is project life mastery a scam

Is Project Life Mastery a Scam or It’s Your Life Changer?!

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is project life mastery a scam or you can count on it?! If you read two or three of my posts before, you know that I am reviewing online courses and making money programs for almost 3 years now and I have 7 years experience as online entrepreneur. But I still read reviews of other people when I want to join a new program or when I want to register in an online course for marketing.

Project Life Mastery is a website that give you access to free online courses about internet marketing and that’s why I decided to review it to see if it’s really worth to try or it’s better to watch an interesting movie instead of spending your valuable time on it!

In my detailed review of Project Life Mastery, you’ll find answer of some important questions such as:

  • What is Project Life Mastery Exactly?
  • How much Project Life Mastery costs you?
  • What’s included in courses of Project Life Mastery?
  • Is it possible to make money through Project Life Mastery?
  • And the most important question… Is it worth your valuable time?

Stay with me and continue reading next paragraphs to find answer of all above questions and get all information you SHOULD know about it!


Product Name: Project Life Mastery

Official Website:

Owners: Stefan James

Type: Online Course

Cost to Join: Free Course + Upsell after joining

Recommended? Depends

Overall Ranking: 5 out of 10

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what is project life mastery

Overview – What Is Project Life Mastery All About?

Project Life Mastery is simply an online training based on seven business models has been created by Stefan James and he’s going to teach you how to start an online business properly. Each model contains different lessons and some of them are beginner-friendly while others need some experience in advance to get success with. So we can say that both newbie and advanced members can take advantage of it.

Let’s take a look at different business models involved in the course:

  • How Amazon Can Help You to Sell Physical Products
  • Learn All About YouTube & Blogging
  • What is Affiliate Marketing & How to Take Advantage of it
  • Kindle Business
  • How to Become an Online Coach
  • Software Developing for Mobile Devices
  • And Products of Information

There are some free training you can get as bonus but you need to register on the website and enter your email address to have access to them.

Stefan James personally claims that by using the exact methods on models he could turn a business with zero income into a thriving successful business with millions dollars profit in just 2 or 3 years and he says that the exact methods is sharing with you in those seven models.

So after sign up, you just go ahead and pick up one of those business models to start your training and build you website. Of course all training is not free and there is a $37 cost if you want to take them.

how project life mastery works

How Project Life Mastery Works?


You can start for free but it does not mean that everything is free over there. Many products available on Project Life Mastery are not free and they cost you different prices which I mention below:

  • K Money Mastery 2.0

This product costs you $97 and it teaches you how to make a successful business in Kindle publishing and turn it into an automatic system. It’s included 21 lessons and all lessons are available in both text as well as video.

  • Online Business Mastery Accelerator

In this course, you’ll learn how to move your current business into mastery level in a step by step guide. The cost of this training is $97 monthly and the same as previous one, it’s available in video and text formats.

  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Another product that you’ll receive as an offer is Affiliate Marketing Mastery and the same as Online Business Mastery Accelerator model, it moves your business into the next level. This is one of high-ticket products of Project Life Mastery which costs $1197 (one-time) or $797 (as installment). It also gives you access to a private Facebook community and claims that you’ll be able to make 7-figure income by following and applying lessons you learn here in your business.

  • Life Mastery Accelerator

I consider it as simplest training available on the website. It’s just a program about self-development and with a cost of $27 per month, your expectation should not be too high from it.

  • K Optimizer

Unlike other products, this is not a training program instead it’s a useful software for people who are in kindle publishing business and with providing services like managing, tracking and optimizing, it helps kindle publishers growth their business the right way. Depends on options you choose, the cost of this software can vary from $27,77 to $77,77 so it’s better to make sure you’re choosing the right package to protect yourself from additional cost.

Also there is a step by step guide for people who are interested in kindle publishing business and want to write their first e-book. It gives you all information needed to come up with an idea and turn it into an e-book in less 24 hours then publish it on well-known online book stores like Amazon and make money from it.

  • Morning Rituals Mastery

As its name brings, it’s all about morning ritual. During a seven-day interval, it helps you to change your mornings and turn them into the happiest moment of your day. Being more happy and have more energy in the morning are things learn in this $37 course.

pros and cons project of mastery

Positive & Negative Sides of Project Life Mastery

Positive Side

The good thing about Project Life Mastery is that everything explained in details in training and you won’t see any unrealistic claims about potential earning. Also he clearly mentioned that what model is suitable for you according to your level which means you never get a training for advanced level if you’re in beginner level.

To give you more confident, Project Life Mastery provides 30-days money back guarantee as well as let you have access to a private Facebook community to get an online-support.

Finally all needed tools to get started is provided for you in the course and all your questions will be answered in lessons. FAQ section also makes everything clear for you as much as possible so you won’t leave there with any unanswered question.

Negative Side

There are too many up-sells which comes to you when you start with a business model and to be honest, there are annoying most of the times. None of products on Project Life Mastery give you a trial phase so if you won’t be satisfied with the result you’ll lose your time.

There are also several other things that I like to see in an online course and since the program lacks those options, I consider them as negative points of Project Life Mastery. The options are included but not limited to: quality support, not responsibility of owner most of the times, it does not give you web hosting or website pre-made templates, you do not have access to any keyword tool for your keyword research, you won’t have access to any chat room or community to get direct support, you have not any option to contact with Stefan James personally.

is project life mastery scam

Final Conclusion – Is Project Life Mastery Worth Trying?

With all research that I’ve done about Project Life Mastery, I think it’s a good option for persons who already have their own business and want to expand it by producing their own products so if you’re beginner and have not had any experience in online marketing, well, I’m sorry but Project Life Mastery can’t be your best friend.

Affiliate marketing is a suitable option for many people who just want to start earning online and although some concept of affiliate marketing has been covered in the course but it’s not enough at all.

The final word I can tell about Project Life Mastery is that it’s suitable for people who are in the middle level of internet marketing. Who have some experience and want to improve their skills in some fields but I do not recommend it to beginner neither advanced users.

my recommendation

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