is reward bee scam

Is Reward Bee Scam or Fantastic Reward Site?

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Reward bee is a new name that is attracting a lot of attention because they claim to be able to provide with a reward of $30 or more per day for online survey but is Reward bee a scam that will waste your time or not?

Websites and survey panels that claim to offer different prices online are on a daily increase. Many of these companies would offer to pay you for carrying out one or two tasks most times from the comfort of your homes but are these claims real? What is Reward Bee really about? Can you really cash out this money? Is Reward Bee real or just another in the long list of scam websites? These are questions that we seek to provide answers to in this article.


Product Name: Reward Bee

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Paid Survey Platform

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Only for making some extra cash

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is reward bee

What is Reward Bee About?

Reward Bee is a survey website that rewards you in points for providing your view in completing different surveys. It is available for US residents only.

Reward Bee, like some other survey websites works with business brands who seek to have your opinions about their services and products. The surveys are quite easy to fill and are surprisingly fun to do.

One of the major differences that sets Reward Bee apart from other survey websites is that you will not be paid in real cash but you earn points.  These points can then be exchanged for magazines, coupons and few cashback offers.

No real cash? Starting to sound uninteresting?

how reward bee works

How does Reward Bee work?

Anyone (U.S resident) can sign up for this website ( and it is a very simple and direct process. Signing up takes no time at all and it is absolutely free. You only input your name and email address with a password.  There are no qualification questions, which makes it quite easy for anyone to open an account and be a part of this offer.

After you input your name, email and password, you will straight away be taken to your dashboard where you will see your balance and the different surveys. As I said, it is quite simple and straightforward. Each of these survey links is said to be able to yield a reward of $30 in rewards points when you complete it. You can take the survey by clicking on “TAKE THIS SURVEY” button, which is beside all the surveys on the page.

The survey and the questions are designed to be very easy and fun to take. You can complete each survey in a very short period of time. Most of the survey have about 10 to 15 questions and they are not complex or laborious.

You will be rewarded in points and these points you can use to purchase just magazines. Though there are some few cashback offers, most of the offers are just magazines. Each survey taken rewards you with about $30 in reward points and most magazines cost $10 to $30 of the reward points. Therefore, you might be able to redeem up to 3 magazines for every survey completed.

These magazines will be mailed to you when purchased and they might take about 8 to 16 weeks to arrive. It should be noted that a magazine can only be redeemed once in a year.

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reward bee pros cons

Reward Bee: The Pros and the Cons

The Good

  • Creating an account with Reward Bee is very easy and free.
  • There are no qualifying or screening questions required before joining
  • The questionnaires in each survey are short and fun to fill which is a big advantage when compared to most survey websites with long and boring questions.

The Bad

  • Membership is only available for United States residents
  • There are no monetary rewards. You are only rewarded with points, which you then use to redeem magazines (and rare cashback offers). This type of magazine can also be redeemed only once throughout the year. Therefore, you end up spending most of the time gathering points to be spent on a magazine!
  • There is not sufficient information about the company that created and is operating the Reward Bee website. They do not have an “About Us” page with the company name and address. Even though the button (About Us) is on the website, clicking on it will redirect you to the homepage. This is a huge red flag because most (if not all) companies usually have a page (or portion of it) dedicated to providing information about them to any visitor to the website.
  • You are at privacy risk if you sign up. For every survey you complete, you will be asked for your full name and address. If you read carefully through their privacy policy, you will discover that your address and email can be used to promote their other products and services— a spam email occasionally. They are also likely to give out your information to other companies.

In addition, some of their questions can tend to be a little personal.

What Rewards You Will Get in RewardBee?

RewardBee gives you option to subscribe into magazines (digital version) and get them as rewards.

For each subscription and completing surveys, you can earn up to 30 points and you will receive magazine in your mailbox when a new version is released. Don’t forget to consider between 2 to 4 months to get magazines since it has a long sending time.

At the moment there are +70 magazines available you can choose from in RewardBee and all of them are available for subscription.

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What Complaints People Have with RewardBee?

  • Selling Your Personal Info!

It’s not confirmed yet but many complaints received from members who mentioned that this website sold their information. This can be ok for some people but most people don’t like to experience it.

Your real and email address, full name, interests and etc. are just a few information you’ll be shared by completing surveys on RewardBee and there is not any guarantee that they can keep safe this personal information.

If this is something you don’t have problem with then just skip it unlike what it looks, they are not going to give you magazines for free and you are actually going to exchange your information for receiving those magazines.

  • Getting Only Magazines for Taking Surveys

I’m not sure if I can call it a complaint or not but this is something that many people had problem with. When you want to join RewardBee, they clearly says that only magazine’s subscription is available and although it seems good but that would not be satisfying while many other paid survey sites tries to get satisfaction of members by paying by cash or gift cards.

So if receiving magazines is something that you will be happy with feel free to try RewardBee but you should not expect to get anything more.

  • Lack of Referral Program

It’s some strange to see why RewardBee does not have a referral program. Almost all platforms that provide making money opportunities have a referral program and this option lets people make good money by referring others into that program because in addition to completing surveys, they’ll receive commission every time their referrals make money.

Make profit from referring people is one of the most popular ways for earning online because in this model others makes money for you and it does not require any effort from you. So if you like this business model, RewardBee WON’T be your best friend and you should go for my best recommended program below.

is reward bee a scam

Final Word – Is Reward Bee a Scam?

Reward Bee cannot be considered as a scam because you truly earn points as you complete each survey—points which you use to claim their rewards. The main problem is that the time spent completing the surveys do not match up with the rewards offered. The reward system is very disappointing because what you are getting as payments for your efforts is mostly magazines.

In addition, by signing up with Reward Bee, you have simply agreed to share your personal information with several other companies. This is a threat to your privacy.

Even though I cannot call Reward Bee a scam, I do not recommend you sign up for it.


Even though Reward Bee is not a scam, if you are looking for an online website that pays out in cash, you shouldn’t be thinking towards it. There are many legit online jobs that you can involve in which will fetch you the thousands of dollars you seek. However, note that there is no shortcut to creating wealth. Every business will take time to develop to be able to yield the sort of returns you desire.

The truth is that I’ve not find any reviews which called Reward Bee 100% scam so I try to be more careful about words I use for it. When we look at it from point of legitimacy, it’s hard to call it scam because all members confirmed that they’ve received promised magazines after completing surveys.

But if we calculate all time and effort you should invest on it to fill out surveys and get a magazine for free at the end then that may not worth your time since there are much better options and platforms that gives you more or at least equal to what you invest in.

If you want to get paid by cash by direct online payment options like PayPal you should try other platforms that are willing to pay members by cash for filling out surveys but there if you want to make full time income online and build your own favorite online business continue reading my best recommendation program below.

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