Is Reliv a Scam

Is Reliv a Scam or a Way to Make Money from Curing Cancer?!

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Thank you for choosing my website to read this unbiased, honest and in-deep review of Reliv company and answer this question: Is Reliv a scam really?

If you bookmark my website and check it every now and then, I make you sure that you never get scammed on the Internet because ALL new programs and training platforms in money-making online category will be reviewed here on a regular basis, so you will know which ones are legit and worth trying and which ones aren’t.

Before starting, I want you to know that doing research about Reliv is the right decision that you’ve taken properly and in this unbiased review, I’m going to show you how Reliv works exactly and if this business opportunity is what you were looking for and can exceed your needs or not.

There are many affiliates and retailers out there who are trying to sell products of this company in several different ways like writing and publishing reviews and covering only the positive side of this company but luckily I’m not one of them because I’ve my own online business (Learn How to Build Your $8k/month Online Business Here) and I don’t need to write fake reviews to make money so what I’m going to tell you about Reliv in coming paragraphs comes from my own experience and all my research that I’ve done on background of this company so you can trust this review 100%.

Also +200 digital products and online programs that I’ve reviewed in the past let me have a deep-knowledge of multi-level marketing business and it lets me the list and recommends only reliable companies and programs.

Now let’s see what’s inside Reliv!


Product Name: Reliv

Official Website:

Owner: Robert L. Montgomery

Type: MLM Business

Cost to Join: $100

Short Review:

You may not like marketing strategy that Reliv uses to attract new customers because it’s based on Multi-Level Marketing model and benefits most owners and persons who are at the top of pyramid but the truth is that this is not a new marketing model and companies like Reliv are using it for years now.

So if you think that Reliv is going to offer you something unique and different, you’re totally wrong! What Reliv is going to give you is what you’ve probably seen in many other network marketing companies before.

Before joining any MLM company, you need to know how to promote products of these companies. This Proven Method teaches you the Right Way of money-making with MLM and other companies.

Do I recommend you working with Reliv International? Yes if you’ve already extensive experience in internet marketing and No if you are looking for a passive income source and if you’re new to the money-making online world.

Your time should not be wasted on something that you don’t know much about. If your main aim is making money from the Internet then it’s better to go for reliable methods like what I’ve introduced in the Best Recommendation Section at the bottom of this review.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3.4 out of 10

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what is Reliv

Intro – What Is Reliv All About?

Reliv means re-live and this is a proper name for a company that tries to cure diseases and cancer by creating unique products for +10 years now. GNC, Herbalife Nutrition or USANA Health Sciences are similar companies to Reliv that you’ve probably heard about if you searched for health products.

Reliv turned into an international company during the past years and the stock price is $4.22 now, also a net sales of $9.3 million for the fourth quarter of 2018 has been reported for this company; all these shows that it’s a serious competitor for all other companies I’ve mentioned above.

But on the other hand, the revenue of this company went down in the last years and decreased revenues result in decreased profits which is not the good news of affiliates and distributors of Reliv products.

For example, only in 2018 this company experience a decreased revenue of 14% and its net sales dropped from $41 million USD in 2017 to $36 million USD in 2018. The net sale is a critical factor and if this negative trend does not change in the near future then there’s no hope for the future of this company.

Compensation Plan

Actually most of the people who try MLM companies are looking for a way to make money quickly but you should know that not only MLM business but any other online business does not work like a get-rich-quick machine.

If you want to stick with Multi-Level Marketing, you should get familiar with the art of recruiting and selling. Also, you need to be very patient and willing to learn more and more every single day.

Yes, Reliv gives you an opportunity to make good money online from promoting and selling products of this company as well as building a powerful downline for yourself but the truth is that if you’ve zero knowledge about this business model then this never works for you.

There are many people who changed their financial life and made thousands or even millions of dollars through MLM but all of them had prior experience in internet marketing and money-making online.

The Compensation Plan of Reliv is straight forward and you get a commission whenever someone buys a Reliv’s product from you but to be honest there are better ways to make income online and achieve financial freedom rather than selling Reliv products and this is what I’ve tried to do during all these years: helping ordinary people to change both their financial and personal life by making +$10k/month online.

From my point of view, it’s not strange to see that experienced digital marketers or professional internet entrepreneur make big money online, it’s strange to see if an ordinary person like you and me make serious money online.

Actually, it’s completely possible and everybody can make his/her own favorite online business with unlimited income potential and here is The Best Training Platform to learn how ordinary people leave their 9-5 job and build a thriving online business from their hobbies and interests.

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how does Reliv work

Can You Rely on Reliv Business?

We should know why we should choose Reliv as a business opportunity while there are many different other similar companies. Does it have any unique features?

What I’ve found about Reliv company shows that there’s not anything special inside this MLM business opportunity which can make it different from other similar Multi-Level Marketing companies so personally IF one day I want to give one of these MLM businesses a try then I definitely don’t choose Reliv.

Who Can Make Money with Reliv?

There are always money-making opportunities in the products and items that I’ve reviewed before like Neora, Real Money Streams or Juice Plus. And about Reliv, actually everybody can make some extra money with this company but the point here is that the compensation plan of Reliv can’t be considered as a real source of income which means there’s only a low earning potential behind it. I also read IDS (Income Disclosure Statement) of this company to know how much money (Actual income) a person can really make with Reliv and it confirmed my opinion about its low-income potential.

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Reliv pros and cons

Reliv – The Good, The Bad

The Good,

  1. An International Company

I believe that when the revenue of a company is $40 million, they know what they’re doing very well. The yearly net-sale of Reliv is millions of dollars but it’s still much lower than leaders like LG, Apple or Microsofts which have billions of dollars yearly revenue.

One of the positive points of joining an international company is talking and communicating with like-minded people who can help you to start your business properly.

Although the training that Reliv gives you about network marketing is not the best guide but it’s still beneficial for people who have a little information about that. You can also focus on the “International” word in your marketing campaigns and it significantly increases your chance of selling chosen products to that person.

  1. A Company with Long History

I don’t know exactly how many MLM companies I’ve reviewed in the past but what I’m sure about is that 80% or even 85% of them don’t stay in the business for a long time. With keeping that fact in mind, Reliv is a company with decades of history and could continue working as an MLM business for a long time, yes it’s an exception really.

So trusting Reliv is not a wrong decision and at least, you can be sure that they won’t steal your money (like scam MLM companies).

  1. Focusing on Product Creation Process

What I like about Reliv is that they really try to improve their items and create health products with better quality every year; unlike some other similar companies, they didn’t focus on increasing revenue and make more profit and from my point of view, this is the main reason that they could beat some of their main competitors in the market.

This lets customers like and trust products of Reliv and mark it as a reliable brand in the dietary supplement industry (economic impact of dietary supplement industry). Also people who have good expertise at dietary supplements confirmed that Reliv creates products with high quality and this is another positive point for this company.

The Bad,

  1. Highly Competitive Market

Without a doubt, the market that Reliv sells products on has a good demand with big potential of making money and this is probably the first thing that a potential retailer thinks about when he/she wants to join it but what they don’t know is that companies like TLC, Vitacost or ARBONNE have a better reputation than Reliv so why I should pick up Reliv while there are better options?

As an affiliate or retailer who wants to make money at Reliv, your main task is convincing potential customers (see more info on target market here) to buy from Reliv and this only can be done by providing facts and information and it’s not possible about Reliv because of its competitors are really doing a better job.

  1. Many Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Reliv

Well, this alone is not enough to call a company worthless since there are lawsuits against even big brands like Apple or Samsung but I believe that every single lawsuit is out there for a specific reason; this means, there are lawsuits against Reliv because they are doing something wrong sometimes and there’s a valid reason for every single lawsuit.

  1. Are You a Recruiter or Salesperson?

No shortcut, no get-rich-quick way! There’s a direct path to make money from network marketing and it’s face-to-face technique. If you’re serious about making money from MLM business, you need to put A LOT of effort into it. The truth is that face to face selling could be frustrating if you have not done it before or if you don’t like it.

So if convincing people to buy a product from you is something you don’t feel comfortable with then other options like affiliate marketing (Here I show you how I make a living from my room with affiliate marketing) is a better choice for you.

is Reliv scam

Final Word – Is Reliv a Scam?

There’s a fact that does not let us put Reliv in the scam box. The fact is that the Compensation Plan of Reliv is profitable for some people and there are distributors that already make money with that but this does not mean that I’m going to recommend it to you. Every business has risk and MLM is not an exception.

The only person who can help you find out if Reliv is for you or not is yourself! If you join Reliv, invest time and money but don’t get any success then you have no right to call it a scam because it’s you who have made this wrong decision and chose a business opportunity that does not fit your needs.

I’ve tried to cover all ups and downs of MLM business as well as all pros and cons of Reliv MLM opportunity so if you’ve read this article completely, you probably know about all rewards and risks associated with this company and this information definitely help you to make the right decision.

In total, it should be said that hundreds of money-making products, services and MLM companies that I’ve reviewed and evaluated before giving me enough knowledge and confidence to call Reliv a completely legitimate company but at the same time, it can’t be a reliable source of income and profitable business opportunity.

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my recommendation

My Best Recommendation

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Reliv. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )


  1. Hi Ali.

    Thanks for this information, I do have to say, now I feel a bit distance from W.A, I do not feel the same support as before, I don’t know, is really hard and there is a lack of something, and the fact than they can go any time into my website page freaks me out a bit to be honest, anyway here I am trying my very best if you have more tips to make money online let me know, and we can probably try some of my results with the CBD I’m about to create.

    Thanks Ali, have a great day, looking forward!


  2. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed reading it and I have never heard of Reliv until now. After reading it, I could say I would not be affiliated with Reliv any time soon or never. I’m a Wealthy Affiliate member right now and I enjoy it but I’m having trouble with getting traffic. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Scott and thanks for your comment. It’s the right choice to join WA however keep in mind that there is not any magic behind affiliate marketing business and it takes time to see the result, especially if you’ve started recently so just be patient and work on your site. The result comes sooner or later.

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