is profits unlimited a scam

Is Profits Unlimited a Scam? – It’s a Good Opportunity but Not Best!

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Is Profits Unlimited a Scam?

Profits Unlimited has triggered different reactions from investors across the world; the question around this new venture is on legitimacy of its structure. People are paranoid about frauds and get rich quick schemes because it is the trend of the 21st century. The fear in people is justified; it is important to extensively research before investing any amount of money. Also, before supporting or criticizing anything new in the market, first get the facts right. My opinion on Profits Unlimited is honest and based on close analysis unlike most reviews

Profits Unlimited is a financial newsletter that offers guidance on stocks considered ripe for investment. High risk is usually associated with high returns; however, this is not always the case. Some risks can be magnified and cause permanent and long-term effects. Therefore, investment requires proper analysis of risks and opportunities irrespective of the amount you intend to spend.

The newsletter is written by Paul Mampilly and published by Banyan Hill Publishing; the author is an expert in the finance field hence reliability of guidelines in the newsletter. The newsletter is a combination of tips and strategies to investing with limited risk.

Product Name: Profits Unlimited

Official Website:

Founder: Paul Mampilly

Recommended? No if you are beginner in investing

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is profits unlimited

Is Profits Unlimited a Scam? Should You Trust This Program? These are the best questions you can ask when you want to join a new program and I would be happy to help you by answering these questions.

Before giving you my direct answer, I would let you know that I’m reviewing online services and making money programs for a long time now so you can be sure that I’m not telling you anything by accident and all my answer comes from a long experience as well as my in-deep review of these programs.

This is what happened for “Profits Unlimited” too; I went through it and reviewed it in details to answer your question as good as possible. So hope my Profits Unlimited review will be helpful for you. )

In my review of this program, I’ll tell you about all the negative and positive sides of Profits Unlimited as well as my conclusion which helps you to find out if it’s a program you can trust or not. All of these help you to find answer of your question of “Is Profits Unlimited a Scam?” and let you make the best decision.

Fortunately I’m not a person who make commissions by promoting Profits Unlimited so unlike many other reviews all around the web about this program which the writer gets benefit of promoting this service, you can be sure that I’m telling you the truth and it’s totally a honest review.

In short, it’s an investment adviser program which help you to make profit by investing your money on subjects that will be sent to you as a newsletter in your mailbox on a regular basis. It’s not a free newsletter and you’ll have to join their membership to be able to receive these investment tips.

The first thing they mention to is that it’s totally ok if you have zero knowledge in investment or do not have much money. They claim that they make it possible for everyone to make money from investment by using their system and newsletter.

Well as I’ve noticed, they do not sell anything about the risk involved in any type of investment and this fact that you may lose your money easily if you are not familiar with the market. Well, they promise that with the help and support you will get from them you do not need this investment knowledge to get success.

Actually they say that you’ll be at the same level as an expert investor when you purchase and join their membership program.

What is Benefits of Joining Profits Unlimited Membership?

At the first, you’ll see numerous stories from different people who explain how they’ve got success in investment by using suggestions of Profits Unlimited.

It’s interesting that I’ve seen a woman who make a good profit in investment by investing money on a new start-up company in 2008 which called Netflix! And this is only one of those many success stories, you’ll see on their website. Well, everybody knows that Netflix is a big player among online movie streaming sites today but was is that much good and worth to invest years ago in 2008?

I’ve read completely success story of this woman; she says that she experienced +600% ROI (Return on Investment) after investing on Netflix in 2008. Making profit by investing on medical industry is another topic that she mentioned to in her story which let her to make a huge gains from different countries.

Well everything looks nice and if we believe all testimonials and feedback available on the website of Profits Unlimited then we can say that we found a quality community of success investors which can be used as a golden key of investment for us.

Let’s see what’s included in the package:

  • Access to information about investment provided by coaches and experts on Profits Unlimited website which will be updated on a regular basis.
  • Buy & sell signals for stock market and suggesting best day for trade
  • Monitoring all movements in the market to provide latest news
  • Monthly newsletter which shows good markets with potential profits.
  • Different types of memberships which has more or less benefits according to their cost

But things are not as simple as they seem…

Who is Paul Mampilly?

As mentioned, the man behind Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly. He is renowned across the world for wisdom while making financial decisions. He has 20 years experience in the investment industry where he has interacted with prominent people in the world and big financial institutions.

Paul has worked with Swiss Investment Banks as well as Royal Bank of Scotland. During his tenure in both banks, profit margins significantly increased. The records on investment returns have not been attained for several years since he stopped participating actively in the industry. Just like most successful business people and entrepreneurs, Paul left the companies and attractive salaries to venture out alone. This is the basis of Profits Unlimited. Of course, he is making money out of the professional talks and newsletters; but this is not the primary goal in this endeavor. Paul is driven by the need to educate people in society.

According to the finance guru as evident in the newsletter, financial education is vital for economic and social development. If people can manage their personal finances well and invest wisely, the society will grow at unimaginable rate. It is all about financial responsibility and discipline; restricting unplanned expenses helps in saving a lot and settling to think of a viable investment idea.

Paul thought it wise to resign from Wall Street, which is a dream for many professionals in the industry. According to this admired icon in the industry, family life was more important to him than furthering his career. He had risen the ranks not only in the companies he worked for but was also renowned across the world for significant decision-making techniques in the finance industry.

After leaving Wall Street, he could not stay at home and die with his knowledge. Paul was kind enough to pen down tips he considers vital for financial security and economic development in any industry. He approached Banyan Hill Publishing with his scrolls on investment content and advice to both the rich and poor. According to Paul, the difference between wealthy and poor people is financial literacy. How you manage a dollar is the same way you will manage millions of dollars; hence, wealth is a character and not material. This is among the popular saying sin the newsletter, which Paul, identifies with.

Since the newsletters’ launch in 2016, Profits Unlimited has gained over 80,000 subscribers both online and offline. The sales graph has been consistently on the rise because of how individuals are benefiting from financial insights in the newsletter. In Paul’s career history, failure is negligible; you will barely come across decisions that led to decrease in stocks and profit margins. There is no better person to educate the world on financial management and investment other than Paul Mampilly.

Pros & Cons of Profits Unlimited

Do not mistake this newsletter for tips on making money. If you are still finding a path in entrepreneurship, the content is not appropriate for you. Profits Unlimited targets people who have significant amount of money and need to channel it in an investment; you have to be ready with capital to benefit from strategies in this newsletter. People with decent amount of cash and ready to expand assets; note that it is expanding assets and not acquiring assets. You have to be somewhere in your investment to implement strategies in Profits Unlimited.

Paul is selfless with his financial skills. Since he left Wall Street, he has been continuously sharing best picks on stock options by filtering various stocks through his various tools. His knowledge and experience in stock market is incomparable, Paul is the algorithm in filtering stock options. After identifying the best picks for people with different income levels, he sends out the best to the newsletter. The action point remains with you; it is up to you to channel a preferable amount of money as investment. Paul’s strategies work, whether you believe it or not.

is profits unlimited scam

Conclusion – Is Profits Unlimited Scam?

The uncertainty of investment is based on salesy image by the Profits Unlimited team. Of course, it raises eyebrows on legitimacy of the system. I agree that Profits Unlimited should tone down on sales pitches; however, this has nothing to do with effectiveness of financial tips on the newsletter.

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