is profit shortcut a scam

Is Profit Shortcut a Scam or A Fast-Pass Ticket?!

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Hello everyone! In this review article, I’m going to show you how a program can easily cheat people with making unrealistic claims like making as much as $10,000 every week! The program that we’re going to review is called Profit Shortcut and without a doubt, it’s an eye-catcher money-making system I’ve ever seen in my life. Now let’s ask: Is Profit Shortcut a scam product? Let’s find out! )

The truth is that the Internet has never lacked scams and scammers and that’s why reading trusted reviews is a must-do task these days for everyone who wants to start making money online from the Internet and want to find only the real deals.

The profit shortcut review that you’re reading here will uncover some of the untold facts about this program and it helps you know make a logical decision about it. As always, I’ve tried to be 100% honest in my review and since I’m not linked to Profit Shortcut, all information that I’ve gathered here are real and come from my own experience with this platform. So make sure to read this review till end if you don’t want to be the next victim!

Now, let’s jump in and start exploring all the truth about the Profit Shortcut!


Product Name: Profit Shortcut

Official Website:

Owner: Sarah Highland

Type: Money-Making System

Cost to Join: $37 + Tons of Upsells

Short Review

As I’ve mentioned in the intro section, making thousands of hundreders of dollars is not a big task from the point of Profit Shortcut.

Sarah Highland is a name that we’ll come up when we search for the creator of this program. There’s just a little information about this person and this is not good at all because it does not make any relationship in terms of trust between she and her customers.

In the beginning, you think that Profit Shortcut is an outstanding program and it works like a life changer system but believe it or not it’s just a promotional campaign for another making money product. When you see that owner of a product or program is promoting ANOTHER product constantly, (like what is happening about Profit Shortcut and Sarah Highland) you SHOUND’T trust it. For example, Sarah is trying to sell you a system called “The Super Affiliate Network” which is totally different with Profit Shortcut so the questions is why she wants to sell another system to you if her platform works like a charm?!

All in all, I believe that the newest product of Sarah Highland is worthless and investing your money as well as time in programs like Profit Shortcut is like diving into an empty pool!

Don’t worry, I’ll help you to find the Right Way of making money online at the bottom of this article.

Recommended? No!

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is profit shortcut

What Is Profit Shortcut System All About?

This product is about an all-done-for-you system that let you lay down on your comfortable couch and make hundreds of dollars easily; of course, this is what owner of Profit Shortcut claims and in fact it’s far from reality.

Guys… it’s sad to say that although we are living in the 21 century but there are still many people who think that having an online income and earn money from the online world (Internet) is as easy as pressing a button called “Make Me Money Now!”.

Actually, I can write a long story about the people who lose everything they’ve had in the making money online lottery games and how scammers steal hard-earned money of people every day but your time, as well as mine, are valuable so I prefer to focus on our topic (Profit Shortcut Review) now. Maybe when I have more free time in the future, I’ll write this story and uncover all the dirty tricks scammers use to cheat people like me and you.

I think the only important thing you need to know about this program is that it’s an empty box and you never find something valuable inside it. Marketing and selling another online MMO system (The Super Affiliate Network) is the main aim of the persons who run the Profit Shortcut.

But I’m wondering why a product like The Super Affiliate Network (which I’ve not heard anything about it) should be promoted a lot through different funnels like PS day after day? Does this mean any special meaning? Why Super Affiliate Network uses sites of the other products for promotional purposes? Is the owner of the Profit Shortcut linked to the Super Affiliate Network? Or maybe both programs have been created by only one person?!

Good or bad, you never find the answer of these sorts of questions in the official websites of Super Affiliate Network or Profit Shortcut but if you keep reading, I’ll share some incredible facts about this product that help you find the answer of all above questions and let you know what’s really going on in the Profit Shortcut…

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how profit shortcut works

How Profit Shortcut Works Exactly?

All I’ve found about this program is that it’s an affiliate marketing training course which is going to teach you different methods of money making through this marketing business model. The problem is that it’s not clear what Sarah Highland (owner of the platform) is talking about because anybody with some or a little information about affiliate marketing knows very well that there’s not any short cut or something like that in the affiliate marketing business.

Instead of introducing the training model itself, Sarah just talks about the big money you can make from affiliate marketing and she does not tell you anything about the hard work you need to invest behind this business. Of course, it’s not impossible to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing but we don’t talk about the possibility of making huge amount of money through affiliate marketing here right? What we want to know is how Profit Shortcut gives us this possibility.

And unfortunately, this is the most important question that Sarah does not answer it in the sales video. After taking a short look at the sales page of Profit Shortcut I really felt that helping people to make an online business through affiliate marketing is the only thing that Sarah Highland (or anyone else who is behind this system) does not care about so how we can trust and purchase a product when we don’t know the real benefit behind it?

Is It Really Possible to Make Any Income From Profit Shortcut?

Well, technically yes but if you just do not care about how you are making money! Create a big downline from other people and encouraging them to purchase Profit Shortcut is The Only Way you can use to make money.

For every person you invite to the system, you can earn up to $8 monthly and if they remain on the platform, you’ll receive this commission for upcoming months. How you can get referrals? It’s easy and you just need to follow what Sarah has done! You need to create some fake income reports and make people believe that at the moment, the system brings you thousands of dollars profit on a regular basis! Do you really? Of course not but who cares?! You just want to make money and to be honest, this is what you’re learning in Profit Shortcut very well: Lying!

Can you believe that I could not find any information about the system itself after checking all sections on their official website? Well actually it’s even hard to call it a Website because it’s nothing more than a sales pitch with a simple sales-video and even after watching the whole video, you have no idea what Profit Shortcut is about…!

It’s up to you if you want to invest a part of your valuable lifetime on crappy products like Profit Shortcut and maybe after a long time, you’ll have “some” money in your pocket but you don’t always get what you give, especially in this case!

And more importantly, it’s not logical to purchase a product or invest your time in a business that does not have a bright future and keep in mind that a wise person never undertake any business with the risk of losing money so always look for LEGIT opportunities if what you’re doing how you’re making money online IS IMPORTANT to you.

Fortunately, there’re very reliable platforms that can help you with this well and I’ll talk about one of the best ones at the end of the review.

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profit shortcut pros and cons

Profit Shortcut – Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Profit Shortcut

  • Promoted product by Profit Shortcut (Super Affiliate Network) is not a scam.
  • The membership fee is only $37 so you won’t lose much even if it does not work for you.
  • If you have enough money to start the business, some introduced methods will be beneficial and you may get success with that.
  • You have one month to test the training and you can request a full refund if you see it’s not what you were expected.

Disadvantages of Profit Shortcut

  • Unlike what owner of Profit Shortcut insists there’s not any secret weapon in the affiliate marketing business
  • Upsells and additional training materials that will cost you more DO NOT HAVE any money-back guarantee.
  • The Profit Shortcut DOES NOT exist in reality and if you purchase it, you just will be part of Super Affiliate Network.
  • It works based on Multi-Level Marketing and uses black techniques to get people to join the platform
  • In order to have an income, you need to recruit people on a regular basis.
  • $37 is just the beginning cost and the final cost will be much more than that.

Is Profit Shortcut My Recommendation?

Of course not! I’ll introduce you a method which you can start to learn affiliate marketing The Right Way and the good thing is that it’s a risk-free platform so you won’t take any risk. I’ll talk about this great opportunity later in the recommendation section.

All in all, there’s not any benefit behind Profit Shortcut neither Super Affiliate Network and there’s no way to make a business around.

is profit shortcut scam

Final Word – Is Profit Shortcut a Scam? 

So you want to know the final answer right? Okay! Although I don’t see Profit Shortcut as a valuable training program and I also don’t recommend it but it’s not a scam product from my point of view because it does not work like “Take the money and run” and you are the only person who decides to join it or not so if your conclusion is joining it (even if it’s a worthless product) then it’s your fault, not the product!

Actually, it’s not very important that how you want to make money, from an earning app like Feature Points, with a romance site like Pure Romance or joining an online academy like AWOL Academy, the point is that you should find the Right Way!

One of the bad things about Profit Shortcut is that I still don’t know who is really behind it! Yes Sarah Highland is the person who talks in the sales-video but I’m almost sure that she is not the owner or creator of the product and you’ll agree with me if you Google her name and see that there’s “Zero” information about him! So how you could purchase a product when the owner is unknown?!

The income proof and testimonials don’t seem to be real as well; to be honest, finding freelancers to create fake testimonials is as easy as anything these days and that’s why you should always avoid from programs or companies that want to get your attention through no real information.

You know better than anyone else that there are a lot of programs and methods claim that they have a secret weapon for money making online but the truth is that they’re lying! Yes, you’ll surprise to see how some persons lie easily when it comes to making money online.

The only true way to build a successful online business and having financial freedom is to working not hard but Smart! Internet does not have a magical way for earning cash but it provides you many opportunities and opens many doors for making a full-time income IF you are willing to put enough energy, time and money behind The Right System!

Being patient and choose the right direction is the main fact that many people don’t pay attention to when they want to have an online income and that’s why only 10% of people who want to build a successful online business or earn some money from the Internet get success!

Anyway, there’s still a chance to make good money online if you find one of these successful Internet entrepreneurs and ask what they’ve done. Well, I’m one of those persons and I could find a strategy for having a full-time income that works very well for both beginners and experienced Internet users. I also could replace it with my 9-5 job after a while because the money I’m making for it was much more than my full-time job.

Keep reading my Best Recommendation section below to find out about the system that I’m talking about.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your opinions in comments below.

my recommendation

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  1. Hi Ali,
    So true, the internet is filled with get rich quick schemes which people do still buy into, and unfortunately there are others out there who exploit this vulnerability. It’s important to do your research and accept that making money requires hardwork, and its great that people can come to your website to do their research!
    Thankfully I am very thorough when researching, and I’m thankful I came across this site!

  2. Hi thanks so much for this informative review! I really like to research before purchasing things.

    You put In quite a bit of effort into your review which really informs and educates.

    I will definitely be back to read more!

  3. Completely agree, choose what you want and being patient is the ultimate key for success.
    There are no other ways, what comes easy WILL go easy, trust me on this.
    Thank you for sharing this article Ali.
    All the best

  4. Thank you, Ali! There can never be enough articles on work from home scams. Or promotion of those ligaments companies like wealthy affiliate. I really liked your header image, I wish I had something like that on my websites. These articles are appreciated by someone like me who has fallen for more than a few works at home scams who smoke scream their pyramid schemes.

  5. The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    So we swear when giving evidence in a court room
    They may not like it but the internet is subject to this too. Many people through out history try to sell “Snake oil” then they were followed by the “carpet baggers” .
    Always people trying to find a short cut to riches and money. This is the same but there is no short cut. If there was why would it be advertised to everybody? If you ask yourself this one question and have a real doubt then you know that the review is telling you the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Failing that go loose your your hard earned but I would be bewildered if you did not take this review seriously.

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