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Is Rapid Profit System a Scam or a Legit Program Is Waiting For You?!

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Is rapid profit system a scam or it’s a trusted program with huge potential in making money online? The makers of Rapid Profit System are Omar and Melinda Martin.

This system claims that you can make 336 dollars per day with them while researches show that more than 100 making money online opportunities and training courses on have been reviewed and most of the courses that claim as Rapid Profit System are recognized as a scam.

Many products in the affiliate marketing and make money online industry claim that can enrich you even though it’s not possible in reality! Follow this review carefully if you would like to find out more about Rapid Profit System and its role to make more money with affiliate marketing.


Product Name: Rapid Profit System (aka RPS)

Official Website:

Owner: Melinda Martin

Type: Affiliate Marketing Online Training

Cost to Join: $19.95 Fee plus $27 and $37 upsells

Suitable for: People Who are interested in affiliate marketing on JVZoo

Short Review: Rapid Profit System is a quick course that teaches you how to earn money with affiliate marketing and how promoting the products of other people from JVZoo company can bring money to you. Although this system doesn’t cover many details but can give you a few new ideas.

Do I Recommend it? Both Yes and No (Continue reading to find out why)

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is rapid profit system

Background – What Is Rapid Profit System All About?

I do not think it’s a good idea to looking for a direct yes or no answer for this question: “Is rapid profit system scam?” since reviewing online services and making money programs is a time-consuming task and it’s not logical to mark a program legit or scam before reviewing it in detailed.

That’s why I decided to review new making money opportunities in my website DigitalWorldGuru on a regular basis to help people do not get scammed by new fake programs. If you take a look at my website you’ll see that I’ve reviewed more than 100 different programs till now and if you take a closer look, you’ll see that most of the programs that claim something similar to Rapid Profit System were considered a scam.

But let’s see what is Rapid Profit System and if there is any difference between this program with other similar online courses. As I’ve mentioned above, Rapid Profit System is a training course for learning everything about affiliate marketing. As you know, affiliate marketing is a million dollar business so that’s not strange to see that more and more people want to join this industry and take a piece of cake.

The same as people, companies try to provide training materials for people who are interested in this field and RPS (Rapid Profit System) is one of those websites that start teaching people ways to make money through affiliate marketing from JVZoo.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to find what training included in the program before purchasing it but as I’ve found out, it’s going to introduce you several new ways to turn affiliate marketing into a source of income for yourself.

What is Rapid Profit System All About?

Unlike similar programs, Rapid Profit System claims that making money with system included in their training program is very easy and it does not take much time to understand it.

It tells you about good potential income behind JVZoo company and serious money you can make by promoting products that are available over there. Everything looks good especially when you know that you can make up to 100% commission by promoting and selling sites over there but the main issue with working on websites like JVZoo is that many products marked as BS over there.

Rapid profit system is one of the ”make money online” programs that claim you can take advantage of an easy system because some of these programs are ambiguous and hard to understand, especially if you don’t know how they work.

Rapid profit system consists a video training course in order to help you to earn money rapidly by promoting the products of JVZoo which is a website that sells digital products. You can get a commission around 50-100% by selling the products of JVZoo but the problem is that most of the products of JVZoo are hyped BS.

how rapid profit system works

Work’s Process – How Does Rapid Profit System Really Work?

To find out about work’s process of Rapid Profit System we need to take a look at different sections in the training. There are 3 different stages you’ll have access to when you join Rapid Profit System. I’m going to give you a summary from each section.

Niche Selection

Niche selection is one of the most important parts of affiliate marketing and in this section, you’ll learn how to choose the best niche for your business. Picking up a profitable niche can be a make or break decision so it’s highly recommended to take this section which is available for free.

Funnels in Affiliate Marketing

Sales funnel is another significant part you should learn if you want to build an affiliate marketing business. Everything related to setup a sales-page will be taught to you in this section. Also building an email list by giving free bonuses to your visitors is another section is covered in this stage.

This training course has three different stages that each one works as below:

  • First Stage: Position Selection

As an affiliate marketer, you must find your ideal position market in this stage and it’s better to watch this free training lesson in order to know better how to choose your position.

  • Second Stage: Affiliate Funnel

There are two videos in this stage that teach you how to set up the product page and add-up on that page. There are also some points to learn about making a list of email subscribers. Remember that giving rewards is an important point to attract more people to your product page!

  • Third Stage: Affiliate Campaigns

In this stage by the two principal ways that are Facebook ads and email marketing, the creators of Rapid Profit System teach how you can attract traffic that is full of purchasers.

Is Rapid Profit System Something You Should Try?

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and promoting products on JVZoo, this system is made for you. However, if you would like to gain the most profit from this course it would be the best that you’d be already earning money on JVZoo!

On the other hand, because of the risk of losing a lot of money through the paid ads, this system is not recommended for novices and it’s just a trick that this system produces stable benefits for them!

Cost of Joining Rapid Profit System

For registering in the system and buying the first product, you have to pay $20. By this payment, you can have access to elementary training. You have to also buy another two upsell products after paying $16 for the first ever product.

rapid profit system pros cons

Rapid Profit System – The Good, The Bad

Studying both the advantages and disadvantages of this type of affiliate marketing will help you to get the best result.

The Good

  • The well made content

The training videos consisted of three stages are very well-made and in the format of text slides, screen-shares, and step-by-step training. The content of these videos is about marketing and useful to know how to make money via affiliate marketing.

  • Successful Affiliate Marketers

Since many affiliate marketers who are selling their products couldn’t have been successful as enough, it’s a strong point of the makers of this system that they have earned $100,000 with affiliate marketing and it proves that their system works well.

  • 30-Day Money Refund Guarantee

If you do not like the training course for any reason, they give back your money during 30 day and it’s another advantage of the Rapid Profit System although you won’t need to refund your money!

The Bad

  • No Testimonials on the Internet

A suspicious subject about this program is that there are not many success descriptions from the people who have used this system on the internet!

  • The troublesome upsells

Another disadvantage is that some like novices who don’t know this form of affiliate marketing well, usually buy the two upsells on Rapid Profit System that is not quite useful.

is rapid profit system a scam

My Final Conclusion – Is Rapid Profit System A Scam?

Since Rapid Profit System supplies the affiliate marketers with real training products, it can’t be a scam but because of their overstated promises, some believe that their products are indefinite scam! Anyway, the value of their training course is not high and it can be considered as an additional affiliate marketing training instead of an elementary course to make money. Also, there are other accessible affiliate marketing training courses that are more complete and detailed.

Do I Recommend You to Give Rapid Profit System a Try?

One of the benefits of Rapid Profit System is that they have a list of interested people in their offers. Aweber is the best email autoresponder tool with more than one hundred thousand users that can be very useful if you haven’t had your own email list yet. Because it’s possible to earn money with this system but it especially works for the established affiliates who have a long list of email subscribers!

my recommendation

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