is pure romance scam

Is Pure Romance Scam or Can You Earn Big Money Through Romance?

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Multi-level marketing companies have been selling all kinds of products – from online educational courses to health care products and cosmetics. But I hadn`t heard about anyone selling sex toys within a MLM company before I started my research on Pure Romance. The first question comes in mind is that is Pure Romance a scam or you can really make big money from romance industry?

That`s right, you heard me right – sex toys, or how they delicately put it ‘relationship and intimacy aids’. Moreover, they present themselves as the only woman-to-woman MLM company. Intrigued already?

As stated on their website, Pure Romance offers women an opportunity to create their own business and earn up to $40,000 in a year by teaching other women to get quality pleasure whether they are alone or with a partner.

In this review I am going to tell you how Pure Romance works. And while reading it, you will find out if it is possible to replace a nine-to-five job with becoming a Pure Romance consultant or it`s just another scam.

And again I have to remind you that I am not related to Pure Romance in any way, and what you are going to read is based on my research and contains my deeply honest opinion on this system.

If there are any questions left after reading the review, do ahead and ask them in comment below!


Product Name: Pure Romance

Official Website:

Type: Sexual Products for Women

Cost to Join: From $159 to $895

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is pure romance

What is Pure Romance All About?

Like many multi-level marketing companies, Pure Romance promotes itself as a fast growing international company which offers women a perfect opportunity to become independent businesswomen managing their own business and earning thousands of dollars annually.

Although it might look very tempting and promising, many of these companies turn out to be scams, and it`s very important to read into the details and get a clear idea of how this or that scheme works. Because I`m sure you don`t want to end up with a pile of sex toys and accessories, right?

Definitely, Pure Romance has its own advantages. Let`s admit, it seems fun to organize Pure Romance parties where you can help women learn how all this stuff works and how to enjoy their relationship with their partner even more. What`s more, Pure Romance claims to participate in charity. But there are also some things which might stand in your way to success.

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how pure romance works

How Pure Romance Works Exactly?

Pure Romance offers its consultants organize Pure Romance parties where customers can learn more about the products and make orders. To make life easier for consultants, Pure Romance team has created an app, called Consultant Online Office (COO), which is meant to help them manage their parties and orders.

However, it`s very important to remember that it doesn`t mean that the app will do all the work instead of you, it will just help you manage things, and you will still have to find customers yourself, promote your business yourself and organize parties, yes, yourself! All of these takes a huge amount of effort and time.

I said ‘your business’, but actually it doesn`t even belong to you. You are just a consultant who is doing all the hard work for their employer, Pure Romance.

Sexual Products & Accessories of Pure Romance

Pure Romance products are mostly designed for women, however, some of them can be used by couples as well. Pure Romance products are designed to allow single women experience a romantic intimacy; moreover, they are aimed to discover new ways of achieving a better sexual experience.

All Pure Romance products can be divided into 2 categories:

  • sex toys and accessories which include vibrators and other popular stuff, both for women and couples,
  • sexual health care products such as creams, fragrances, lubricants, etc.

But what unites all Pure Romance products is their price. Only a vibrator may cost you around $130! Overpriced products can make it harder to promote and sell them. However, who knows, how much money people can spend on pleasure?

Is Pure Romance a Pyramid Scheme Company?

Being a Pure Romance consultant is all about recruiting other people. The formula of success is ‘the more people work for you, the more commission you are receiving’. Of course, you can try to make money just by making sales yourself, but you will never make as much money as you could make by creating your own team.

As you might know, It`s really difficult to recognize a pyramid in a MLM company. To be able to identify one, you need some insider`s information like the relation between the amount of products sold to ordinary clients and to new consultants who have to buy a starter kit. If the company isn`t going further than starter kits, then it`s very likely that we are dealing with a pyramid.

How Much Is Membership’s Fee of Pure Romance?

Pure Romance has 3 kits to offer its consultants for a start.

  1. Standard Kit costs $159, but you will receive products costing $500. This kit is good for a start, for those who are new to MLM business or this particular field and don`t want to invest much money.
  2. Deluxe Kit, available at $415, provides goods of the total value of $1300. It`s a much better investment, however, it brings higher risks as well.
  3. Premium Kit is probably the best offer you can get from Pure Romance. By paying $895 you will get products costing $1,300. If you already have some experience in this area or have potential clients, also if you are not afraid to take risks, this kit is perfect for you. However, remember, if you fail to sell the products, you will lose a lot of money.

I must admit that Pure Romance kits are quite pricey, but if you succeed, you`ll make good money.

What is Real Income Potential Behind Pure Romance?

The fact is that some consultants of Pure Romance makes really good money by promoting this website and this is good when we compared it with similar other companies but can you make the same amount of money they are making with Pure Romance? I don’t think so!

Many people fail when they join Pure Romance and want to make thousands or even hundreds of dollars through this program. They see other consultants and think they can put their foot on the same way. The truth about Pure Romance is that only a limited number of consultants can earn serious money through it and most of others fail.

Everybody can become a consultant with Pure Romance but not everyone can make through it. Some people even lose money since they can’t cover their membership’s fee. Making even $1 as a consultant with Pure Romance is harder than what you think so prepare yourself to work HARD or don’t even try it!

Nobody can guarantee your success with Pure Romance. In addition to working hard, you also need to build a powerful downline for yourself. If your downline isn’t active or if you can’t recruiting new people into program enough, all your effort will be wasted and you won’t make any serious money.

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pure romance pros and cons

Pros & Cons of Pure Romance

The Good

  • Pure Romance is up there for a couple of years now so we can consider it as an old and reliable company
  • To be honest they chose the right way to teach sexual relations and they’re really want to help people enjoy their sex life more.
  • They’ve focused on women and try to help them improve their personal relationship.
  • They offer not expensive products which can be effect positively on your marketing’s effort as a consultant.

The Bad

  • It’s an MLM company and according to stats more than 85% of people who join MLM companies fail.
  • Building a long-term business and having a permanent income IS NOT possible with Pure Romance.
  • Because of limited number of available products and low potential income, recruiting people into the program constantly does not seem to be possible.
  • Price of some specific products are higher than standard compared to similar available ones in the market which effects negatively on customer’s decision.
  • People can find and buy much more related products in well-known online stores like Amazon.

is pure romance a scam

Final Word – Is Pure Romance a Scam?

All my research shows that Pure Romance is a legit website and although it’s not the best but it has some features which makes it a suitable choice for many people. You can always find products with significant discount and there is a chance to make even some money through it.

But if you think Pure Romance is going to change your life and bring new making money opportunity for you, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. It’s very rare to make big or even good money with promoting products of Pure Romance and this is what many people don’t want to believe when they join hosting constant parties.

You should have a logical view to this opportunity and do not expect have a financial freedom with Pure Romance. Buying products with discount and hosting some parties must be all your expectation from this company.

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  1. Very nice review of the program. While it seems that Pure Romance is not a scam so to speak but not one that is easy to make a living at. The program does sound promising and at least it is not a scam. I have been taken in by one of the “scam” programs in the past. There wasn’t any reviews such as this one to provide knowledge to give the consumers knowledge to make informed decisions. Pure Romance is a company that I heard of many times before but haven’t looked into before. It was a very good review of this program. Good job.

  2. nice review of pure romance. I think this is a very tough niche to go into. I believe you can still make money being an affiliate of pure romance but then again, itll take time maybe? or you really have to tap the right market. it’s an interesting niche actually and challenging also if you are an online entrepreneur. given that not all are really comfortable ordering these kind of things online. thats just my take though. Im not an expert regarding this hehe but yeah.

    overall, i think you made a great review of pure romance and confirmed that this MLM company is legit. Keep on doing reviews like this.

  3. Hey Ali,
    Thanks for a good summary of Pure Romance. In an age where many people are looking for ways to have a healthy sex life, this product seems to want to capitalize on a demand which exists for sure. I’ve had a bad experience with an MLM company before, so I get a shudder thinking about people joining Pure Romance with the goal of financial stability and freedom. Anyway, you explained the pros and cons very well, and my personal opinion based on your review is that there are so many other ways to be financially independent; staking out one’s financial goals on a product that in itself is still a very sensitive topic for many and in turn might not be lucrative enough, might not be the way to go.
    Thanks again!

  4. It is my first time ever hearing about this Pure Romance thing, I never really tried to search for this kind of product, honestly. But it seems like it truly promotes a good service and community to the women of that community based on your blog.

    Based on the branding after searching for the site, it looks pretty professional and legit. I do not know about the products but alright, haha.

    Anyway if you do not want any sex toys in front of your house in the morning, just make sure you wouldn’t be doing any online shopping while you are in a drunken stupor. I know some people who did some awesomely surprising stuff while drunk, including buying things they do not need.

    Good to know that it is legit though, for any smart consumer we need an authority figure to make sure things on the Internet is truly worthy of the people’s trust.

  5. Hi Ali, Thanks so much for your quality feedback, I have gone through your post about pure romance and I can say it’s a unique niche to venture into.
    this days there are many online programs and websites being advertised on how to make money, but you are left to wonder which one is legit.
    pure romance is a long term investment according to the way you have explained, and I notice on the pros and cons, the bad has outnumbered the good, and before you enter into any marketing programs you have to look at the reviews of the website.
    on my opinion , is that you can work on solving the bad part of it, it can attract more entrepreneurs to invest in pure romance and make it possible to understand how to make it work and start earning.
    Best Regards,
    From Bruce.

  6. Appreciate the thorough analysis on Pure Romance, I was interested in potentially joining but you provided alot of value-added insight that is making me re-think what is the best MLM for me to thrive in. The different packages used to throw me off and thought I had to spend the most money to get the maximum potential but thanks to you that I can save and still focus on building a business that matters to ME. If you are unsure about Pure Romance, do not skip reading this article. Thank you!!

  7. Your amount of research on this topic is admirable, because I most likely would have taken the company at it’s face value and try to get someone else to sign up. This seems a lot like a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme due to having to recruit more people to have an actual income using it. Without the fact that you can actually put your name on these products or even the process you used to get your customer your brand just falls apart. Building a brand takes a lot of work and if you are doing it for another company then you are definitely failing in my honest opinion. This article is very well written with no error and it seems credible to me. I will definitely check out WA (wink) because it could yield promising results.

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