try to make a community of reviewers as much as possible.

And as you see, unlike real and honest reviews, this type of feedback can’t be useful for producers and companies at all.

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how Product Testing USA works

How Product Testing USA works Exactly?

The instruction and process is almost the same as many other similar websites and it’ll be completed by taking several simple actions. Now let’s take a look at steps you should take to become a member of PTU, it looks clear and not complicated:

  • Register

For every product you want to test, it’ necessary to sign-up for that product so it requires you to sign up more than once.

To keep yourself safe from receiving ads, keep in mind that you should not check “condition stated” when you sign-up. It’s a trick which let PTU uses contact information you entered during sign-up process and it lets them send you different types of promotions which you won’t like for sure.

Of course some persons don’t have any problem with receiving these ads but as far as I know, most people prefer to stay away from these annoying promoters. Finally it’s up to you to make this option active or de-active for yourself.

  • Answer more questions

When you completed sign-up process, you should take a short survey. This survey is something like a questionnaire and product testing usa uses it to know what kind of items you like more then based on your answers, they start to send more related products to you because more sign-up for testing products from members means more profit for them.

  • Start to Get & Test Products

Ok, it seems that the sign-up process finishes here and you should sit on you comfortable couch and wait for post man to bring you new amazing product for free of cost!

Well, I had not time to wait for a long time and see how this works and since I just wanted to have a deep view of this platform to share my opinion about it with my audience, I started to contact with people who were a member of PTU before to see if they really received any product or not. Most of them told they were not satisfied and questionnaire step was like a cheat.

The reality is that they don’t use questionnaire to know what you like & what you don’t. Actually this is not even important for them. It’s sad but it’s just a way to get your attention as a potential customer & try to sell more products to people; they even don’t count on you as a product tester.

You can wait as long as you like to receive that newest model of iPhone or Gadget but it’ll never happen, and you’re wrong if you think you don’t lose anything if you try it once because you’re giving them your personal contact info for free and let them keep in touch with you and promote digital and physical products to you anytime they want!

To be honest, none of persons who I talked to didn’t receive ANY product for free and testing and some of them waited for 6 months or even more! They want you believe them because this lets them stay in the business and they made their platform looks as legit as possible.

It’ sad but if you are one of those persons who believe on anything others say easily then you are the most suitable choice for them. Can you imagine that there are still people who are waiting for that special day, the day that products comes but unfortunately this day takes as long as end of the world’ day.

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pros and cons product testing usa

Is There Any Money to Make from Product Testing USA?

Well although it’s not simple but yes, there are ways other than writing reviews to earn money from PTU, you can become a secret dinner or mystery shopper and start making some money.

Don’t think that it’s easy to work in any of above fields, well, it may be not too hard but the issue is that the same as becoming a product reviewer, it’s difficult to be selected as a mystery shopper or secret dinner.

But let’s imagine you are too lucky and PTU decides to pick you, do you know what they don’t give you cash at the end? Yes, a voucher of $30, $50 or $100 is all thing you will have after becoming a mystery shopper for example but keep in mind that if you were that much lucky, you never landed on a semi-legit opportunity like product testing usa.

Is Product Testing USA a scam

Final Conclusion – Is Product Testing USA scam?

Firstly I want to tell you that I have not seen PTU as honest as other similar legit companies, of course every single business Needs to be profitable to stay alive in any market but some companies are honest and tell you the truth from the first day and some others don’t.

Both types can be legit and you may have chance to make money from them but it’s you who make the final decision, so if you are ok to work with a company which this type of business, go for that. I personally don’t want to join a platform that does not guarantee my privacy policy.

I could have a much more positive view about Product Testing USA IF they were more honest and told people this fact that there is only a little chance to being selected as a tester and receive those attractive items.

So since I could not find anybody who received products from them and with all those negative points I’ve seen on this platform, I’m not recommending it to anybody. Your time is much more valuable than wasting it on methods or websites that you are not sure about. There may be others who have totally different opinion about PTU as mine but if I see a positive review about this platform, I totally doubt about it!

You don’t need to join a website for making money if it looks suspicious, especially while some legit and valuable platforms are out there which you can join and start making money with confidence. See my top recommendation below to know what I’m talking about.

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