Is Rory Ricord a Scam

Is Rory Ricord a Scam? – Technically No, But…

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Is Rory Ricord a Scam?

I’ve reviewed Rory Ricord program recently and I’m going to share all my opinion about this making money program with you. I think that Rory Ricord won’t like this article if he reads my review one day. I think I should tell the truth about making money programs always and let others know if a program is valuable or it’s a scam. People make money not easily and I feel that it’s not fair if they lose this hard earned money by scammers.

Rory Ricord is a new making money program and maybe that’s why I’ve received many comments from people who are looking for more information about this company and want to know what’s included exactly behind it.

The same as all other reviews, I’m going to give you all details about Rory Ricord in my honest review of this program and try to answer all questions you have in your mind about this program. It’s 6 years now that I’m working as a full time internet entrepreneur and reviewing online services and making money programs is something that I’m doing on a regular basis.

I try to give you all you need to know about Rory Ricord in my review but if for any reasons, you have still any questions in your mind after reading my post, feel free to ask it in comments section and I would be more than happy to answer that!

So let’s start!


Product Name: Rory Ricord

Official Website:

Owner: Rory Ricord

Type: SEO, Blogging, Social Networks

Summary: Rory Ricord is not a worth to try website. The lack of professionalism as well as very simple design of his website make it a poor choice for people who wants to start an online business. Although he’s making tons of videos and share it on YouTube constantly which let his website appears in front of many people.

Overall Rank: 3 out of 10

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what is rory ricord

What is Rory Ricord?

You may be interested to give it a try but I suggest you to take a look at all free videos of Rory Ricord that is available on the internet first to see what’s included in the program before spending even a single cent on it. Although I even do not recommend those free videos because you do not pay anything to watch them BUT you spending your valuable time on something that you’re not sure about.

As I’ve mentioned above, Rory is not going to like my review because it’s not a valuable program from my point of view and maybe that’s why many people has been threatened by him during the last months just because they did not like his program. It seems that he does not like to see any negative feedback about his program but instead of improving service, he decided to threaten all people who wrote a negative review about his site.

So according to what I’ve seen all around the web as well as all other negative points about his services, I never recommend to buy any of his services. Maybe one day, he changes his mind and decide to walk on the right way but it’s not that time now.

Pros & Cons

To find all negative and positive points of Rory Ricord, I’ve checked BBB website to see what other people say about this program and find positive and negative sides of it.

I do not know how many reviews I’ve read about Rory Ricord on BBB but I’ve found something strange. When I’ve filtered reviews to read the positive ones first, I’ve seen that in a single day, it has got a lot of positive reviews! And it’s not common when reviewing a website; I mean if a review comes from real people, they will be posted in several days during 1, 3 or more months so it’s not logical when you see for example 100 positive reviews for a service that all been posted in the same day.

But the other thing is that with all those positive reviews (which seems to be not real) it’s got F rate from BBB which is not a good rate for an online service.

Also several negative reviews and complaints have been submitted for Rory Ricord on BBB. Well I can understand when a program gets complaints if it’s up there for a long time and it happens for well-known brands like Apple or Microsoft too but I cannot understand why a program/service insist on his wrong way where there are many complaints that all say the same thing?

The most common complaints that I’ve found about Rory Ricord is from people who spent money and did not get what they promised. They also ended up with many up-sells which requested them more money for additional unnecessary information. Problem with requesting refund is another issue many members had to face with which resulted in not getting their money back.

Rippoff is another well-known scam scanner website which I’ve found some complaints about Rory Ricord there. One of customers mentioned that he bought the service for $87 but he had to pay up to $1000 at the end. All of these complaints resulted closing website which was the main site of Rory for introducing his products but Lead Stream Marketing (the product has been made by Rory) is still up there.

Is Rory Ricord Scam

Final Word – Is Rory Ricord a Scam?

Although “Link Post Blogging” is not a quality product from my point of view but I’m not calling it a scam too. A scam is a product or site who you spend money on it and do not get anything in return.

Rory Ricord’s “link post blogging” is a program which you’ll get something for money that you spend on it. As you’ve read above, there are many positive and negative points about this product and I’ve mentioned to the most common negative points in the review. Also with all those complaints and negative reviews, I do not think that it cannot be a good choice to start your online business with.

So it definitely can stand up as a quality choice since there are much better programs/products which you can get benefits from with lower cost. Also when you find additional cost as up/down sells on a program, it means, it’s not complete and it needs some improvements so why you should invest your time and money on something incomplete?

The way that you learn in Rory Ricord is based on paid traffic which cost you money. You’ll have to spend money to get traffic for your website and that’s not a suitable way for a beginner or newbie who just started to learn making money online.

All in all, with all those advertisements and sell-videos Rory Ricord was not something that I’ve expected. It’s an attractive product for beginners but it’s not worth for the money that you want to pay on it. So let’s ask these two important questions again:

Is Rory Ricord a scam? No, it’s not

Do I recommend it? No because there are much better opportunity to start earning online.

my recommendation

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  1. Rory Ricord’s training is a pile of crap!

    And anyone who tries to call him out, be it a disgruntled customer or unbiased reviewer, he makes threats towards them.

    Is this really an individual anyone should do business with? Or is he just another self-serving narcissist in the game for HIS OWN pockets?

    I will avoid him at ALL costs!

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