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Is Profit Genesis Scam? Yes, They Are Fake!

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It’s good to see that you want to find the truth about a company by your own research and of course “is profit genesis scam” is the best question you can ask for starting. This review includes all your needed information about Profit Genesis 2.0. Therefore it’s better to read it before spending your money on Profit Genesis 2.0 or even if you are really who earns 5000 dollars for a long time!


Product Name: Profit Genesis 2.0

Official Website:

Cost: $37 + Up-sells

Verdict: Scam!

Do I Recommend It? No!

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is profit genesis

What Is Profit Genesis 2.0?

Profit Genesis 2.0 asserts that you could easily make a lot of dollars every week online on device. On the sales page of this program, the representative of the sales video claims that it has been demonstrated him an amazing evasion for making thousands of dollars weekly by a former Google employee. Despite of this, it’s not a reliable program because of some reasons that you will find them out in this review.

pros and cons

The Pros & Cons

The reality is that the disadvantages of Profit Genesis 2.0 are much more than its advantages. The both positive and negative points will be discussed better in this review. Disadvantages are included assertions of automatization, too much revenue assertions, falsified credentials and the lack of useful information. Instead, the possibility of gaining a repayment and getting a good teaching can be considered as the advantages.

Crazy Income Claims

The possibility to earn more than five thousand dollars per week by only just doing nothing, can impress everyone but it’s just an absurd claim.

Profit Genesis 2.0 Unrealistic Claims

It’s true that you can earn enough money online but it really takes time and much work! Profit Genesis 2.0 in its sales video asserts that some people are earning a lot of money from their program while this is just a false claim because their system is based on becoming rich swiftly, what is not true in online working!

Automation Lies

There are some lies of automation in this system. The spokesman of Profit Genesis 2.0 asserts that this isn’t a “switch” fraud and justify it because you have to work just for fifteen minutes! According to their assertion you can earn a lot of money online with fifteen minutes of work! You will automatically earn a lot of money after set up that takes only a few minutes!

Honestly, it’s impossible to earn a lot of money automatically with just an easy work and any program that asserts this, is just deceiving you!

Not Enough Information

The lack of information is one another problems of this program. There would be unclear matters for you even after watching the whole 23 minutes sales video. It’s not obvious if there is a PDF with some guides, in this case including how many pages? Or training videos will be available for you after paying the 37 dollars and if it’s so including how many training videos? What can you acquire or do with this payment? Or for earning all this money what will you be doing?

Instead of answering clearly the questions, they assert that it would be a discovered mystery just for their members, what seems more a fraud!

Fake Testimonials

There is no doubt that the testimonials of Profit Genesis 2.0 are forgery. It’s sure because exactly the same people boost different frauds throughout the internet!

is profit genesis a scam

Is The Bitcoin Code A Scam?

The truth is that these false testimonials originate from a website that called Fiverr. On this website people do different works for getting five dollars. But the question arises why this program requires to give money to the fake testimonials for publicizing it whereas can really make people money.

These contradictions make Profit Genesis 2.0 untrusted!

Final Conclusion

It’s possible to obtain really useful information and good training with the purchase of Profit Genesis 2.0 but on the other hand it’s not like what they undertake in the sales video! Contrary to what they claim, there aren’t some people earning much money by this program and you won’t earn a lot of money nightly neither! So it can be your distinction to consider this program as a scam or not!


Absolutely sure you can find much better programs than Profit Genesis 2.0 to know about earning money online. Hence, it’s undoubtedly better to keep away from them because of all listed reasons above! Profit Genesis 2.0 doesn’t worth your money and time even if there are much worse frauds than that!

my recommendation

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