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Is QProfit System a Scam or a Professional Trading Software?

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There are several questions out there about a new Forex trading software which is called QProfit since it’s got the attention of many people who want to have an online income. The questions like: Is QProfit System a scam or it’s really the best choice for new and advanced forex traders or how much money you can make from this system are two most common questions I’ve seen on the web and in this detailed review of QProfit System, I’m going to answer both of these questions plus several other important questions which help you find out if it fits your money-making needs or not.

Jerry Douglas is the person who is behind this forex trading system and my research shows that there are many complaints about this person and his trading software. Many people call him a scammer and mark QProfit System as a scam but should we believe these complaints and stay away from QProfit System?

Also there are some reports which show that this person uses different sources and affiliate networks to promote this system and try to show it as a get-rich-quick scheme. Unfortunately, most of the affiliates who run online promotional campaigns for QProfit System are not honest in their reviews and try to attract and get new customers for this program with big but fake claims.

There are several important facts that you should know about QProfit System so if you care about your time and hard-earned money, the best decision is reading my honest review of this program and see what dirty tricks have been used by the owner to make more profit and why this system is not going to make you a millionaire.

Let’s start!


Product Name: QProfit System

Official Website:

Owner: Jerry Douglas

Type: Forex Trading System

Cost to Join: $250 Minimum Deposit

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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Intro – Scam Alert!

The claim of making +$2,500 on a daily basis is the first scam sign I’ve found about this software. Although there’s a huge income potential behind Forex trading but it does not necessarily mean that an automated forex trading software can make you that much money right after purchasing it.

So, Is QProfit System a Scam Really?

I highly recommend you to read the whole article because you’ll find My Best Recommendation Program for making money online at the bottom of this review but if you want my one-word answer about QProfit System, I would say that Yes, it’s a complete scam for sure!

Actually, Jerry Douglas and his marketing team are smarter than what I’ve thought. A professional-looking website with a legit scheme can be deceiver so if a new trader or beginner lands on their website, h/she could be cheated easily.

But don’t worry, the scam signs I list below helps you to protect yourself from being scammed by this fraudulent software so stay with me!

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how qprofit system works

How QProfit System Works?

Background of the Owner

The first thing we find about the creator of this software is a man who is called Jerry Douglas but the truth is that this is not true and he’s not the creator of QProfit.

I call Jerry Douglas an unknown man because if you Google this name, you’ll end up with QProfit reviews and there’s not any other information about Jerry Douglas himself. We never know who is this man really, what is his background, what he has done before, etc. so the only information we have about Jerry Douglas is that he introduces himself as the creator of QProfit but can he prove this? Not for sure.

The second scam sign comes up right after signing up on this website. When you complete the registration form by filling out your email address and full name, you’ll be directed to a page that shows comments from current members of this software.

The second big lie is right here where we find out that all these comments that supposed to be from “Real” people are completely fake and created by paid freelancers. And it’s not hard to prove this fact because with a quick image Google search on one of the persons who left a comment over there “Ashley Donovan” you’ll end up with some profiles with her picture on several freelance websites like Upwork or Fiver and this person is willing to make testimonials for any software, program or product for a specific amount of money according to your needs!

It’s clear that they’ve decided to take advantage of fake testimonials to make trust between themselves and customers and sometimes the names of the persons who left a comment are made up too because there’s not any social network or any other thing related to these persons.

So if you’re wondering if it’s the same for other comments and testimonials, yes, they’re all made up with paid actors.

Now you know that the real reason for making a long (but fake) page of positive comments about this system is nothing more than trying to make people believe that the QProfit System is that secret weapon for making money online.

Is There Really a Private Invitation?

This is what many people talk about. I’ve personally tested this system and I make you sure that there’s not anything like Private Invitation behind it. It’s only another trick that owner of this program used to make a feeling that only “invited persons” can access to the website and software of QProfit but you just need to Google it and you’ll see that it’s accessible from anywhere with any type of device.

When people see that only a limited number of persons can access to a program, they think that it’s an exclusive opportunity which should not be missed but the truth is that as long as you have an Internet connection, the QProfit website will be available to you from everywhere in the world.

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qprofit system pros and cons

Totally Free? No! Prepare Yourself to Pay at Least $250!

The “Free” word is something that many scammers and crappy programs are taking advantage of because they know well that everybody likes to get something for Free but the truth about QProfit is that unlike what they say, there’s nothing for Free behind it.

In the beginning, it may look that the money you’re paying is just a deposit which will be used for trading but the issue is that they never guarantee that you’ll make profit from your deposit and since forex trading is a risky market, there’s a high chance of losing, also, in the process of depositing, they’ll have access to your CC (Credit Card) which is personal and should not be shared publicly.

So for these two simple reasons, we put QProfit out of the FREE box.

I’ve noticed that another unreal claim they use is when they say this software is going to be sell to only first 50 customers. It’s a big lie because the sales page of QProfit system is open for a long time now and if it was only available for 50 persons, it should be sold out a long time ago.

This is an old (and probably dirty) marketing trick that many low-quality companies use for a couple of years now. They put you in a situation of making a “Fast” decision and make everything like if you miss this chance, it’ll never happen again.

The lesson: always be calm and don’t rush into making a decision.

What Is The Main Benefit of Using QProfit System?

Well, you probably won’t like what I say here but the truth is that there’s zero benefits behind QProfit System and I should let you know this fact because I’ve decided to be 100% honest in all my reviews.

Let me explain more what I think that trying this trading system is just a waste of the time;

The first thing you experience in QProfit is losing your $250 deposit. As soon as you create an account by entering your bank info and other information like home address, email address, name, phone number, etc. you’ll be requested to deposit $250 to start trading.

Don’t forget that from the very time, you see and hear everywhere that it’s a 100% automated trading system which turns your $250 to thousands of dollars but as soon as you turn on “auto-trading” you’ll see that the trades will be closed in loses one after another and it’s a hard feeling to see that your hard-earned $250 deposit will be gone in a couple of minutes!

But sadly, it does not stop at this point and the potential of loses can be much more than $250. After joining the program, they’ll start to contact you through phone or email and encourage you to deposit as much money as you can into the program.

They say that your income potential will be increased rapidly if you deposit thousands of dollars instead of hundreds of dollars but is it really true? Of course not! They just want to make more money from every single customer they have and their promises never come to true.

is qprofit system scam

Final Word – Is QProfit System a Scam?

All my research shows that QProfit will waste your time and the best decision is not trusting it. You only make owner(s) of this program happy by investing money on QProfit System or other similar software and help these people continue to create and promote low quality products.

By the way, keep in mind that most (if we don’t say all) of the positive reviews that have been written about this trading software are made by affiliates and persons who promote this program. This means that they make profit by selling this product and that’s why they try to make it looks like a unique opportunity. They really don’t care if you get success or lose money and the only thing that matters for them is making more sales which is equal to making more money.

Some other products that I’ve reviewed before like Bulletproof Profits, Click2Sell or Lifetime Income Report walked in the same way as QProfit System done, so if you land on the page of any of the above programs, know that they are not valuable programs.

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