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Is Profit with Alex Scam or Will He Tell You a Big Secret?!

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Thanks for spending you valuable time to read my review of Profit With Alex. This is an unbiased review and answer this question: is Profit with Alex a scam or it’ll change your financial life?

Also this review is going to tell you know all untold facts about this product and let you make the best decision. The truth is that more and more digital products comes to Internet world every day which claim they’re the best making money course, program, platform, etc. in the world that can help you start making six, seven or more figures online by following a simple instruction in a couple of days or weeks.

However since you’re looking for information about Profit With Alex, I skip all other similar products and programs out there and focus on this one only to give you everything needed to know about this new online earning opportunity. Before starting, I recommend you read this review completely because only after finishing it, you’ll be able to understand if Profit With Alex is a suitable choice for you or the same as tons of other low quality products, it’s just a fake claim maker guy!

Let’s start!


Product Name: Profit With Alex

Official Website:

Owner: Alex Goodwin

Type: Making Money Online Training Program

Cost to Join: Free to use program but $37 for hosting

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is profit with alex

What is Profit With Alex All About?

Affiliate marketing and building websites are two main factors you will have access to in Profit with Alex. You will learn how to create different websites in a few minutes with some simple clicks of mouse then use them as an online income source.

You will get familiar with affiliate marketing on a step by step training and know how import products from world-wide online stores like Amazon and Ebay into your website and make commissions (profit) from selling them.

You also have an option to get hosting service from Profit With Alex and you’ll be charged some money for this. It lets you focus on your business and you don’t need to look around to find cheap hosting services.

How to Sign Up With Profit With Alex?

I always have problem with programs and websites that promises you something at first but do not give what you have expected at last. This is what happens about Profit With Alex, when you want to sign up with them, you’ll be told that the software is totally Free and there’s not any cost to use it but they hide hosting-cost from you which is about $37. Although it’s not a big cost to most of people but not letting people know about it decreases credibility and trustworthy of Profit With Alex.

I’m been tested and reviewed many different online making money programs and I’ve been never asked to enter my personal contact information before joining platforms or buying product but the story is some different about Profit With Alex. It asks your email address BEFORE purchasing product and this seems some strange from my point of view to see a company asks personal information of people without giving them anything in return.

If you are wondering what they can do with your email address or why they ask it before purchasing product, it must be said that only 10% of people who receive an offer decides to buy it and others will leave the offer page after a short time or immediately. So with a simple calculation we will understand that there’s a 90% hidden potential of people who lands on an offer.

Nobody like to leave money on the table and that’s why companies like Profit With Alex asks for email address of ALL persons who comes to their website. If you purchase product everything will be fine but if you don’t (like all those 90% of people) you will start to get promotional emails (we call it spams) on a daily regular basis from Profit With Alex that offers you special discount for their program and of course you will get tired of receive them after a while.

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how profit with alex works

How Does Profit With Alex Work? – All Facts You Should Know

To know how Profit With Alex works, you should know how affiliate marketing works. I can help you with this because I’m a full-time affiliate marketer and know all facts about this business. There are reliable and trustworthy training platforms for new affiliates but since we’re talking about Profit With Alex, I’m going to tell you what’s covered inside this training program and why it’s not a workable method anymore.

I list two most important negative points of Profit With Alex that shows how this training program really works.

  • It’s All About Paid Traffic

When you join Profit With Alex you will find out soon that he’ll teach marketing methods that work only based on paid traffic because there is not any other method that can bring you significant amount of traffic and money with only investing a couple of minutes per day.

At this method since you don’t have quality content on your website, you won’t get any organic traffic from Google and other search engines so you will have to start paying for ads which let your website to be displayed on the first page on search engines BUT it costs you serious money and there is a high chances of losing money if you don’t have previous related experience in this field.

Also keep in mind that although payment proof that is provided by Alex may be real but it’s not something you can get as well in short period of time. Your website will be totally new and it requires many works to put your site in the same level as his websites which is a time consuming job.

  • The Teaching Method Is Old & Does Not Work

All you have to do is following introduction provided by software. At the end you will have a website with a lot of Ebay and Amazon products but the problem is that you do not know how to get traffic for your website. You do not have any content and search engines does not rank your website without content, also you won’t learn how to create quality content in Profit With Alex so you will be leaded into other traffic sources automatically which are not newbie-friendly at all.

All you learn in Profit With Alex is copy/past product’s description from Amazon or Ebay into your personal website but this is not a legit way and you are not allowed to copy content from other sites/sources without crediting to the source. This is called plagiarism and you will start to get penalties from search engines, also Amazon will terminate your associate account as soon as they find you’re using their content without permission.

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profit with alex pros and cons

Profit With Alex – The Good, The Bad

Positive Points

  • Refund Available

Thanks to ClickBank, you have a 60-day money back guarantee if you purchase this product. It’s because this product is introduced and sold through ClickBank and this refund option is provided by ClickBank to all available products on their website.

  • Easy Way to Create a Website

Regardless to quality of training materials provided by Profit With Alex, I assure that you will be able to build websites with any level of knowledge because of user friendly website creating tool provided by this platform. It does not need require you to know any coding or web programming knowledge in advance, you just choose the niche you’re interested in then pick up a name for your site and fill it out with some suggested keywords. All other things will be done by Profit With Alex after that and it’ll give you a ready to use website at the end.

Negative Points

  • Low Conversion Rate

According to what we see as conversion rate in Profit With Alex, you can only expect to get less than 0.50% CR (conversion rate) and when we compare it with amount of views/clicks you need to make a sale, we’ll find that it’s very low and requires you to invest significant amount of money on PPC (Pay Per Click) ads to get that amount of conversation rate which won’t bring you significant traffic at the end.

  • Unknown Creator

Yes we see a person called Alex Goodwill behind Profit With Alex but the truth is that he’s not a real person and he’s just used a fake identity. If you don’t believe me, take a screenshot from his face and Google it; you will be probably surprised by seeing that there are many other programs and products with different names that uses this picture as their owner with the same fake claims!

  • Be Ready to Not Get What You Have Promised!

The last but not least con of Profit With Alex is that you won’t get what you paid for. Before joining program you will be told that training contains different 5 steps and you’ll start earning right after finishing it but this is not true because there are not more than 3 steps (categories) inside the training and also many people who enrolled into the course could not make even a cent after completing it.

is profit with alex a scam

Final Verdict – Is Profit with Alex Scam?

Simply this is not a good training program. It does not teach you how to make full-time income the right way. It’s just a get-rich-quick scheme product with bunch of fake claims. All my research and negative points I’ve mentioned above make us sure that it’s NOT a legit program (if we don’t call it scam) and it does not put you on the right direction.

In general an online product or training course CAN’T be trusted if it uses fake testimonials created by freelance actors and there’s not any chance to get success or make money by using such that platform.

I never recommend Profit With Alex to anyone and my final word is do not trust programs that are not trust with you. There are some other very quality training platforms that will teach you everything you need for building a successful affiliate website from zero to 100% and do not waste even 1 minute of your time. To get familiar with one of the best making money programs in this field, continue reading My Best Recommendation section below.

Thanks for reading my review and feel free to share your comments about Profit With Alex and other online making money platforms with others below.

my recommendation

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  1. Thank you for this information.

    Someone once described affiliate marketing to me as something that would take all of my money and give me nothing in return, and I thought that description was odd, since it has not been my experience. Apparently, I chose right the first time. But I have seen a few reviews like this one lately that describe just that. Free sign up, then lots of money up front and hope for the best. And I just found out that another site for a totally unrelated product also has a “founder” who isn’t real. It’s great to have someone investigating these sites. Frankly, just the fact the founder is unknown would turn me off. It just seems shady.

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