is real money streams a scam

Is Real Money Streams a Scam or a $500/W Constant Income?

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Do you want to make $500 every week with Real Money Streams? Ok, so it’s good to see you here because going for a money-making program without doing proper research is like suicide by hanging! There’s a chance of 80% that you’ll kill yourself but you have also a slim chance to stay alive. I’m sorry for this simile but it was necessary to show you how important it is. Now, is Real Money Streams a scam? Let’s see!

It’s the same when you see a program that claims it’ll make you rich, you may make money for a low chance but you’ll probably lose it! Now that you have decided to do the right thing, I’m helping with finding the truth by sharing this in-deep review of Real Money Streams and I’m sure after reading this article, you’ll know many things you never knew about this product.

The same as many other people, you may like to see the Internet as a money-making machine and believe this impression that it’s easy to make a couple of hundreds or even thousands of dollars through it but it’s completely a wrong impression that you should change it quickly!

Making a successful online business is 100% possible but building a profitable website or earn money without any effort in no time is 100% impossible. There’s not any shortcut when it comes to online business and being patient, work hard and most importantly finding a trusted, reliable and valuable training platform like this #1 Recommended Training Program which can walk you through this long process are the main necessary things you need to start this journey.

I’ll talk about the Right Way that helps you to build a thriving online business later so, for now, let’s focus on Real Money Streams review and see what it offers and why it should be avoided!


Product Name: Real Money Streams

Official Website:

Owner: Chris Johnson

Type: Make money with online/offline jobs

Price: $17 ($37 without discount) + many up-sells

Recommended? No!

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is real money streams

What Is Real Money Streams All About?

If you read my previous reviews like Elite Marketing Pro, 30 Day Success Formula or Wealthfront, you probably know how making money online process works.

What I’ve got after sign-up with RMS was far from what I’ve expected to get. I thought that I’m going to get a secret weapon which help me to start making big money online constantly (this is the impression Chris make in your mind when you land in the sales-page). But I’ve got nothing more than a list of GTP(get to paid)/survey sites which was totally worthless because I could find it for free in the Internet.

I didn’t waste my time by testing provided list because I already knew that the potential income behind paid survey sites or get to paid platforms is very low and it’s not going to put any significant money on your pocket at the end of the month even if you work on those sites 8 hours a day!

Also taking surveys online is not an interest or hobby for many people and it’s totally a boring job to sit on a chair and answer to hundreds of questions for hours that you have no idea about and get just money for a Pizza at the end of the day. I’m telling you this because I’ve experienced it and now it’s not worth trying.

The worst thing about platforms like RMS is that they try to attract people with fake income proofs and unrealistic claims. Also the price you’ll pay in order to get the product is just a starter cost and the final cost will be much more than $17 or $37. Chris created attractive sales-pages to make people believe that Real Money Streams is a touch notch product but the reality is that it’s not even a product with a standard level of quality.

Finally, if you learn from the experience of other people you never repeat the mistake they’ve made again and my experience says that the best way to have a suitable online income is staying away from products like RMS and building your own online business.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Real Money Streams?

The price you see in the official website of Real Money Streams is $37 but as always, this is not the final cost. The truth is that you will have been charged several other times after sign up with this program through different types of upsells.

The trick RMS uses to get the attention of customers is offering one-time discounts. For example, the cost of VIP membership is $47 but to keep you encouraged to join it, RMS gives you a discount of $30 and offer that package for only $17 when you want to close the offer or leave the page.

VIP member is just one example of several different upsells you’ll receive after joining RMS and keep in mind that you’ll be charged on a monthly basis if you decide to purchase any of offered upsells.

Will Real Money Streams Make You Happy?

It depends on what you need to be happy! Actually, there are unlimited ways to make some money online but with what you do in Real Money Streams, your income will be very limited to a couple of dollars per month.

The income potential behind mini-job sites like RMS and survey sites is almost the same and although you don’t need to spend hours or days to complete a survey or task but you never make more than a couple of cents for completing each task.

The positive point is that you always have something to do in the reliable mini-job sites so there’s a chance to make some money if you spend a large amount of time on these sites constantly.

Let me be honest with you; if you are looking to make any money more than $400 or $500 through this, it’s better to change your mind or find another way for making money because the maximum amount you’ll be able to earn through these sites is somewhere between $300 to $500. As you can see, this is not a full-time income (neither a part-time in some countries) and always think if it worths to spend your valuable time on these sites or not before giving it a try.

There’s no reason to try make money through doing micro jobs if you already have an online business or nothing except that serious amount of money makes you happy but if you’re not familiar with money making online and have not made even a dollar before then these kinds of mini-jobs can be a start point for you.

Building a business website from scratch is not easy but your efforts will pay off well when it’s done properly. However, platforms like Real Money Streams are probably the first and simplest option for people who want to get on the money-making train easily. And of course, this laziness just reserves a seat on the back of the money-making train for these lazy people which is far from the front high-paying seats on the front.

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how real money streams works

How Real Money Streams Works Exactly?

RMS offers you ebooks and video training materials which will be helpful to find online jobs or introduce some methods for making money.

The training includes but not limited to:

  • Domain Cash Generator: Buy a domain name and sell it at a higher cost.
  • Become a Professional Blogger: Make a substantial amount of money from a blog.
  • Twitter Profits Unleashed: How to get paid by twitting
  • eBay Business: This training shows you how to sell products on eBay
  • Affiliate Program of This video is a step by step guide which talks about great income potential behind Amazin affiliate program.
  • Adsense & Adwords of Google: A PDF guide about how some Internet entrepreneurs make big profit from Google Adwords as well as Google Adsense.

It looks great right? Pay $37 and start to make money as much as you like. But wait! The reality is something different and it’s not what owner of RMS claims. Maybe with taking a look at the titles of the training, you may think that Real Money Streams provides quality training books & videos but the truth is that 95% of provided training are gathered from FREE resources around the web and it’s seen and used by thousands of people every day so there’s nothing new about it!

You’ll Have a Refund Option

Well luckily there’s a money-back guarantee offered by the seller and although I didn’t try it because I don’t see it worth trying but in case if you purchased it anyway, you can take the chance and submit a money-back request up to 60 days after purchase.

All You Need to Know About the Upsells

As you probably know, Real Money Streams is a product that is offered in the ClickBank website and unfortunately, almost all products that are sold over there have tons of upsells.

Another negative thing is that your PayPal account will be authorized for an automatic payment every time you purchase a digital item from ClickBank. The bad thing happens when you purchase a product and you’ll start to see other related items that is offered to you by the seller.

Sometimes the seller is “some” honest and says that it’s up to you if you want to buy the additional items but most of the times, there is no honesty and you will be told that you NEED to buy additional items if you want to get the mentioned result.

And as soon as you click on one of those attractive buttons (Try for Free, Get it Now, Limited Offer, etc.) your PayPal account will be charged automatically for a specific amount of money and it’s not PayPal or ClickBank fault  because if you remember, you’ve already given it that permission to charge your PayPal account whenever they like.

If you think that it’s not fair at all, well, yes you’re totally right and this is completely a black marketing method but it’s been and will be used by tons of ClickBank’s sellers so the only way to get not overcharged is to be careful about every button you’re clicking on.

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real money streams pros and cons

Real Money Streams – The Good, The Bad

Here’re what I liked about this product:

  • There’s an opportunity to make “some” money from doing mini-jobs but you never make the money that you can feel happy with
  • There’s a refund option which let you request money-back after trying the product

And What I didn’t like:

  • Annoying upsells up to +$100
  • Not real claims about real income potential
  • The money you’ll make is not worth your valuable time
  • Much better alternatives with lower cost and higher income potential

is real money streams scam

Final Word – Is Real Money Streams a Scam? 

I have serious doubt about the legitimacy of Real Money Streams. Firstly, identifying this person’s identity is not possible and you know very well that trusting a product, system or program without knowing who is behind it is very risky.

Secondly, RMS is promoted on many different websites and this may be considered as a signal of legitimacy for people who don’t know much about it but the truth is that all those websites are just affiliates with this product and they make profit every time a person buys Real Money Streams from their page.

And thirdly, I don’t recommend it because of its unreal claims. You’ll be told that survey and mini-tasks sites have a weekly earnings potential of $200 to $600 but it’s not true and what I’ve personally experienced is that your earning never reach $10 to $20 level when you work on these type of sites.

The Most Trusted Community for Making Money Online

There are different options for earning money online but if you want to have a solid income, the best option is building your own reliable online business and affiliate marketing is the way that your dreams can come true through it.

This is the field that I’ve personally worked on and in simple words, in the affiliate marketing business, you just need to promote the product of another person and make a commission by this.

But why I highly recommend you to build an affiliate marketing business?

  • You don’t have to create your own product so there’s nothing to worry about manufacturing, packaging, and selling
  • It’s required a small amount of capital to start your business
  • The real earning potential behind it is HUGE! And it’s not comparable with survey or mini-job sites.
  • An internet connection and a laptop is more than enough to build your own affiliate marketing website
  • It’s 100% a virtual job and it does not require any physical activities

However, to get in the right direction, you need to find the right training platform and the website I’m going to introduce you below is an all-in-one platform which will turn you from zero to a hero affiliate marketer.

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my recommendation

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