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Is Real Profits Online Legit? – Not Totally Scam But…

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I am almost sure that you have heard about this online earning program called Real Profits Online guaranteeing you as much as $500 in earnings for every day online. But we can’t trust a product without doing a deep research about it, right? That’s why you should ask this question from yourself: Is Real Profits Online legit or it’s a real scam company which steals your money?

You might have seen their videos and you were probably looking for answers to vital questions that is why you are here to read this review.

I think it is wise you took time to research to ascertain the credibility of this scheme before investing your time and money. In this review, you will get answers to those questions and be able to ascertain for yourself if Real Profits Online is legit or a scam like numerous others.

So is any of it true? Will you able to make the $500 daily claim or is it all a scam?

Let’s get right to it.


Product Name: Real Profits Online (aka RPO)

Official Website:

Owner: Mark Douglas

Type: MMO Program

Cost to Join: $47 Membership’s Fee plus Tons of Upsells

Recommended? No!

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is real profits online

What is Real Profits Online Exactly?

Real Profits Online is an online affiliate marketing program that promises its customers a way to make money online through a website that will be created for them, displaying several Amazon products.

Affiliate marketing has to do with promoting products owned by other people and getting them to make purchases by clicking on purchase links to the advertised products.

Real Profits online displays amazon products. They claim to be able to help their customers make as much as $500 per day without having to do any form of tedious work for it. Another big plus is the fact that they claim to offer all this for no cost at all! This includes registration, creating and setting up your website as a customer. All totally free!

It is starting to sound interesting right? Let’s take a closer look at how the whole system works.

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how real profits online works

How Does Real Profits Online work?

If you log on to the website at or, there are series of videos that tries to explain what Real Profits Online is and how it works.

On clicking on the first video, you’ll get to meet Mark, the brain behind the idea of this affiliate marketing scheme. Mark claims to have learned after he watched his friend, Tim use a “weird trick” to make money from Amazon. Tim showed Mark how to build a website from a couple of clicks which generates income on an autopilot.

Mark then goes ahead to claim that having made money from this system, he has decided to share it with anyone and everyone, hence the creation of Real Profits Online.

Below this first video, there’s a form that requires you to fill in your personal information; name, phone number and email.

You will then be redirected to the second video which will give you additional information about this scheme. Here, things start to sound suspicious because the spokesperson informs you that you will need to make a payment of $47 to be able to get the autopilot website and start making money immediately. It brings cause for suspicion considering the fact that they made an earlier claim that you could get the website created for you for free.

After making the $47 payment, you will be given information about an upsell worth $197, informing you that you can earn twenty times more than you would for the $47 plan. There are also other upsells as you keep on checking their sales videos.

In the second video, the spokesperson says you don’t need any skill to be able to work their website and immediately you pay for your own website, you can begin making money immediately.

real profits online pros and cons

Real Profits Online — Pros & Cons

I often try to provide a balanced information in these reviews but as far as Real Profits Online is concerned, it offers no advantages. There are no pros attached to signing up for this program.

However, there are numerous cons involved in this so-called affiliate marketing business.

Some of them are:

  • It sounds too easy: Affiliate business marketing is actually a legit business that exists but is never as simple as the guys at Real Profits Online have made it seem. Claims of an autopilot online business are absolutely ridiculous because you won’t find a legit online business that will not require your time.

Also, it is not possible to build a professional website from a “few clicks” like they claim. Building the kind of websites they described will take time, proper planning and investment.

  • Fake Testimonials: Nothing attracts a lot of people to visit websites than customer testimonials. This often gives a business the credibility many of their customers are on the lookout for.

When you take a careful look at the testimonials that Real Time Profits have displayed on their website, some of the people that appear in the videos have appeared in other videos belonging to scam websites. Truth is they are mainly fake testimonials as there really are not many (if any) making the acclaimed $500 from their website.

  • Nothing is free: In the different videos, the spokesperson made claims that registering and getting access to the scheme is totally free. It was repeatedly mentioned in different instances in their videos.

Towards the end of one the videos however, they turn around and ask you to make a payment of $47 for access. Even in further sales videos, they make further requests of $197 to enable you make even more money.

Does that sound similar to how scam schemes operate?

  • The same scam all over again: The structure and the layout of their website might feel familiar to you if you have previously checked out many scam websites. Real Time Profits have similar structure and layout with a scam website called Amazon Cash Websites. The only changes made are the name (though it relates with Amazon) and the type of scam. Every other thing is pretty much the same.

That should get your alarm bells ringing!

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How They Make Fake Testimonials?

I want to get your permission to talk some more about Fake Testimonials since I guess that it’s important and it’s going to be use more and more by scam or low quality products.

Did you see all those persons who made thousands of dollars with Real Profits Online and they told about their great success with a smiling face in front of camera?

Was not it strange for you to see a couple of persons who say that this system made them rich but they don’t explain anything more like how they became rich, what did they do or how long did it take for them to make that much money?

The truth is that these types of testimonials are NOT real. It’s been made by some freelancers who are actually good actors and can say believable sentences in front of any camera. It’s not difficult for me to see and recognize these fake testimonials since I’m reviewing scam products for a long time but you should be careful and do not believe anything you read or watch as a testimonial on a website. Do your own research and see what others say about that product.

With the help of freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, it’s very easy to find an actor and make a fake testimonials. These actors normally make testimonials for other low quality products and that’s why you may see a single testimonial for several different products.

Sadly, things about Real Profits Online gets worth when we see comments of members. At the first glance it looks real but the fact is that all of comments is made up as well and exactly the same as those fake testimonials, they’re just there to make your purchase-decision’s process faster.

I Have Nothing More to Say about Real Profits Online

All method, strategy, work’s process, marketing plan, etc. of Real Profits Online shows that this is not a legit program. News articles is one of the main ways scammers use to attract new customers and this is used by this program as well. I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that fake news articles is the main source for Real Profits Online (and many other scam platforms) to get traffic.

They use all black methods to hide real facts from you and their only aim is selling more copies of Real Profits Online.

is cb cash code a scam

Final Word – Is Real Profits Online Legit or Scam?

So to the top question. Is Real Profits Online a scam? I will like to leave you to reach that conclusion. As far as I am concerned though, Real Profits Online is a scam and I would never advice anyone to get involved in. Their only true focus is how to get your money with streams of false claims, false testimonials and articles. Their lack of credibility and transparency do not inspire any confidence in their system.

Finally I should say, 100% yes! After reviewing this program in detail, I have no doubt that Real Profits Online is definitely a scam.

Misleading information and fake news articles are all things you can find in this website and everything is going to push you purchase product through different sales funnels.

Making more than five hundred bucks in a couple of minutes with some click of mouse is a dirty fake claim they want you believe. If making $500/d online was that much easy, half of Internet users were millionaire now so please don’t believe any claim easily.

Of course it’s possible to make money (even big money) online but it does not come overnight for sure. You should find trustworthy and reliable sources which help you put your foot on the right way. Luckily, I’ve listed one of the best sources for making full-time income online in my best recommendation below so feel free to read it below.


By now, you should be able to identify several scam schemes by their very similarly employed strategies; fast cash and no stress, with very little to do. If you are looking a way to make money from online businesses, you should note there are no money doubling systems anywhere. Fast cash schemes are most times (if not all the times) scams. To build a solid online business for income will take time and proper planning to build, grow and maintain.

Avoid fast cash schemes. Take the time to build a solid online business. It will be worth your time.

Thanks for spending your valuable time to read my review and if you have any questions, feel free to leave it in comments below.

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  1. With so many scam sights out there, how can anyone be certain that an internet job will make money without causing bankruptcy first. So many stay at home moms are trying to figure out a way that will cover all of their bills and they get sucked right in to these easy money sites. There is no such thing as easy money so it is good to hear about an internet site that doesn’t bleed you dry before some profit potential occurs. Thanks for all the information.

  2. I have heard about RPO and I was asking myself if it will be a good idea to start with this company, as – anyway – I will have to start somewhere. I start reading about ”making money online” and so, I found out about services reviews… And this is how, after swapping few pages, I stopped on yours…
    Very well done, my friend 😀 Deep review which just saved my cash – I was very near to invest in this ”business” .. Please keep doing this reviews, as many more people we’ll be grateful for your help
    Thanks a lot for your guidance

  3. Ali, Thank you for this post about describing if Real Profits Online is a scam or legit? This is same way I found out about Wealthy Affiliates which I joined and love every minute and there has never been any indication of scam. The only way to really appreciate the Non Scam Environment of WA is to join FREE and take some of the free training. The entire community and training structure will blow anyone’s mind, that is for sure.

    Even if someone did not want the best training on the internet for content creation, website structure, wordpress websites, affiliate programs and affiliate marketing – they should take advantage of totally secure hosting for 25 Domains for the price of membership. Where else can you get top notch secure hosting for 25 websites and very active helpful friendly tech support for less than 50 bucks a month?

    I found WA by reading about another programs review of it was a scam or not – and – the author introduced me to Wealthy Affiliates thru a link and I joined. Simple as that.

    Thanks for your post!

  4. Hello

    The site is looks very legitimate and draws my attention just because of that. It is always important for people to trust our sites and heading is in the right direction. Thanks for your review and I know that this website should not be trusted.

  5. Thank you Ali for pointing out all the hidden issues that Real Profits Online has.
    I can now understand why the testimonials are fake.
    Also how you cannot expect to make some income by pressing a button and having it all done on “Autopilot”.
    You really have to work to generate income.
    I like that your recommendation is free for a starter and no credit card is required.
    What do I have to lose by having a look at your alternative.

  6. HI Ali. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post with us. It is extremely informative. I think this affiliate platform is an excellent source for making money as well as the depth you provided through your posts, makes me feel to join it as well. I also did my online search and found this program to be legit without any doubt. I want to be a part of this program, and if needed I will contact you. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  7. I very much enjoyed this review. I myself almost fell into one of these online scams, they stated that they would build my website and train me how to do the up-keep for it in only a few session and at the low cost to me of $4000.00. I hate that there are so many scams out there trying to take money from honest people that are just trying to better themselves.
    I wish you all the best and again I am glad that you un-masked this scam company and I hope that everyone finds your website and learns that there are honest and legit ways that you can make money on the internet.


  8. Hi Ali,
    This is a great information detailing all the facts that should be known about Real Profit Online.
    I have to admit that it’s my first time of hearing about this Website. I’m glad I know about it on this site not somewhere else where I would have been misguided.
    I’ve visited couple of sites in the past that seemed very familiar to the Real Profit Online. They have video that pop up and start talking about all the benefits you can get by just registering and follow some instructions.
    At first they would say it’s free, but when you’re about to register they would be asking for you account details.
    I always know that if such system is not a scam everybody would jump into it.
    When it comes to making money online, I never want to take some ways that sound so easy. If it’s too easy, everybody would be rich and that will never happen.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. What a great and important review! this product, real profit online (aka RPO) has got a very close resemblance with another website they so-called PWA (profit with Alex) which is as well scam, bears all the tips of scam and red flag signs you dropped right in this article!. presenting expertly edited video after video and asking for payment, unlike the RPO which demands $47, the PWA demands $37 and promises you to make over $4k in every week!
    Thanks for the supplement you increased to my knowledge base about scams!.

  10. Hello!! First of all I want to thank you for your post!! I am looking for ways to make money online and right now I am trying to make my own website where I will be affiliating to this affiliates programs. It is really nice coming to your website and read your recommendation specially for those you consider scams! It is sooo easy to get lost on those fast cash ads!!

    Best regards!!!

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